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NutriPlay Healthy in a Hurry

Get healthy in a hurry in this race to fill up your shopping bag with healthy foods!

Teaches students the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, while reinforcing the positive effects of exercise. 100 beanbags depicting graphics of healthy and unhealthy foods are spread out on the floor. Teams race to collect the beanbags, r ...

$239.00 Pack

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NutriPlay NutriChute Challenge Nutrition Team Game

Introduce the new MyPlate program and build teamwork with exciting bean-bag-flinging parachute activities!

Pack allows students to use durable, 6' dia (1.85 m) parachutes that display food groups from the new MyPlate program in a variety of activities with beanbags that show healthy or unhealthy foods. Make learning food groups and nutrition exciting with ...

$339.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Roll-N-Fit

Roll your way to a healthier lifestyle!

Teams roll their coated-foam food group dice and land on one of five food groups with an included exercise. The teacher then rolls the numbered teacher die, and the number it lands on is the number of reps students perform of the exercise listed on t ...

$109.00 Set

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Nutringo Nutrition Bingo

The fun of traditional bingo with an active and healthy twist!

Teach food groups and nutrition facts in this active variation of bingo! Nutringo™ mats are divided into 5 food group columns, with corresponding foods underneath each food group. The caller chooses a food card and announces the type of food an ...

$299.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Puzzle to Plate

Help teach the MyPlate program with the combination of a puzzle and relay race!

Teach the MyPlate program and food groups while promoting exercise in this team-building relay race. Scatter the food pieces and have teams take turns to see how fast they can put the Puzzle to Plate™ puzzle together by matching the pieces to t ...

$119.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Portion Pursuit

Teach your students about proper portion size while giving them a great workout with this fast-paced station game!

Each of the six station identifiers contains a flipchart with 10 cards that contain portion sizes of a food. Teams view pictures of food and determine which picture is the correct portion size, then do an exercise associated with that food/portion si ...

$299.00 Pack

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NutriPlay HealthySpots

Teach students the food groups and develop motor skills with eye-catching Rainbow® spots.

An excellent teaching tool, these spots keep kids moving while learning how to make good food choices. Made of resilient flexible polyvinyl, each HealthySpot™ features durable, molded-in designs. Can be used indoors or out. Includes one Set of ...

$255.00 Set

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Nutrition Cards

Versatile, in-depth cards are a great teaching tool for all ages!

Laminated, easy-to-read nutritional cards can be used in a variety of activities to effectively teach students about what's in the foods they eat every day. Cards are color-coded by food group and clearly display a picture of the food, serving size, ...

$89.95 Set

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Food-Tag Frenzy Nutrition Team Game

It's a race to fill your plate with healthy foods from each food group!

Teach healthy eating with this interactive game that emphasizes the various food groups and a balanced diet. 120 beanbags depicting graphics of a variety of foods from 5 different food groups are scattered on the floor. Teams race to gather the beanb ...

$359.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay NutriKnockDown

Nutritious knock-down fun!

Students learn about food groups and eating a balanced diet with a fun twist on bowling! Teams try to knock down their food group pins while the junk food taggers block the balls from hitting the pins and tag students out. To get back in, students mu ...

$395.00 Set

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Coated-Foam Food Group Balls

Foods from each food group printed directly on our premium foam balls for endless nutrition learning and fun!

Each ball features pick-proof, colorful images of food from each food group that won't peel off or fade. Premium pick-proof foam coating includes a textured surface for a sure grip. Each food group is color-coded for easy identification. Complete Set ...

$115.00 Set of 6

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