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Wellness and Health Technology: A Gargantuan Step Forward for All!

Jun. 21, 2018

Technology impacts 21st century learning and assessment in ways that are almost immeasurable. Today’s students have no idea what old school “chalk talk” methods with virtually no technology in the room even looks like. Most modern classrooms have technology embedded in them in some manner such as Wi-Fi, PCs, tablets, notebooks, smart boards, LCD projectors, […]

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Using the Apple Watch and Smartphone Apps for PE Success!

Jun. 19, 2018

Technology in PE has come a long way since I first started teaching. I thought I was pretty hot stuff to have graduated college and found a position in a gym that already had a large boombox with a remote, and a projector I could plug into my personal computer. Technology is constantly moving forward […]

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Favorite Frisbee-Themed Invasion Games in Physical Education

Jun. 14, 2018

From the backyard to any park, picnic, or family reunion, the frisbee is an important part of physical education programs. I use frisbee games throughout the year, both indoors and out, and have grown to incorporate them more within my teaching of invasion games because of its versatility. Invasion games are the focus for this […]

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Catching Ultimate Frisbee Disc

How to Play Ultimate Frisbee [Video]

Jun. 12, 2018

Ultimate Frisbee is a strategic team game that gets your students moving! Watch this four-part video series as a refresher before your Ultimate Frisbee unit or have students watch for a quick introduction to the sport. The following videos break down Ultimate Frisbee rules including: set-up, gameplay, scoring and common penalties. Grab an Ultimate disc […]

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Leveraging Technology for Grading and Assessment in Physical Education

Jun. 07, 2018

It’s the end of the grading period and you’re getting ready to fill out hundreds of student report cards.  What are you feeling right­­ now?  If you’re like a lot PE teachers, you’re feeling the stress mounting as you prepare to tackle this monumental task.  Maybe assessment isn’t one of your strengths, and so you […]

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