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AlleyOop Goals

The strongest, most versatile goals on the market - now in official height for youth basketball!

Goals are built to withstand rough play with extra-thick 1¼" (3 cm) tubing and rubber feet to protect floors. Backboard attaches for games or skill-building activities that utilize bank shots and detaches to increase the difficulty for no ...

$139.00 Ea

Bison® Wall-Mount Removable-Goal Basketball Systems

Turn your wall into a backboard with this removable basketball goal!

Bracket can be mounted directly onto any wall, including brick, wood, block, or tile. Official-size goal slides easily in and out of its mounting bracket. Single-Position Bracket allows a 6" height adjustment; Double-Position Bracket allows a 12 ...

$145.00 Set

Spalding® Portable Basketball System

Introductory system features base wheels for easy movement and simple push-button height adjustment.

Three-piece 3 ½" sq post with heavy-duty padding features quick and easy Pro-Glide™ push-button adjustment of goal height. Two locking wheels on the base make it easy to roll into position with minimal effort. Includes a 9/64" ...

$489.00 Ea

Bison® 6-in-1 Adjustable Easy-Up Youth Basketball Goal

Easily adjusts to 6 heights and mounts on any existing goal!

Quickly convert your 10'H goal to youth height while standing as low as 2' off the floor; no tools required. Easy-Up™ lowers the full-size rim and moves it 2' closer to the free-throw line; height-adjustable from 6'6"H to 9'H. High-impact ...

$619.00 Ea


Bison® Heavy-Duty Systems

Heavy-duty bent-post system with your choice of three rectangular backboard materials.

4½" OD galvanized-steel post Choose rectangular backboard: 60"W x 42"H graffiti-resistant steel, 54"W x 39"H powder-coated aluminum, or 54"W x 42"H clear unbreakable polycarbonate  Ultimate™ do ...

$1,579.00 Ea

Gared® E-Z Mini Roll-Around Basketball System

Versatile unit with acrylic backboard for all ages and skill levels.

Strong 3" OD frame adjusts from 7'H to 10'H, with 32" setback at full height. Built-in wheels lock securely with lift brake when unit is in use. Includes a 48"W x 32"H acrylic backboard, standard goal with net, and foam padding wi ...

$1,549.00 Ea

Bison® Qwik-Change Basketball Shooting Station

Adjustable wall-mount systems at a very affordable price!

Goal height raises and lowers with ease from 7'6"H to 10'H with the use of a broom handle; no ladders or tools required. Official-size flex goal is direct-mounted to the steel frame for superior durability. Mounts to wall with two struts and ...

$649.00 Ea

Bison® Telescoping Basketball Systems

Telescoping systems let you decide how far from the wall you want the face of the backboard positioned, without the hassle (or cost) of a custom build!

Choose from Stationary Systems (remain in a fixed position) or a Side-Swing System (swing to fold flat against wall) with Rectangular Glass Backboards. All structures have extra-heavy tubular-steel design with silver powder-coat finish and exten ...

$3,399.00 Ea

Jaypro Little Champ Adapter Board and Basketball Goal

Quickly convert any regulation goal to a functional youth league goal.

Adapter attaches to any existing goal with steel ring; no drilling, tools, or modification required. Once installed, backboard will be 2' closer to the foul line. Choose standard Little Champ™ Adapter or Adjustable Adapter. Each includes a 48 ...

$799.00 Pr

Gared® Micro-Z Portable Basketball System

Popular system is ideal for side-court, auxiliary, and recreational use.

Features a 48"W x 32"H aluminum-framed 1/2" thick clear acrylic backboard and standard goal with net. Extra-large base is fully padded for safety. Spring-loaded 3-1/2" OD support post makes raising and lowering from 7' to 10' a ci ...

$1,999.00 Ea

Spalding® Recreational Basketball Systems

A great value, with strut-mounted post for added stability.

Three-piece, 3½" sq post has stabilizing 4-strut mount. Height adjusts easily with screw-jack lift. Steel-framed acrylic backboard has rugged Z-arm mounts for support. Two-wheel base rolls easily. Includes Arena Slam™ breakaway goal ...

$699.00 Ea

Goalsetter® Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Systems

Complete space-saving systems in your choice of glass or acrylic backboards.

External compression height-adjustment system (CHAS) smoothly raises the goal from 6'H to 10'H with a turn of the awning-style crank (3' setback at full height). Rugged 1½" sq structural-steel frame for heavy use. System inclu ...

$149.00 Ea

Goalsetter® MVP Adjustable Basketball Systems

Top-quality acrylic outdoor goal systems easily adjust from 6' to 10' height.

Regulation 72"W x 42"H backboard in acrylic or glass Post encloses all mechanical components; removable handle with lockable fixed height Double-rim playground goal with 5/8" solid rim, continuous 3/16" net-lock syste ...

