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AssessPro® Quadra-Flex Tester

The fastest, most convenient way to assess flexibility for up to four students at once!

Efficiently and accurately perform the sit-and-reach test with four built-in stations, each with large numbers and easy-gliding sliders. Molded-in rubber feet provide secure, nonslip stability. Includes molded-in handles for simple transport. Easy ...

Starting at $375.00 Ea

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AssessPro® Rep-Addition® Curl-Up Tester

The easiest, most efficient way to count completed curl-ups and promote proper form.

Revolutionary tester features superb counter mechanism with a large easy-push button, audible repetition feedback, easy-to-read display, and multiple count up/down functions. Nonslip rubber footpad creates security on any surface. Two molded-in start ...

Starting at $69.95 Ea

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Gopher Pacer Trifecta Timer

The first PE-based timer has the double trifecta - three functions AND three options on where to use it!

Versatile timer is programmable to count repetitions, count up for a stopwatch, and count down for a timer from almost anywhere in the gym. Set it on a table for a game timer, place it on top of a cone for relays or drills, or mount it to a wall to c ...

Starting at $74.95 Ea

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FITstep Plus Pedometers

Improved step-counting technology makes these the most accurate pedometers on the market!

The new FITstep™ Plus counts steps at almost any angle, eliminating time spent with miscounting pedometers. While proper placement is always encouraged and necessary for others to count accurately, the FITstep™ Plus provides a digitally-p ...

Starting at $25.95 Ea

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ClassPlus AssessPro® FITNESSGRAM® Testing Pack

All the expert instruction and equipment needed to make FITNESSGRAM® testing a breeze!

ClassPlus™ Pack cuts your testing time in half by providing all the premium equipment and instruction to get your entire class assessed in a fast-paced circuit. Includes our AssessPro® line of testing equipment, plus body composition moni ...

Starting at $1,999.00 Pack

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FITstep Pro Uploadable Pedometers

The next generation in PE pedometers is here!

Upload and analyze an entire class's data in just seconds! Simply open the pedometer, set into the data reader's dock, press down, and in less than 2 seconds the data automatically uploads. Specifically designed for PE, the software allows for quick ...

Starting at $28.95 Ea

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AssessPro® Stay-N-Jump Mat

The most convenient and durable long jump assessment tool available!

Nonslip, ultra-durable polyvinyl mat eliminates the hassle of using tape on your gym floor or thin, slippery mats to assess your students. Molded in numbers and lines won't wear off, and students jump alongside the mat allowing you to quickly and ...

Starting at $129.00 Ea

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Skechers® Go Walk Heart Rate Monitors

The most student-friendly and easy-to-use heart rate monitor.

PE-friendly with simple functionality, strapless monitors feature two-finger sensing with no setup screen, no complex functions - no hassles! One-step wristband attachment for faster transferring between users. Soft rubber construction. Packs of ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea

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FITstep Pro PowerPlus Packs

Customized packs include the best pedometer, Plus everything needed to easily assess students in class!

All-inclusive packs provide the best pedometers and storage you can find, paired with the necessary accessories and instruction for a school's complete assessment solution! Each pack includes 36 FITstep™ Pro Uploadable Pedometers in your ch ...

Starting at $1,349.00 Pack

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Screamin' Orange® FITstep Pedometer

Easy-to-use, three-function pedometers count MVPA time (moderate to vigorous physical activity), steps, and total activity time!

NASPE, the American Heart Association, and other experts agree that getting at least 30 minutes of MVPA (60 minutes for children) in bouts of 10 or more minutes is one of the cornerstones of a healthy life. The FITstep™ is one of the first pedometers ...

Starting at $23.95 Ea


Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitors

The first continuous heart rate monitor that doesn't require a strap!

As accurate as strapped EKG sensing, Mio™ Alpha features electro-optical lights that sense your pulse and track your heart rate. The ideal strapless continous heart rate monitor, it features heart rate zones with visual and audible alerts, time ...

Starting at $219.00 Ea

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Screamin' Orange® Skechers Fitness Flow Plus Heart Rate Monitor

All the great features of the Fitness Flow PLUS a pedometer function and bright Screamin' Color!

Features: Pedometer Functionality with Step Counter, Distance, and Countdown Timer Two-finger Sensing Percent of Maximum Heart Rate Target Zones with Alarm Calorie Counter Stopwatch Backlight Pack of 6 includes a plastic case with protectiv ...

Starting at $71.95 Ea

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AssessPro® Flex-Solo Testers

Specially designed for easier, more accurate self-measurement!

