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UltraFit Turn-N-Burn Speed Ropes

Don't sacrifice the speed to get the burn you need!

Ball-bearing, ½ lb (227 g) handles provide the valuable muscle endurance previously only featured with thicker weighted ropes. Now you get a great hand-to-forearm workout while turning these ¼" dia (1 cm) solid PVC ropes at a faste ...

$13.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Heavyrope® Jump Ropes

The original weighted, patented jump rope.

Add a muscle-building, anaerobic component to the aerobic benefits of rope-jumping. Heavy sand-filled ropes benefit the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, and upper arms. This is the original weighted, patented jump rope. 5"L handles; 7'L ...

$49.95 Ea

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