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Baggo® Beanbag Game

A lightweight, introductory version of this popular tossing game.

Players take turns tossing twill beanbags at the holes of the target boards to score. Boards nest together to form a storage case with latches and handles. Includes two 33 ½"L x 20"W (85 cm x 51 cm) target boards, eight 6" (15 c ...

$109.00 Set

Rainbow® UltraCatch Scoops

These are the highest-quality scoops you can buy!

Solid design has no "holes" like less expensive scoops. Thick plastic with reinforcing ribs throughout means these scoops are more resistant to stress cracks and will last for years. Set includes 2 scoops and 1 ResisDent™ ball (4" ...

$59.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® UltraCatch Jumbo Scoops

Our premium scoops in a new, easier-to-catch jumbo size!

Bigger is better! Larger ball and wider scoop make catching and throwing easier and more fun for all ages. Thick, durable plastic won't crack or break with use. Set includes 2 (total of 12) jumbo scoops and 1 (total of 6) ResisDent™ ba ...

$69.95 Set of 12

Rainbow® Rubber Rings

Hefty sponge-rubber rings for deck tennis and other tossing games.

Colorful, heavy-duty rubber construction. Rainbow® Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color; Super Set of 36 has 6 of each color. 6" dia (15 cm). ...

$17.95 Set of 6

Rubber Horseshoe Set

A safe way to play horseshoes.

Use indoors or out. Includes everything shown. 4 lb (1.75 kg). Ages 6 and up. ...

$29.95 Set

New Only From Gopher

GamePlay DiscBonk Set

BONK your way to improved throwing and catching skills!

It's a game of teamwork as players must keep their ball and the disc from hitting the ground during constant aiming, throwing, and catching action. Players attempt to "bonk" the other team's pole with a disc, causing the ball on top to drop ...

$89.95 Set

Only From Gopher

Quattro Bocce Set

Action-packed four-team bocce activities for up to 32 players of all ability levels.

Teams take turns tossing all of their bocce balls at once at an oversized target ball, then must quickly run to the field, score the round, and return to report the score. A variety of activities build hand/eye coordination, perceptual, and other fun ...

$99.95 Set

Boccia Set

Similar to bocce, boccia is played with cushioned balls and is great for all abilities.

Soft yet rugged balls feature top-quality construction, with cushioned 12-panel synthetic-leather covers for consistent, predictable play, indoors and out. Set includes 6 blue and 6 red balls, a white target ball, and a deluxe storage bag with color- ...

$145.00 Set

GamePlay Washer Toss Set

Put a new spin on horseshoes!

Players toss plastic-coated metal washers toward the target area and earn points when they land in the box or cup. Use the included beanbags for a softer alternative or for indoor play. Includes 8 washers and 2 wooden targets that latch together to f ...

$79.95 Set

Bocce Sets

Three levels of play, one customized rolling bocce bag!

Bocce in style with this set that includes everything you need to play and the perfect bag to store it all! Choose from three levels of play: Prima for beginners, Medio for recreational play, or Professionale for official play. Prima and Medio Sets i ...

$115.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

ACTION! Rahi-Ball Set

Action-packed and strategy-driven, Rahi-Ball™ is like no other game your students have ever played!

Based on a New Zealand Maori tribal game called Ki-o-Rahi, Rahi-Ball™ is a large group game based on teamwork and tactic. The playing field consists of a center goal, a defensive circle, an offensive circle, and a neutral zone with 7 Rahi-Ball& ...

$399.00 Set

GamePlay TripleToss Set

Classic ladder ball game is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Toss the bolos on any of the targets' 3 crossbars for points! Each crossbar is worth a different point value, increasing strategy and allowing for variations of the game. Sturdy PVC targets assemble easily and can be used indoors or out. Set incl ...

$89.95 Set


OgoSport® RAQ Disc Pack

Popular disc now comes with a molded-in handle for better handling and playability.

Soft and friendly 12" disc includes a foam outer ring, elastic center, and large handle. The flexible Flux Ball with adjustable speed adds variety and power. Pack includes 10 discs, 5 balls, and a VersaBag™ mesh bag for storage. Pair inclu ...

$34.95 Pr

New Only From Gopher

GamePlay BagMania

Strong steel frame and durable MDF top make these the best beanbag boards available!

Enjoy hours of fun with GamePlay™ BagMania™!! Custom graphics allow for game variations to increase scoring opportunities, strategy, and competition. Features a welded steel frame and MDF top (the same as table tennis tables!) to ens ...

$319.00 Set

Only From Gopher

GamePlay Soft-Stix Horseshoe Set

Soft yet durable foam set can be used indoors or out!

Great for all ages. Set includes everything shown. ...

$44.95 Set

OgoSport® Super Sports Disc Packs

Great for everything from slow-paced toss-and-catch activities to fast-paced team games!

Heavy-duty discs have a foam outer ring and a springy elastic center for launching balls up to 150 feet (45.7 m)! Choose from two sizes: Mini 12" dia (30 cm) Discs are easier to toss and catch; Full-Size 15" dia (38 cm) Discs have more surf ...

$29.95 Pr

Rainbow® Foam Rings

Lightweight foam rings are perfect for any tossing game or activity!

Exceptionally lightweight and easy to handle. Colorful urethane foam has a durable outer skin. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$39.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® GamePlay Team TripleToss Set

The tossing action never stops with 10 exciting and easy-to-learn activities!

