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Segmented Jump Ropes

Durable plastic over a solid braided-nylon cord creates a longer-lasting, slower-turning rope.

This PE classic also provides an audible cue for jumpers that helps establish their jumping rhythm. Colorful 1-1/2"L (4 cm) plastic segments. Plastic 4"L (10 cm) handles allow a good grip, swivel easily. Rope and handle color designate leng ...

$13.95 Set of 6

QuikSelect Jump Ropes

Handles and ropes are color-coordinated to quickly identify length.

Smooth-turning ¼" dia (1 cm) ropes are great for jumpers of all levels. Durable 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles. Rope and handle color designate rope length. Green handle. 6'L (1.85 m) Red handle. 7'L (2.15 m) Yellow hand ...

$17.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Speed Ropes

High-speed PVC rope, popular with jumping teams, great for general use.

The smooth-turning 1/4" (1 cm) dia rope favored by speed jumpers in the bright colors younger jumpers love. All ropes are solid, with strong 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles that won't break if stepped on. Each set of 6 ropes includes 1 o ...

$15.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Segmented Ropes

Create an endless amount of team jumping activities with our popular ropes, now in Rainbow® colors!

Durable plastic 1 ½"L, 7/16" dia (4 cm L, 13 cm dia) segments over a braided nylon rope create a slower rotation that is great for beginners. Bright Rainbow® colors are great for organization. Plastic 4"L (10 cm) handles swi ...

$13.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Polypropylene Jump Ropes

Handle-free design increases safety for all ages.

Durable, fully braided 1/2" dia (1 cm) polypropylene rope resists fraying and prevents twisting so rope remains tangle-free. Knotted ends. Machine washable. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. Available in 4 Lengths (Sets of 6)7'L (2 ...

$17.95 Set of 6

Cotton Jump Ropes

Classic rope is both soft and durable.

White, cotton rope is 5/16" dia (1 cm). Wooden handles are 4-5/8"L (12 cm) with rope length clearly printed on them. Available in 6 Lengths (Sets of 6) 6'L (1.85 m) 7'L (2.15 m) 8'L (2.45 m) 9'L (2.75 m) 10'L (3.05 m) 16'L (4.90 m) ...

$15.95 Set of 6

Chinese Jump Rope Pack

Popular jumping activity promotes balance and coordination.

A classic element of physical education, dance class, and recess. Colorful 3/16" dia (1/2 cm) rubber cord is durable and resilient. Pack includes 8 single-loop 8'L (2.45 m) ropes, 2 double-loop 16'L (4.90 m) ropes for group jumping, and the inst ...

$54.95 Pack

Adjustable-Length Jump Ropes

This one-size-fits-all jump rope is the perfect solution!

Innovative jump ropes adjust easily to any length from 4'6" to 9' (1.35 - 2.75 m) —and back again—without cutting! Simply slide the connectors for a perfect and secure fit. Durable 1/4" dia (1 cm) PVC with 5-1/4"L (13 cm) p ...

$20.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Braided-Polyester Jump Ropes

Colorful and strong diamond-braided polyester fibers offer long-lasting durability.

These 5/16" dia (1 cm) ropes hang loose and refuse to kink. Heavy-duty plastic 4-1/2"L (11 cm) handles won't collapse. Handle color designates rope length. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. Available in Sets of 6 and in 2 Leng ...

$39.95 Set of 6

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