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Brunton® Instructor's Orienteering Kits

Everything needed to teach the class, including curriculum on CD!

Kits include 12 or 24 Brunton® Classic Compasses with instruction manuals for students, instructor study guide, reproducible student workbook, Brunton® Overhead Instructor Compass (6" x 9" / 15 cm x 23 cm), 35-minute DVD, poster, an ...

$229.00 Kit


Garmin GPS

Core functionality and rugged construction from an industry leader.

The eTrex10 GPS from Garmin features a worldwide basemap and receivers that can simultaneously track GPS and GLONASS satellites for faster positioning. Download GPX files for paperless geocaching as unit stores and displays key information: location, ...

$189.00 Ea

ClassPlus Geocaching Pack

Outfit your class with everything needed for modern day orienteering.

Simplified GPS units help your students find small containers called caches that hold trinkets and a log book. They can be hidden almost anywhere! Each easy-to-use GPS unit is preloaded with approximately 250,000 caches, and with the included Update ...

$1,285.00 Pack


KnowHow Geocaching Skills and Curriculum Pack

Introduce compass, map-reading and GPS skills with fun, progressive lessons and age-appropriate equipment.

Set your students up with the skills needed to explore their environment through geocaching. Comprehensive teacher resource book has 24 easy-to-implement lesson plans in pre-geocaching and geocaching basics, with assessment checklists, activity card ...

$1,475.00 Pack

ClassPlus Educaching® Packs

Everything you need to introduce Educaching® to your class!

Lesson plans can easily be modified to coincide with your curriculum. Basic Pack includes the Educaching® GPS Curriculum, 7 stopwatches, 8 plastic cones, 24 Team Wrist Bands, 2 Triple Cache Sets, 2 exercise card packs, 6 kickballs, 12 plast ...

$449.00 Pack

Geomate.jr Geocaching GPS

The easiest and quickest way to get in on the geocaching fun.

Preloaded with approximately 250,000 geocache locations covering all 50 states. Simply turn on the unit and it will navigate you to your current location's closest geocache; press a button and it directs you to the next closest cache. Create your own ...

$99.95 Ea

Brunton® Classic Compass

A dependable recreational compass for orienteering, skill games, and nature walks.

Easy to use and read with "no tools" declination adjustment, large 2° graduation lines, large cardinal points, and in/mm scale. 10B. 3-1/2"L x 2-3/8"W. ...

Was $16.95 - Now $8.98

Navigating Through Physical Activity Pack

Introduce compass basics and beginning orienteering with fun, field-tested activities.

Breaks down big concepts and skills with fun, easy-to-understand physical activities. Lesson plans provide ideas for progressive map-reading and compass skills. Then set up a course with symbolic target stations. Easy and fun to implement. Includes 1 ...

Was $179.00 - Now $89.98

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