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Triumph Flag Belt System

Flags are triple-stitched to the belt and feature a replaceable buckle, making them a triumph of design!

Durable and adjustable, these flag belts feature a tough alligator-grip buckle that's easy to use, strong enough to prevent accidental release, and adjusts along the length of the belt to provide a great fit for users of all waist sizes. When a playe ...

$29.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

UltraPlay Footballs

Unrivaled durability with a softer surface makes this our best molded-rubber ball!

Exclusive soft-touch composite rubber makes this the best rubber football you can buy. Ultra-Wound™ nylon winding means exceptional shape-retention so they last longer than ordinary balls. Butyl bladder with no-leak valve. Set of 6 includes 1 o ...

$13.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

MagnePro Flag Belt System

Innovative self-securing buckle makes this the easiest flag football belt to use!

A perfectly polarized magnetic buckle makes MagnePro™ the easiest belt to put on, ensures it stays during gameplay, and releases with ease when flags are pulled. Sleek buckle design is lightweight molded plastic, featuring encased magnets and r ...

$44.95 Set of 6

Performer Footballs

Durable, high-quality rubber footballs for rugged play.

Deep pebbling and molded, raised laces for a proper grip and controlled passing. Butyl bladder for excellent air retention. Choose from Individual Tan, Rainbow® Sets of 6, or Individual Rainbow® colors. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® ...

$12.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Infinite Flag Belt System

An infinite number of flag placements on 360° of Velcro® makes this the most versatile flag belt system you can buy!

Fully covered in Velcro®, this belt allows flags to be attached anywhere, eliminating time spent searching for proper placement and increasing time spent on the field. With twice the surface area as traditional belts (2"W vs. 1"W), stud ...

$44.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Performer Plus Footballs

Stitched-rubber football plays like a composite ball.

Durable sewn panels and rawhide laces. Feels and plays better than molded-rubber balls. Butyl bladder for shape/air-retention. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$13.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ClickPro Flag Belt System

Putting on and taking off this belt is a cinch with its one-click front buckle!

Simply slide and "click" to secure belt buckle. Pressure from a single finger to the front button releases it, unlike traditional side-release buckles that require precise pinching. Lightweight plastic buckle system is enclosed, protecting ...

$39.95 Set of 6

Nike® Spiral Tech Footballs

Spiral-tech design delivers consistent flight and improved accuracy.

Durable composite cover features all-weather grip-control finish for better handling and performance. Butyl bladder with nylon-wound carcass for optimal shape-retention. NFHS Authenticating Mark. Graphics may vary. ...

$25.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Instrux Football

Learn how to throw properly with graphics for hand placement printed right on the ball!

Now learning how to throw a football is easier with graphics for proper hand placement printed right on the ball! Graphics are color-coded for both left- and right-handed throwers. Rubber cover has molded, raised laces for increased grip and controll ...

$16.95 Ea

Wilson® NCAA Footballs

Deep pebbling and firm texture provide game-ball feel and performance at an affordable price.

Quality composite-leather cover provides a tacky, more secure grip for greater control. Composite-leather laces and rubber bladder. NFHS Authenticating Mark on Size 5. ...

$23.95 Ea

Gopher Victory 1000 Footballs

Victory is yours with this premium synthetic ball at an incredible value!

Durable, top-quality synthetic cover features a tacky feel for improved control. Deep pebbling and real sewn-in laces for superior grip and passing accuracy.  ...

$19.95 Ea

Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belt System

Quick-release buckle releases the entire belt when pulled but won't release accidentally during play.

All three flags are permanently attached to the belt, so the whole belt releases when a flag is pulled. One-piece design means no time spent attaching flags, no lost flags, and fewer arguments about being "down." Tough nylon webbing belt wi ...

$39.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

CoachPlus Football Packs

Everything needed for instant football action in one convenient package!

Choose from three packs for various ages. Includes: Gopher Comp 1000™ Footballs, Size 3, 4, or 5 (3 ea) A game-quality composite football at a practice-ball price! High-quality composite leather cover has an enhanced tacky surface f ...

$319.00 Pack

Gopher Comp 1000 Footballs

A game-quality composite football at a practice-ball price!

High-quality composite leather cover has an enhanced tacky surface for better grip and control. Double leather laces for excellent passing control enhance the grip even further. Butyl bladder for excellent durability and air-retention. NFHS Authentic ...

$22.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

CoachPlus American Flag Football Association Pack

Full equipment for an official game of 8-on-8 with substitutes and referees.

Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belts automatically come off when any of the flags are pulled, making it easy to call. Includes everything shown. Additional details about each item are listed below. Wilson® NFL Ultimate Composite Football (1 ea ...

$549.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Cyclone Footballs

Color pattern allows you to see your perfect spiral!

Made with a tough two-ply rubber cover for long-lasting durability. ...

$74.95 Set of 6

Rip Flag® Adjustable Flag Belt System

Movable Velcro® slides can be positioned anywhere on the belt for the proper fit.

