Smedley Grip Testers

A reliable grip strength test and indicator of right- vs left-handedness.


Get an accurate measurement while testing grip strength with these testers. Lightweight steel grip testers measures up to 100 kg and is available with analog or digital display. The heavy-duty plastic grip tester measures up to 90 kg. Both include instructions with norm tables for ages 10 and up, as well as a storage case.

Accurate Grip Strength Measurement

Actual numbers and data behind grip strength allow users to see if they’ve improved, as compared to no measurement at all. Screens and large, clear numbers on the digital testers are very easy to read and remain on the screen for easy recording.

Grip strength measurement is important for any sport in which hands are used for throwing, catching, or lifting. As a general rule, people with strong grip strength tend to be strong elsewhere, so it can also be used as a general test of strength. Users hold the tester with only the hand they’re testing. Its base should rest on the heel of the palm, and the handle should rest in the middle of the forefingers. Squeeze down and hold for 5 seconds to get your measurement.

Quality Construction

The 2 steel models are made from an industrial-strength metal, and far more durable than the plastic option. The steel models also come with a padded handle for the heel of the palm, while the plastic model has a contoured handle for greater comfort.

Each comes with a heavy-duty plastic storage case with a foam cutout interior to store and protect the tester. Digital testers require 2 AAA batteries.

Smedley Grip Tester Options

Smedley Grip Testers are available in digital or analog, in plastic or steel.

  • Digital
    • Plastic
    • Steel
  • Analog
    • Steel
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