Extra-large numbers ensure accurate measurement in both inches and centimeters.  Sturdy, all-steel design features a durable powder-coat finish, with a nonslip bottom that holds the unit in place during use. Foam-covered carry handle offers easy ...

Starting at $145.00 Ea

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AssessPro® Rep-Addition® Push-Up Tester

The best push-up tester on the market ensures accuracy and proper form!

Tester console accurately counts completed push-ups when the user's chest touches it, sending out audible feedback with every rep. Hand pads and tester console quickly adjust and ensure proper form for any user, and soft structure collapses safely un ...

Starting at $69.95 Ea

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AssessPro® Duo-Flex Tester

The most innovative flexibility tester, with user-friendly design and folding convenience.

Achieve faster and more accurate results with this two-person flexibility tester. Features reach indicator and large, easy-to-read numbers for precise measurement. Durable construction with powder-coated steel tubing and footplate, nonskid base that ...

Starting at $225.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

MyStep 100 Pedometers

Single function and no cover for the simplest pedometers we offer.

With only one button and no cover to break, the MyStep™ 100 step counter can be used by anyone, even your youngest students. The large LCD display is easy to read. The simple clip fastens firmly to the user's a waistband, and the security strap ...

Starting at $14.95 Ea

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AssessPro® Curl-Up Mats

Nylon strips indicate start/stop position, making curl-up tests a breeze!

Lined, lightweight mat ensures that students are doing the exercise properly for curl-ups. One side of the mat is for 3" and the other is for 4-1/2" for testing all user sizes. Special lightweight 3/8" thick closed-cell foam provides a ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea

Omron® Body Fat Monitor

Fast, accurate body fat measurements in just seconds.

Measures body fat percentage through bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and also measures body mass index (BMI). Both are displayed on the large digital panel. Clinically accurate measurements in two modes: Normal Mode for any adult or child over ...

Starting at $74.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

FITstep Pedometer Training Charts

Teach your class in an instant how to use their FITstep™ pedometers!

A large demonstration photo on the front gives students a clear visual aid while the teacher reads the step-by-step instructions on the back. Makes setup for an entire class a snap! Includes a set of 7 durable, laminated charts for the original FITst ...

Starting at $49.95 Set of 7

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AssessPro® Modified Pull-up Fitness System

The most convenient and effective way to assess and improve upper body strength!

Go from storage to pull-ups in no time with the system that rolls out and sets up easily with push-pin mechanisms. Soft-grip, foam-padded bar adjusts for any user size with fast-adjusting, no-pinch spring collar. Adds safety to assessing with soft ba ...

Starting at $319.00 Ea


So quick and easy, you can assess your entire class seamlessly during your activities!

Simply grasp on the metal contact rings, and a clear, accurate pulse is quickly displayed. Ideal for initial evaluation. Available in a 7" Hand-Held Unit for younger users and an 11" Hand-Held Unit with optional Wall Mount or Floor Stand. Mounted uni ...

Starting at $129.00 Ea

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Polar® FT1 Heart Rate Monitors

Large, easy-to-read display and single-button operation make this monitor a perfect entry-level solution.

Includes: Average Heart Rate Max Heart Rate Target Zones with Alarm Single Button Start File Storage: 1. Packs of 6 and 12 include a lockable case with protective custom-cut foam interior Other Functions: Backlight; water resistan ...

Starting at $59.95 Ea

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FITstep Pedometers

The original FITstep™, that counts MVPA, steps, and activity time.

Track more than steps with the revolutionary pedometer that accurately measures MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity). Monitor progression of the NASPE and American Heart Association recommendation of getting at least 60 minutes of MVPA a day ...

Starting at $22.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ActiveStep 200 Pedometers

Track your students' performance with pedometers that measure accumulated activity time and step count.

This two-function pedometer is easy for students to use and great for monitoring achievement within school wellness programs. Premium-quality pedometers feature oversize LCD display, delayed reset button to prevent accidental deletion of user data, a ...

Starting at $17.95 Ea

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RightStep 300 Pedometers

The right way to track your steps, calories, and distance!

RightStep™ 300 pedometers offer the accuracy and step-counting function of the RightStep™ 100 but also measure distance and calories. Features extra-large LCD display, delayed reset button to prevent accidental deletion of data, alligator ...

Starting at $169.00 Set of 12

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Orange® RightStep 100 Pedometers

Now you don't have to choose between great quality and a great price—RightStep™ pedometers have it all!

RightStep™ pedometers are made in Taiwan and verified for accuracy, so you can be confident that steps aren't dramatically under- or over-counted, as can happen with inexpensive "Made in China" pedometers. The RightStep™ 100 is ...