Colorful Rainbow® PVC ladder toss sets are lightweight and set up quickly from compact storage for a variety of activities that include the entire class. Sets can be separated into individual games too! Set includes 6 targets and 6 bolos sets (18 ...

$279.00 Set

UltraCatch 40-Player Pack

Enough of our premium-quality scoops for a class of 40!

Use Red and Blue scoop sets to designate partners or teams. Includes 40 scoops, 20 ResisDent™ balls (4" dia / 10 cm), and 2 VersaBag™ mesh storage bags. ...

$239.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® GamePlay Soft-Stix Team Horseshoes Set

Adds competitive fun with the whole class trying to throw a ringer at once!

Soft, safe foam horseshoe set can be used indoors or out. Set includes 30 foam horseshoes, 14 foam stakes w/ base, a storage bag, and activity instructions. ...

$299.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

GamePlay AlterToss Beanbag Board

Alter your next beanbag game with customizable 3-hole boards!

Unique design allows players to open or close the covers in any configuration for different scoring options. Covers twist and lock in place and attach to the board with a strong, rubber strap. Durable, textured plastic top makes boards less slick tha ...

$199.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Team Ring Toss Set

Heavy-duty rings and extra-sturdy goals create a fun indoor/outdoor activity.

Heavy-duty goals have a wide, stable rubber base and 9-1/2"H (24 cm) PVC post so they won't tip over from the hardest throw. Durable 10" dia (25 cm) foam rings are lightweight and safe, yet fly true when tossed. This 8-court set includes 16 ...

$299.00 Set

GamePlay Lawn Games Package

Keep your entire class entertained with the ultimate assortment of classic lawn games!

This outdoor variety pack features your students' favorite games in one convenient package! Pack includes Washer Toss, Skittles™, TripleToss™, DiscBonk™, Classic Croquet, Medio Bocce, and BagMania™. ...

$739.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® GamePlay Soft-Stix Croquet Set

Teach croquet indoors or out with the safest, most durable oversized croquet set!

Polyurethane-foam heads are 33% larger than the standard and feature an aiming line for easier ball contact. Heads are molded onto 28"L (71 cm) aluminum handles. Handles feature a 12" (30 cm) grip for comfort. Includes 6 mallets, 9 steel wi ...

$329.00 Set


ACTION! Wham!Ball Sets

Try your fist (or arm) at this thrilling team game that's strinkingly similar to volleyball, but with a few bent rules!

Players use a fist or arm to contact the ball, and can let the ball bounce once between hits in Wham!Ball™, making the game more active than volleyball, yet easier for beginners to play. A ball lighter and softer than a volleyball is used, and ...

$69.95 Set

Only From Gopher

GamePlay Team DiscBonk Set

Teamwork and fun soar in this class-size version of DiscBonk™!

The included activity instructions create 10 different-patterned and challenging activities that keep the entire class throwing and catching. Versatile set can also be configured into 3 individual games. Set includes 3 pole/base sets, 12 Rainbow® ...

$359.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Phenom Golf Set

Phenomenal construction and phenomenal size make for a phenomenal beginner set!

Extremely durable, one-piece blow-molded plastic irons can hack it swing after swing. At 75% larger than traditional irons, Phenom™ irons make hitting the ball much easier for beginners and younger students. Includes six 27”L Rainbow® ...

$94.95 Set

Only From Gopher

TeamBocce Set

A fun team bocce variation gets the whole class involved, indoors or out!

Unique set includes an oversized white target ball that's easy to spot, plus enough balls for two teams of 15. Friendly competition teaches tossing and perceptual skills. Soft, safe balls can be used indoors or out. Set includes 30 vinyl 4" dia ...

$279.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Beanbag Bocce Set

Bring bocce indoors!

Soft and safe version of this classic game helps students develop tossing skills and distance perception. Play with a team or individually on any indoor surface with the included nylon beanbags. Set includes 6 Black bags, 72 Rainbow® beanbags, a ...

$129.00 Set

GamePlay Croquet Set

Solid hardwood mallets tailored for beginning or experienced players.

Tough 6-player set features mallets with contoured hardwood handles and 9"L (23 cm) heads. Set includes 6 mallets, 9 vinyl-coated steel wickets that stake securely into the ground, 2 hardwood stakes (24"L / 61 cm), and 6 polymer balls. Set ...

$119.00 Set



Ramp up the fun and hustle in this 2-on-2 indoor or outdoor game that keeps players active with each turn!

Specially-designed ramps feature a center goal net, and a grooved top that guarantees wild bounces that keep players on the move. Place ramps 15’ apart with 1 player per team at a ramp. Each player has at least 2 shots per round with the bouncy ...

$69.95 Set

Only From Gopher

GamePlay Team Croquet Set

A variety of fast-paced croquet activities provide high-energy fun for the whole class.

Teams compete in 7 action-packed, interactive activities. Players communicate, cooperate, and coordinate to complete each challenge. Develops team-building, decision-making, and fundamental playing skills for up to 32 players. Includes everything sho ...

$279.00 Set

Steel Horseshoe Sets

For recreational and competitive play.

Sets include 4 forged-steel horseshoes, 2 solid-steel 24" (61 cm) stakes, court layout instructions, official rulebook, and case. Meets official NHPA specifications. Ages 12 and up. Colors vary.  ...

$49.95 Set

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