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ProVinyl Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes

Our highest-quality, fastest- and smoothest-turning rope outperforms all others!

A great choice for speed jumping competition. Solid 1/4" dia (1 cm) PVC cord delivers swift and responsive performance. Plastic handles available individually or in Rainbow® Sets of 6. Upgrade to foam handles for a more secure an ...

Starting at $8.95 Ea

Rainbow® Speed Ropes

High-speed PVC rope, popular with jumping teams, great for general use.

The smooth-turning 1/4" (1 cm) dia rope favored by speed jumpers in the bright colors younger jumpers love. All ropes are solid, with strong 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles that won't break if stepped on. Each set of 6 ropes includ ...

Starting at $13.95 Set of 6

Licorice Speed Ropes

Slightly heavier speed ropes for jumpers who want the best!

Durable 3/16" dia (1/2 cm) PVC rope allows for super-fast, easy turning and will not kink. Unbreakable 4"L (10 cm) molded-plastic handles. Ropes are black and white; handle color designates length. Black handle. 6'L (1.85 m) O ...

Starting at $19.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Orange® Speed Ropes

Made for experienced speed jumpers, but brightly colored for beginners too!

Smooth-turning, solid 1/4" dia (1 cm) PVC rope in a screamin' bright color! Strong 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles are clearly labeled to designate rope length and won't break if stepped on. Available in five different lenghts: 6' ...

Starting at $14.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Turn-N-Burn Speed Ropes

Don't sacrifice the speed to get the burn you need!

Ball-bearing, 1/2 lb (227 g)  handles provide the valuable muscle endurance previously only featured with thicker weighted ropes. Now you get a great hand-to-forearm workout while turning these 1/4" dia (1 cm) solid PVC ropes at a faster ...

Starting at $11.95 Ea

QuikSelect Jump Ropes

High-speed PVC ropes and handles are color-coordinated to quickly identify length.

Smooth-turning 1/4" dia (1 cm) ropes are easy for beginners and a favorite of more advanced jumpers. Durable 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles. Rope colors and lengths coordinate with the QuikSelect™ Jump Rope Cart, sold separately. Rope and handle ...

Starting at $15.95 Set of 6

Adjustable-Length Jump Ropes

The one-size-fits-all solution!

Innovative jump ropes adjust easily to any length from 4'6" to 9' (1.35 - 2.75 m) —and back again—without cutting! Simply slide the connectors for a perfect and secure fit. Durable 1/4" dia (1 cm) PVC with 5-1/4"L ...

Starting at $20.95 Set of 6

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