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Gopher S1 Recreational Shuttlecocks

Reliable performance and exceptional durability for recreational and match use.

Injection-molded nylon skirt and PVC/EVA-foam base. ...

$9.95 Tube of 6

Carlton® T800 Shuttlecocks

Choose the speed to match your style of play.

Formed PVC base and durable plasticized-nylon skirt. ...

$13.95 Tube of 6

Carlton® F2 Tournament Shuttlecocks

Imitates feather flight, preferred by advanced players.

Made to withstand tournament play, with a natural cork base and nylon skirt. Medium speed.  ...

$14.95 Tube of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher Performer Shuttlecocks

A cork-base shuttle at a practice shuttle price!

Tournament-caliber, medium-speed shuttle delivers consistent performance. Nylon skirt. ...

$12.95 Tube of 6

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Racquet and Shuttle Packs

Racquets and shuttles for your entire class, complete with compact storage!

Packs feature our RacquetPrince™ Badminton Storage Bag filled with enough age-appropriate equipment to outfit an entire class! Includes 24 racquets, 24 shuttles, and custom storage bag. Additional details included below. Gopher G1000™ Ju ...

$399.00 Pack

Carlton® C-100 Recreational Shuttlecocks

Ideal for outdoor and school play.

Designed for beginners, with a durable PVC base and injection-molded white nylon skirt. Medium speed. ...

$11.95 Tube of 6

Carlton® F1 Ti Shuttlecocks

Our best shuttle is also our most durable!

Tournament-quality shuttle features a skirt made with new oxygenated titanium technology, making this the longest-lasting shuttle you'll buy! Set of 6, medium speed. ...

$17.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Big Bopper Birdies

Throw it, catch it, or smack it with a racquet!

Whether hit with a paddle or a hand, these flexible, jumbo-size feathered birdies "float" through the air, so they're easier to track and hit successfully. Soft and durable foam base. ...

$29.95 Set of 6

BirdieBall® Set

Set up, teach, and play a 9-hole course in a confined space!

BirdieBall® practice balls feel and play like a real ball, but fly no more than 40 yards. Hit them from any surface using the StrikePads (24"L x 12"W), which show proper swing path. Collapsible targets and flags. Set includes 144 Birdie ...

$905.00 Set

Recreational Badminton Sets

Just add standards and you are ready to play!

Sets for 4 and 6 courts feature Gopher G1000™ Steel Racquets with Coated-Steel Strings (26"L), Gopher Recreation Nets with 12-ply nylon and ¾" mesh (21' x 30"), and Gopher S1™ Recreational Shuttlecocks in White and Y ...

$329.00 Set

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