$179.00 Ea

Bison® ZipCrank Adjustable Systems

A compact system perfect for any space!

Choose 60"W x 36"H backboard with clear or smoked tempered glass. Smoked is a great option to eliminate reflection and reduce the visibility of dirt and scuffs. Aluminum backboard frame 5" sq steel post with powder-coat finish 2&f ...

$1,699.00 Ea

Spalding® Arena-Style Basketball System

Rugged system features durable glass backboard and aluminum frame for aggressive play.

Three-piece, 4" sq post features a 4-strut mount for added stability; simple screw-jack height adjustment. Tempered-glass backboard, both with aluminum frame and sturdy Z-arm mounts to ensure superior support. Two-wheel base rolls easily, locks ...

$859.00 Ea

ClassicPro Systems

Designed for heavy-use areas, system features a top-quality breakaway goal!

Choose 3-1/2" or 4-1/2" OD Post System       54"W x 35"H cast-aluminum or steel backboard with extra-heavy reinforcing back ribs and powder-coat finish, or 54"W x 42"H clear unbreakable poly ...

$899.00 Ea

Spalding® The Beast Basketball System

The only portable 60" glass backboard system with a 5" square post for realistic play and added strength.

The only portable system that offers such a huge steel-framed 60"W x 36"H glass backboard. Includes Z-arm mounts for added support and a flex rim with wraparound support. Two-piece, 5" sq post features a 4-strut mount for superior stre ...

$1,349.00 Ea

Bison® T-Rex Portable Basketball Systems

The best systems for competition play!

Same low-maintenance, extension-spring technology as collegiate Division I and professional arenas for fast and simple setup and storage Powder-coated structural components with fully welded steel base and extension arms Low-maintenance, ...

$7,399.00 Ea

Classic Systems

Our most affordable 3-1/2" dia post system is perfect for elementary and middle schools.

3-1/2" OD galvanized-steel post 54"W x 35"H powder-coated fan-shaped backboard in rust-free cast-aluminum or steel; choose plain white or painted shooting target Fixed single-rim goal with net 3' setback Truck deli ...

$869.00 Ea

ClassicPlus Systems

Thick 4-1/2" post system with double-rim goal increases durability.

4-1/2" OD galvanized-steel post 54"W x 35"H powder-coated fan-shaped backboard in rust-free cast-aluminum or steel; choose plain white or painted shooting target Goal and backboard bolt directly to post for superior durabi ...

$1,049.00 Ea

Bison® Elementary Basketball Systems

Easy-roll system includes built-in ballast eliminates the need for water or sand!

Telescoping tubular-steel structure easily adjusts goal from 6'6"H to 8'H in 6" increments. Molded-graphite or acrylic backboard features an official 5/8" solid-steel single-rim goal. Heavy-duty steel base with built-in ballast ...

$919.00 Ea

Gared® Rear-Mount Systems

Goal mounts directly to post with no backboard contact, reducing backboard vibration and increasing stability.

Choose 3-1/2" or 4-1/2" OD Post System 54"W x 35"H fan-shaped steel backboard Rear-mount reinforced goal w/ nylon net: single-rim w/ 3-1/2" Post System; double-rim w/ 4-1/2" Post System 3-1/2" Post ...

$749.00 Ea

Spalding® Fastbreak 930 Basketball System

System folds compactly for transport and storage.

Telescoping posts easily adjust rim height from 7' to regulation 10' height. Includes 48"W x 33"H Eco-Composite® or 48"W x 38"H Acrylic backboard and Arena Slam™ breakaway goal with enclosed spring return and full front ...

$1,049.00 Ea

Bison® Ultimate Fixed-Height Playground Basketball Systems

Permanent, no-maintenance systems are the ultimate in durability and safety!

Choose 60"W x 42"H steel or 72"W x 42"H steel or perforated-steel backboard Massive 6" sq x 3/16" thick steel pole with black powder-coat finish Heavy-duty nonbreakaway goal with double 5/8" solid rim a ...

$2,049.00 Ea

Spalding® Fastbreak 940 and 960 Systems

Wide aluminum-framed backboards have a safe 72" setback.

Includes backboard, Pro Image™ breakaway goal, and multipiece base padding Both adjust from 7' to 10' and easily fold for storage to 6'6"L x 4'W x 5'6"H Requires 550 lb ballast for stability Assembly required. Tr ...

$2,749.00 Ea

Bison® Removable-Goal Basketball Kit

Prevent theft and control use of the goal.

Easy-to-install adapter bracket fits all common front-mount playground backboards with 5" x 5" hole pattern. Remove or insert goal from the ground using special telescoping pole, or lock with a padlock, not included. Kit includes goal, nylo ...

$275.00 Kit

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