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UltraFit Workout Mat Packs

Complete packs include high-quality all-foam mats plus storage for the entire class!

Durable, 5/8" (2 cm) thick closed-cell foam mats are dense enough to handle wear and tear from students' shoes without ripping or picking apart. Choose ClassPlus™ Packs of 30 with the steel UltraFit™ Workout Mat Rack or ProTraine ...

Starting at $999.00 Pack of 24

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Workout Mats

Thicker and tougher mats provide "Ultra" support and comfort to users all day, every day!

Higher-density, closed-cell foam mats are more durable than original workout mats and are guaranteed not to rip, even when used with tennis shoes. Pick-resistant, grippy outer layer increases traction. Grommets allow mats to air-dry when hanging. 48" ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ExerFit & ExerFit Pro Workout Mats

Get the affordable mats that get you in gear by getting you off the floor.

Closed-cell foam nonslip mats take the pressure off contact points for better stretching and body weight exercises. Reinforced grommets allow for space-saving vertical storage and faster air drying. Choose ExerFit™ Workout Mats (48"L x 2 ...

Starting at $21.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus ExerFit & ExerFitPro Workout Mat Packs

Enough mats for your entire class, plus convenient storage all at a great value!

Get the mats you need and a premium UltraFit™ Steel Workout Mat Rack for easy and sanitary storage all in one convenient pack. Choose from 1/2" Thick, 48"L ExerFit™ or 3/8" Thick, 72"L ExerFit™ Pro closed-cell fo ...

Starting at $799.00 Pack of 30

EcoFit Foam Workout Mats

Dense, high-traction mats that are friendly for the environment and your skin!

Wavy-textured, chemical-free mats sold in varying thicknesses and lengths for all user sizes. Grommets allow for easy storage and more sanitary air-drying after cleaning. Available in Blue or Black, 3/8" and 5/8" thicknesses, and 48"L ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus EcoFit Workout Mat Packs

No chemicals or latex means no skin allergies, so class participation will be as complete as these packs!

Ensure your entire class, regardless of skin sensitivity, can participate with incredibly durable EcoFit™ mats available in 2 lengths and thicknesses. Choose from ClassPlus™ EcoFit™ Workout Mat Packs with UltraFit™ Steel Worko ...

Starting at $1,049.00 Pack of 24

Only From Gopher

MaxFit Workout Mats

Feel the difference a premium-quality mat can deliver!

Our urethane foam mats firmly support users of all weights and sizes. Nylon-reinforced 10 oz vinyl cover is durable and easy to clean. Nonfolding mats have no handles; folding mats have built-in handles for portability and easy storage. Sold individu ...

Starting at $54.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

MaxFit Pro Workout Mats

Our best workout mats feature the toughest vinyl cover and most supportive foam!

Dense yet flexible 1" thick bonded foam displaces weight evenly to provide perfect support. Gray 14 oz vinyl cover is nylon-reinforced for extra strength; cleans easily. All mats fold in half and have nylon handles for easy transport and hanging ...

Starting at $79.95 Ea


Padded mat isolates muscles and extends range of motion comfortably.

Mats form to lower back to isolate upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back muscles. Compact, portable design made with durable vinyl-covered foam and nonslip base. 15"L x 12"W x 2½"H; 2 lb. Black mesh storage bag included. ...

Starting at $179.00 Pack of 6

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus MaxFit & MaxFit Pro Mat Packs

Get your class to its "max" with these stretching, strength, and storage solutions!

Complete class packs available in vinyl-covered MaxFit™ (1" or 2" Thick) or tougher MaxFit™ Pro (1" Thick) mats with a heavy-duty UltraFit™ Steel MatMover™ Cart. Choose your optimal mat length for any user size. ...

Starting at $1,899.00 Pack of 24

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