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Bull's-Eye Parachutes

Play a variety of games on the ground and in the air with this colorful target design!

Six concentric circles create target zones for popping and tossing balls, beanbags, and more. Lay the parachute flat for tossing or rolling colored balls toward the center bull's-eye. Easy-to-grip ½" dia (1 cm) rope edge is double-sti ...

Starting at $189.00 Ea

CharacterEd® Utility Balls

Tough, three-ply rubber balls for any activity!

Nylon windings, and three-ply rubber cover for kicking and heavy playground use. 8.5" dia. CharacterEd® Keywords:  Respect Honesty Sportsmanship Confidence Integrity Tolerance ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 6

CharacterEd® Basketballs

Makes teaching character values a slam dunk!

Ideal for educational variations on any basketball activity. High-quality rubber cover with deep pebbling, nylon windings, and medium-width channels.Features our original 6 CharacterEd®  values in Rainbow® colors. CharacterEd® Keywor ...

Starting at $61.95 Set of 6

CoachPlus American Flag Football Association Pack

Full equipment for an official game of 8-on-8 with substitutes and referees.

Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belts automatically come off when any of the flags are pulled, making it easy to call. Includes everything shown. Additional details about each item are listed below. Wilson® NFL Ultimate Composite Football (1 ea ...

Starting at $539.00 Pack

FiddleSTX® Lacrosse Pack

Short 30"L sticks with ABS-plastic shafts make this a great introductory set.

Enough equipment for 14 younger players. Includes 2 PVC goals with white nylon mesh (3' x 3'), 12 sticks (30"L), 2 goalie sticks (48"L), 12 dense-rubber balls, and an instruction booklet. ...

Starting at $209.00 Pack

ClassPlus Speed, Agility & Quickness Pack

Measure, evaluate, and improve athletic ability with minimal expense.

Includes the following top-quality equipment: A. 1 ea    Smart Ladder® B. 12 ea  UltraFit™ 12"H Training Hurdles C. 1 ea    Detonate™ Speed Chute, Medium D. 1 ea    Training ...

Starting at $285.00 Pack

CoachPlus Soccer Packs

Includes all the equipment needed to coach your youth, school, or club teams to victory!

Quickly outfit your league by purchasing one for every coach. Additional details about each item in this pack are listed below. Mikasa® Super-Soft Soccer Balls (12 ea) Super-soft polyurethane offers excellent durability and exceptional player-fr ...

Starting at $565.00 Pack

Active Academics Fitness & Literacy Activities Pack

Get your students' heart rates up and reinforce key literacy concepts with this great equipment pack!

Transforms PE into a multifaceted physical/academic experience with long-lasting benefits. Lesson Plans feature 9 engaging and unique activities from the book Thinking on Your Feet (Blaydes). Alphabetization, sign language, word formation, sentence c ...

Starting at $1,259.00 Pack

Active Academics Fitness, Health & Nutrition Activities Pack

Merges physical activities with curriculum covering obesity, heart disease, diet, and nutrition.

Program integrates important health and nutrition information with 8 fun physical activities from the book Thinking On Your Feet (Blaydes). Subjects include risk factors for heart disease, stimulating cognitive thinking, conditioning the brain for le ...

Starting at $1,699.00 Pack

Active Academics Fitness & Math Activities Pack

All equipment and instruction needed for nine exciting physical activities that also teach basic math concepts!

Math combined with physical activity is even more exciting! The included binder features nine engaging and unique activities from the book Thinking On Your Feet (Blaydes). Each unique exercise involves students in a sport or activity while practicing ...

Starting at $1,499.00 Pack


UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Balls

Our strongest and safest stability balls won't burst, even under extreme pressure!

Premium European design allows air to escape slowly rather than burst, even if outer skin is punctured. Tacky surface enhances control. Burst-resistant to 1,000 lb, but supports static loads up to 2,200 lb. Available in Classic, Club, and Screamin' O ...

Starting at $30.95 Ea


Premium Bowling Carpet

At last! A realistic, heavy-weight carpet that simulates an actual bowling lane.

White locator dots and arrows are easy to see and assist with instruction. Lies flat for a consistent rotation; conveniently rolls up for easy storage. For indoor/outdoor use. 27'9"L x 39"W x 3/10" thick; 25 lb.   ...

Starting at $339.00 Ea

ClassPlus Parachute Pack

All the equipment and instructions you need to start your own parachute activity program.

Designed for Gopher by Dr. Robert Pangrazi, this pack includes a 30' dia (9.15 m) ElevAir™ Deluxe Parachute, a variety of balls and beanbags, jump ropes, dice, CDs, activity instructions, and storage. Includes everything shown. 123 pieces. ...

Starting at $695.00 Pack

Rainbow® Vinyl Spots

Guaranteed not to tear.