Starting at $11.95 Ea

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Deluxe Standing Long Jump Mat

Our assessment mat is wider, thicker, and more durable than any other on the market!

Premier extra-firm 1-3/8" thick closed-cell cross-link polyethylene foam folding mat has a nonslip backing to ensure a stable landing, jump after jump. Easy-to-read distance markers measure in 1" increments up to 8'. 10'L x 3'W; 21 lb.&ensp ...

Starting at $329.00 Ea

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Rainbow® AssessPro® Stay-n-Fit Crunch Strips

Nonslip strip stays in place, crunch after crunch!

Ultra-tacky, nonslip material grips the floor and won't slip. Tough, tear-proof construction for maximum durability. Simply position the crunch strip on the floor at the user's fingertips. As the student sits up, fingertips extend to the far edge of ...

Starting at $59.95 Set of 6

Physical Education Assessment Toolkit Book

(Giles-Brown) Complete resource for simultaneously assessing student achievement and teaching physical education.

Book and CD-ROM contain ready-made, pilot-tested materials for effective student assessment. Loaded with assessment templates, sample units, reproducibles, and posters, plus materials for assessing rubrics, self-assessments, skill-tracking, and more. ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea

Heart Rate Charts

Target zones for ages 6 and up.

Guidelines for establishing elevated heart rates during exercise. Laminated. Ages 6-19 is 22"L x 17"W; Ages 10+ is 36"L x 24"W. ...

Starting at $28.95 Ea

Performance-Based Assessment for Middle and High School Physical Education Book

Step-by-step guide to designing continuous performance-based assessment.

Write rubrics that can be tailored for different activities and students. Includes 10 assessments and corresponding rubrics, NASPE standards chart, and more. Full-size, 248 pages. 2002. ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea

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PowerPlus Packs

Each PowerPlus™ Pack gives you everything you need to introduce heart rate monitoring to your students!

Each pack includes 24 of your choice of nine different heart rate monitors, extensive curriculum and class materials, and Gopher's exclusive premium lockable case. Case includes a custom-cut foam interior that not only protects your watches, but ...

Starting at $2,119.00 Pack of 24

Only From Gopher

Skechers® Fitness Flow Heart Rate Monitor

Simple target zone and max heart rate functions allow students to set intensity based on age.

Features: Two-finger Sensing Percent of Maximum Heart Rate Target Zones with Alarm Calorie Counter Stopwatch Backlight Available indivdiually or in Rainbow® Sets Pack of 6 includes a plastic case with protective custom-cut foam int ...

Starting at $49.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

AssessPro® FITNESSGRAM® Intermediate Pack

Our innovative testing essentials all in one convenient pack!

Revolutionary testing products, all designed to make FITNESSGRAM® testing faster and easier than ever. Additional details about each product included in this pack are listed below. AssessPro® Quadra-Flex™ Tester (1 ea)  The fastest ...

Starting at $769.00 Pack

Health-O-Meter® Stadiometer

Easily and accurately measure your class.

Wall-mounted tool measures 23-5/8"-84" in height (60 cm-213 cm). Heavy-duty steel construction and easily installs in minutes. ...

Starting at $74.95 Ea

ShuttleRunner Tester

For better, more accurate shuttle run tests.

Easy to pick up and stays where it's put, so students can perform the shuttle run test at maximum speed. Contoured handle for a good grasp.     ...

Starting at $22.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Polar® E600 Heart Rate Monitors

Our only downloadable watch includes educational software for individual or group tracking and reporting.

Includes E Series software developed for PE teachers to download and report individual and group heart rate information PC interface transfers data from the E600 (up to 99 stored files) to your PC at the speed of light; included with packs and also s ...

Starting at $325.00 Ea

Omron® 516 Full-Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor/Scale

Full-body sensing accurately measures 7 fitness indicators for a more complete assessment.

Unlike monitors that only use foot sensors or hand sensors, this uses both to measures 7 fitness indicators: weight, body fat, body mass index, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, resting metabolism, and body age on the LCD display. Stores perso ...

Starting at $135.00 Ea

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Polar® Move

Designed specifically for PE with exceptional durability and easy-to-use functions.

Features coded transmission, programmable target zone with alarms, cumulative time in target zone, total exercise time, time spent in/above/below target zone, and average heart rate. Available individually or in packs of 6 or 12 that include che ...

Starting at $129.00 Ea

Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper

Determine the body fat of a large number of individuals quickly and easily.

High-impact plastic with high-tension spring for accurate measurement. Includes 22-page instruction booklet and chart. 0.5 mm graduations. 5 oz.     ...

Starting at $20.95 Ea

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