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BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer

Upgrade to commercial-grade design and durability with a full rubber bottom.

Features a thicker, more durable 8 lb bladder and beefier dual-overmolded platform. Full nonskid rubber bottom provides a secure base that keeps the trainer in place, even during vigorous workouts. Supports users up to 300 lb. Includes inflation pump ...

$159.00 Ea

BOSU® Balance Trainer

Use the original BOSU® on both sides for exceptional workout versatility!

Great for different exercises and user skill levels on either side. Includes a thick 6.5 lb inflatable PVC dome bladder, solid single-overmolded polypropylene platform with handles and nonskid feet. Supports users up to 300 lb. Includes inflation pum ...

$139.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus BOSU® Packs

Everything needed to lead your class in a dynamic, total-body workout, with the best mobile storage option for BOSU® trainers included!

Use with the 63.5 cm (25" dia) platform up or down for different exercises and user skill levels. No other balance trainer offers the durability or quality. Original BOSU® model has a thick 6.5 lb inflatable PVC dome bladder; BOSU® Pro h ...

$1,399.00 Pack of 10

BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer

Smaller and lighter than the original BOSU® for younger users and easier storage!

At just 19⅔" in diameter, the introductory BOSU® Sport Trainer is great for low- to medium-impact exercises. Features 6 non-skid feet on a single-molded platform. Supports up to 300 lb. Inflator pump included. 19⅔" dia x 8"H; 10 lb ...

$109.00 Ea


BOSU® Elite Balance Trainer

The strongest, most stable BOSU® Trainer is a great addition to your fitness routine!

The thickest and firmest BOSU® bladder provides more stability and support for high-impact movements and weighted exercises. It's so strong, it can support 2,000 lb! Power Zone provides a textured honeycomb-patterned surface and the Power Lin ...

$199.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

BOSU® EZ-Reach Packs

Custom slots keep BOSU® Trainers readily available and organized.

Includes enough BOSU® trainers for the entire class, plus convenient storage. Choose pack of 12 with original BOSU® or commercial-grade BOSU® Pro. Both include the Magnus™ EZ-Reach Cart with durable ABS construction and easy assembl ...

$1,899.00 Pack of 12

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus BOSU® Sport Packs

All the equipment and instruction you need to get any age stability training!

Includes 24 BOSU® Sport Balance Trainers, a Magnus™ ABS cart, and the BOSU® Complete Workout System instructional program. Cart also sold separately. 62"L x 15"W x 60"H. ...

$2,699.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus UltraFit KingDome Packs

A royal addition to your PE class or fitness room – complete with storage!

Packs of our tough and versatile KingDome™ balance trainers in Rainbow® sets of 12 or 24. Step, sit, or lie on trainers, or flip over for pushups and advanced balance movements. Durable Magnus™ ABS Cart included for storage; assembly ...

$1,649.00 Pack

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