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UltimateScooter Basketball Set

Open up the possibilities for basketball-type scooter games and activities.

One-piece, impact-resistant ABS goal fits snugly into the 24" (61 cm) dia UltimateScooter™ board. Complete Sets includes 2 UltimateScooter™ boards, with basketball goals (1 with blue net, 1 with red net), 6 foam 5" (13 cm) dia ...

Starting at $275.00 Set

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UltimateScooter Flag Tag Set

Gives an exciting new perspective to flag tag games!

Vinyl 17"L (42 cm) flags attach to the Velcro® on the 16"H (41 cm) pole behind each player. Play any game that normally uses flag belts and flags. Sets include 4 boards and flags. Patented. ...

Starting at $259.00 Set

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UltimateScooter Disc Fling Set

Disc golf gets a high-octane boost!

With 2 players on UltimateScooter™ boards with Disc Fling™ targets, other players try to fling their foam discs through the targets. Durable ABS target (27"W x 54"H / 69 cm x 1.35 m) with vinyl goal easily attaches to the Ulti ...

Starting at $239.00 Set

UltraSoft Scooter Hockey Packs

Everything needed for your class to get involved in 2 ultra-safe, fast-paced scooter hockey games!

Choose the set or pack that best fits your needs. Stick Set 12 UltraSoft™ Sticks 3 foam pucks 1 foam ball, 7" dia (18 cm) Basic Pack 24 UltraSoft™ Sticks (12 Blue, 12, Yellow) 4 Mylec® Folding PVC Goa ...

Starting at $395.00 Pack

Scooter Paddles and Scooter Poles

These versatile paddles and poles enhance scooter and raft activities.

Move across the gym on a scooter or raft using Kayak Pole, Scooter Poles, or a Scooter Paddle. Students develop upper-body strength as well as coordination skills as they learn new ways to maneuver. Heavy-duty PVC Paddles and Poles have easy-to-grip ...

Starting at $13.95 Ea

Scooter Hockey Set

Durable, institutional-strength hockey set.

Short-handled plastic sticks with straight blades for better ball contact. Includes 12 sticks (6 Yellow, 6 Red), 1 soft vinyl puck, and 1 PVC ball. 11"L (28 cm). ...

Starting at $79.95 Set

River Raft Scooter Top

Shoot the rapids, right in your own gym!

Add cooperation, adventure, and fun to almost any scooter activity! Up to 4 students can ride on one River Raft™ Scooter Top, because it's almost 5x bigger than a traditional 16" (41 cm) scooter. Attach two 12" (31 cm) or 1 ...

Starting at $49.95 Ea

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UltimateScooter Game Packs

The ultimate packs, for the UltimateScooter™, with the ultimate storage solutions!

Basic pack includes game accessories for UltimateScooter™ Basketball, Ball Launcher™, Disc Fling™, Flag Tag™, and Ring Toss™; Deluxe pack includes Basic pack plus 18 UltimateScooter™ Indoor Scooters. Patented. Tr ...

Starting at $1,599.00 Pack

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UltimateScooter Ball Launcher Set

Launch-and-catch fun on scooters!

Launch soft foam or fleece balls into buckets, at pins, and more. Durable ABS launcher (16"W x 16"H /41 cm x 41 cm). Sets include everything shown. Patented. ...

Starting at $175.00 Set

Sorry, Item Sold Out Gym Scooter Fun & Games Book Quick View

Gym Scooter Fun & Games Book

(Bailey) Includes 80 activities from relays to exercise circuits!

Add fun, challenges, and variety to scooter activities! This book includes tag activities, movement tasks, sport games, and even academic concept-building games. Easy-to-use format makes it a great resource for on-the-go PE teachers. Ideal for Grades ...

Starting at $17.95 Ea

Sorry, Item Sold Out DOM® SuperSafe™ Scooter Hockey Set Quick View

DOM® SuperSafe Scooter Hockey Set

Durable foam-covered blades for safe, fast-paced action.

Integral-skin polyurethane blade for extra softness. Set includes 12 sticks (11"L / 28 cm), 1 soft vinyl puck, and 1 PVC ball.   ...

Starting at $129.00 Set

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