Rugged vinyl spots are heavy enough to stay put, indoors or out. They're great for beanbag targets, stepping stones, or bases for color-coded games. Perfect for locations where a cone can't be used. Choose Rainbow® Set of 6 (with 1 of each color) ...

Starting at $17.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® PinStop Bowling Pin Corrals

Colorfully confines your bowling pins to one area.

Set up lanes anywhere and eliminate the problem of runaway balls and pins. Great for designating lanes or organizing groups, games, and more by Rainbow® colors. Movable arms extend 36" on each side to accommodate any pin set. Durable vi ...

Starting at $99.95 Ea

Robic® SC-505W Stopwatches

Ultra-precise measurement of event, lap, or split times to 1/100 second.

Auto lap counter; pause; 1st-12th fast finishes; water resistant; includes lithium battery and breakaway lanyard; 24-hour timing range, single event time, lap time, lap counter, split time, and 12 memory recall. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow&re ...

Starting at $26.95 Ea

UltraFit Resistance Tubing with Plastic Handles

Easily bring strength and flexibility training to any age and fitness level.

Perform dozens of exercises and warm-up activities with our versatile resistance tubing. Different resistance levels allow any user to get a great workout. Rubber dipped-latex with plastic handles. Available individually in 48"L (1.2 m) or 36&qu ...

Starting at $7.95 Ea

UltraFit Classic Medicine Balls

Classic synthetic cover makes this a softer, friendlier ball for partner training!

Polyurethane cover and resilient, shape-retaining interior make this limited-bounce ball ideal for throwing and catching. Semi-cushioned surface makes this ball great for all ages and skill levels. Sets include UltraFit™ Classic balls, all-stee ...

Starting at $18.95 Ea

Deluxe Standing Long Jump Mat

Our assessment mat is wider, thicker, and more durable than any other on the market!

Premier extra-firm 1⅜" thick closed-cell cross-link polyethylene foam folding mat has a nonslip backing to ensure a stable landing, jump after jump. Easy-to-read distance markers measure in 1" increments up to 8'. 10'L x 3'W; 21 lb. ...

Starting at $329.00 Ea

5-Station Putting Green Pack

A complete pack of 5 putting stations.

Includes: 2 ea     Putt'n Hazard™ w/ Electric Ball Return (8'L x 16"W) 3 ea     Automatic Putting System™ w/ Gravitational Ball Return (7'L x 12"W) 5 ea     ...

Starting at $349.00 Pack

Magnus Recess Racks

The easy way to get all your recess equipment from here to there and back again!

Holds 40 balls, plus up to 150 jump ropes and 40 hoops. Indoor Rack has 3" dia ball-bearing casters with pedal-lock; All-Terrain Cart features heavy-duty 10" dia no-mar rubber front wheels and 6" dia ball-bearing rear swivel casters wi ...

Starting at $299.00 Ea

Magnus Carry-All Carts with Baskets

Removable baskets for easy access and portability!

Durable ABS-plastic cart is available in Indoor or All-Terrain, each with heavy-duty injection-molded baskets that nest for storage. Indoor Cart has four 3" dia ball-bearing swivel casters with pedal-lock. All-Terrain Cart has four 10" dia ...

Starting at $199.00 Ea

DuraHoop Flat

Extra-strong, flat plastic hoops.

Great for rhythmic gymnastics...step in them, on them, around them, or through them! The solid one-piece injection-molded ring has ridges all around for added strength, making it sturdy yet flexible. Set of 12 includes 3 each of four colors. ...

Starting at $34.95 Set of 12

TeamBocce Set

A fun team bocce variation gets the whole class involved, indoors or out!

Unique set includes an oversized white target ball that's easy to spot, plus enough balls for two teams of 15. Friendly competition teaches tossing and perceptual skills. Soft, safe balls can be used indoors or out. Set includes 30 vinyl 4" dia ...

Starting at $269.00 Set

UltraFit Training Hurdles

Lightweight training hurdles are perfect for developing power, quickness, and coordination.

Durable PVC hurdles quickly set up for teaching countless drills, recovery mechanics, and force application. Use shorter hurdles for lateral and change-of-direction speed, taller hurdles for linear running mechanics. Choose from from four heights in ...

Starting at $49.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® KangaSack Set

Premium sacks with pouch add a new dimension to races.

Features two sets of nylon handles (lower for kids, upper for adults). Pouch holds objects for relays and other activities. Durable polyethylene-fabric. One size fits all. 26"H x 24" dia (66 cm H x 61 cm dia). Set of 6 includes 1 of each Ra ...

Starting at $109.00 Set of 6

ClassPlus Intermediate Batting and Catching Pack

All the equipment needed by upper-elementary to middle-school students to practice basic skills.