Vinyl-coated 17"L flags have Velcro® swatches for easy attachment. Heavy-duty polypropylene web belt has adjustable D-ring closure and fits up to a 50" waist. Replacement Slides sold separately. ...

$44.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin Colors Synthetic Footballs

The ball that's easy to see and control!

High-quality stitched-synthetic cover offers a tacky, composite-like grip for outstanding control. Real sewn-in laces improve throwing accuracy. Butyl bladder. ...

$15.95 Ea


Rainbow® Victory 1000 Football

Our most popular synthetic football, now in bright Rainbow® colors!

"Hike" up the fun with these durable, brightly-colored synthetic-covered balls. Real sewn-in laces improve throwing accuracy. Deep pebbling and tacky surface enhance grip.  Size 4. ...

$115.00 Set of 6

Rawlings® ST5 Comp Footballs

Neoprene-foam backing offers a soft-touch feel in any weather!

All-weather composite with three-ply lining and two-ply butyl bladder for superior air- and shape-retention. Leather laces. Official ball for NCAA®, NAIA, and NJCAA Championships. NFHS Authenticating Mark on Size 5. ...

$35.95 Ea

Gopher Comp 1000 Plus Footballs

Ultra-tacky grip and textured laces offer superior performance at a great value!

Composite leather cover with a softer, more textured material than our Comp 1000™, making it even easier to catch, grip, and throw. Double leather laces are textured for superior control. Butyl bladder for long-lasting play and excellent air-re ...

$25.95 Ea

Wilson® GST Composite Footballs

Wilson's composite version of their premium leather game ball!

Same deep-pebbled texture and pebbled Accurate Control Lacing™ for outstanding grip and precise control. Padded cover for a soft touch. Three-ply bladder for superior air-retention. ...

$37.95 Ea

Wilson® GST Footballs

Premium game ball is the top choice of high school and college programs.

 Exclusive deep-pebbled leather cover features a firmer texture and pebbled Accurate Control Lacing™ for precise control. Sewn-in composite stripe for the best grip on the market (Size 5 only)! Padded cover for a soft touch. Three-ply blad ...

$54.95 Ea

Rip Flag® Adjustable Quick-Release Flag Belt System

A winning combination! Adjustable flags and quick-release buckles in one amazing flag belt!

Flags are sewn onto slides instead of to the belt itself, so they can easily be moved along the belt to suit the player or to vary the difficulty of the game. When one of the three flags is pulled, the quick-release buckle opens to release the entire ...

$54.95 Set of 6

Wilson® TD-Series Composite Footballs

Top-of-the-line composites from the #1 name in football!

Water-resistant cover provides easier handling and superior performance. Accurate Control Lacing™ for improved grip and control. Butyl bladder for excellent air-retention. NFHS Authenticating Mark on Size 5. ...

$32.95 Ea

Nike® Vapor Flight Airlock Footballs

High-tack composite cover offers tremendous grip in any weather.

Magnigrip™ laces and silicone half-stripe give exceptional grip, control, and visibility. Small girth for easy handling. Two-ply butyl bladder for superior shape-retention. NFHS Authenticating Mark on Size 5. Graphics may vary. ...

$33.95 Ea

Wilson® TD-Series Leather Footballs

Our most popular leather football in sizes for all ages!

High-quality leather cover features an exclusive deep-pebbling pattern and firmer texture. Accurate Control Lacing™, made of pebbled composite leather, provides almost twice the grip of traditional laces. Grip Stripes™ offer improved grip ...

$49.95 Ea

Rip Flag® Quick-Release Biggie Flag Belt System

Biggie™ flags are twice as wide as standard flags, creating a bigger, easier-to-grab target for increased success!

Use Biggie™ flag belts on more athletic students to equalize the game, or use them to vary the scoring challenge. All three Biggie™ flags are permanently attached to the belt, so when one of the flags is pulled, the quick-release buckle o ...

$49.95 Set of 6

Wilson® 1005 NCAA® Football

Top-quality game ball with superior grip and durability.

Leather cover with thick patented pebbled composite laces and lock-stitch construction. Features tanned-in track and Grip Stripes™ for improved grip. Size 5 Official is an official football of College Football USA and carries the NFHS Authentic ...

$79.95 Ea

Rainbow® VersaBag Mesh Bags

Tough, top-quality mesh bags have small-gauge mesh to safely carry equipment of all sizes.

Durable polyester bags are ideal for carrying and identifying practice balls or other equipment. Cord closure with convenient slide lock. Small holds 12 tennis balls; Medium holds 4 volleyballs or 2 basketballs; Large holds 10 volleyballs or 6 basket ...

$9.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® DuraBag Duffels

Our best duffels feature durable Cordura® nylon, with or without wheels!

DuraBag™ Duffel has mesh top for ventilation while Cordura® nylon bottom provides durability. Rubber end handle and pivoting shoulder strap. Large holds 8 volleyballs or 6 basketballs; X-Large holds 10 volleyballs or 8 basketballs; XX-Large ...

$39.95 Ea

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