Contains: 8 ea    Gopher 12"L AllStar™ All-Synthetic Glove (6 Right, 2 Left) 4 ea    Easton® S50 Slow-Pitch Softball Bats (32"L/25 oz) 4 ea    Deluxe Adjustable Tee 24 ...

Starting at $599.00 Pack

Tag-It Mitts

Oversized foam hand mitts for a safer game of tag.

Creates a more enjoyable, player-friendly activity, softening the force of the tag and eliminating gender touching issues. 11"L x 9"W x 2" (28 cm x 23 cm x 5 cm) thick. Set of 6 blue mitts includes activity instructions. ...

Starting at $54.95 Set of 6

Object-Retrieval Team Building System

One of the most fun and versatile systems for building teamwork and cooperation with up to 15 students!

Six excellent team-building activities will challenge each team's ability to communicate, plan, and cooperate. In each challenge, up to 15 team members must work together to retrieve objects, move objects, and even create words and drawings cooperati ...

Starting at $155.00 Set

Active Academics Run for the Money Set

Combines math and currency concepts with physical fitness.

Keep an entire class busy as they race to retrieve coins and add up their value. Or search only for dimes, collect coins as part of a team relay, or use as part of a rewards program. The possibilities are endless! Set includes 88 polystyrene coins (5 ...

Starting at $319.00 Set

ULTRAVERSE Climbing Wall Obstacle Course

Climb over and under the rods and through the hoops!

Create exciting new 3-dimensional challenges by positioning the rods and hoops all over your wall using the exclusive HoopHolder™ holds and RodHolder™ holds. Dual-use holders can also serve as climbing holds when the hoops and rods are no ...

Starting at $389.00 Set


QuickFrame Premium Bowling Pack

Quickly set up a premium bowling lanes almost anywhere!

Choose from 1- or 4-Lane packs that include Premium Bowling Carpet, set of weighted pins, rubber ball (5 lb), pin setup template, pin corral, and score pad. 4-Lane pack includes enough equipment for 4 lanes plus a bowling cart and baskets to sto ...

Starting at $549.00 Pack


Rainbow® Multi-Dome Activity Sets

Set up these versatile components in endless configurations!

Multi-Domes™. Use these versatile domes as stepping stones and as bases for a variety of components. Fill with sand for added support. Mini Game Standards. Multiple attachment slots hold hoops, wand posts, and more. Telescoping rubber stem fits ...

Starting at $99.95 Set of 6

UltimateScooter Boards

Ultimate versatility meets ultimate durability and ultimate fun!

Big 24" (61 cm) dia platform has over three times the area of a 12" (31 cm) scooter, with room for up to three students! Recessed handles allow easy control and protect fingers. Indoor/Outdoor scooter features heavy-duty 4" (10 cm) dia ...

Starting at $329.00 Set of 6

GamePlay Soft-Stix Horseshoe Set

Soft yet durable foam set can be used indoors or out!

Great for all ages. Set includes everything shown. ...

Starting at $44.95 Set

Rainbow® Wood Arrows with Feather Fletching

Color-coded hardwood arrows with real feather fletching for true flight and organization.

Hardwood-shaft target arrows are aerodynamically balanced for true and consistent flight. Plastic nocks and steel points. Recommended for draw weights up to 35 lb (16 kg). Sets of 72 include 12 of each Rainbow® color; Sets of 144 include 24 of ea ...

Starting at $289.00 Set of 72

ClassPlus Before & After School Packs

Three great packs to choose from!

Basic ClassPlus™ Before & After School Pack includes: Name, Measurement, Quantity Rainbow® DuraBall™, 8.5” dia (22 cm), Set of 6 Rainbow® SuperBounce™ Balls, 3.5” dia (9 cm), Set of 6 Rainbow&re ...

Starting at $599.00 Pack

UltimateScooter Basketball Set

Scoot, shoot, and score!

One-piece, impact-resistant ABS goal fits snugly into the 24" (61 cm) dia UltimateScooter™ board. Complete Sets include either 2 Indoor or 2 Indoor/Outdoor UltimateScooter™ boards, 2 goals with nets (1 with blue net, 1 with red net), ...

Starting at $275.00 Set

DPE Curriculum Supplies Packages

Three different-size packages for K-6 contain all teaching materials and basic supplies needed for Dynamic Physical Education.

Choose from three package sizes to fit your school's needs: Packages 2 and 3 contain increased quantities of items shown in Package 1. Colors may vary. Truck delivery. Additional details about each product in these packages, see below.  Pac ...

Starting at $3,399.00 Pack

Active Academics Cross-Curricular Chute Parachute

Spell words, play math games...all while strengthening students' upper bodies!

Numbers and letters permit cross-curricular activities during parachute play. The 16 panels include the entire alphabet and 32 numbers. At 30' (9.15 m) in diameter, it's large enough for an entire class. The triple-stitched edge has an easy-to-grip & ...

Starting at $289.00 Ea

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