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Rainbow® Rubber Ball Packs

Enough Rainbow® Sets to keep a whole class active.

You get 6 each of our four most popular introductory Performer™ or upgraded Performer Plus™ rubber balls in Rainbow® Sets and age-appropriate sizes, plus 6 VersaBag™ mesh bags to match. 30 pieces each. Additional details about e ...

$269.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Gopher Introductory Sport Ball Pack

Introduce sports to younger students with balls made specifically for them!

Pack contains 42 of our SofTex™ and DuraBall™ basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls for softness with durability. Store everything in the included XXL VersaBag™ mesh bag. Additional details about each product in this ...

$429.00 Pack

Rainbow® Color-Coded Equipment Packs

Now each class or grade can have its own color-coded recess equipment!

Full selection of equipment allows 6 classes to play up to 9 organized activities. Sized for lower-elementary and upper-elementary ages. Each individual color-coded pack includes 27 pieces. Additional details about each product in these packs are lis ...

$189.00 Pack

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack Two

Larger balls in softer densities are just right for younger students.

Great for catching, throwing, kicking, and more. Includes 12 each low-bounce SoftiBall™ (6.3" and 7" dia / 16 cm and 18 cm) and medium-bounce PlayBall™ (6.3" and 8.25" dia / 16 cm and 21 cm) Balls, plus an XXL VersaBag ...

$399.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Playground Packs

A full assortment of attention-grabbing balls for endless sports and activities!

Outfit an entire class with these tacky, durable premium balls. Includes: Set of 12 Basketballs, Size 6 Set of 12 Utility Balls, 8.5" dia (22 cm) Set of 12 Footballs, Size 4 Set of 12 Soccer Balls, Size 5 4 ea VersaBag&trade ...

$599.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Playground Packs

Pack of 30 CharacterEd® balls instantly equips your playground or supplements your current stock.

Incorporate positive messages of understanding, respect, and responsible behavior in all-out playground play! Lower-Elementary Pack.  • Set of 6    Soccer Balls (Size 4) • Set of 6    Utility Balls (8.5&q ...

$339.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Active & Healthy Schools Playground Packs

All the equipment you need to set up each of the 16 different playground Activity Zones as outlined in the AHS™ Program Manual.

Having a wide variety of activities available and enough equipment to perform them is critical to creating an active, safe, and friendly playground. By dividing your playground into designated Activity Zones, you can actively involve up to 150 studen ...

$3,999.00 Pack

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack One

The widest selection of sizes for the widest variety of activities.

Great for the playground or the PE class, with 12 medium-bounce PlayBall™ (6.3" and 8.25" dia / 16 cm and 21 cm), 12 high-bounce SuperBounce™ (2.75" and 3.5" dia / 7 cm and 9 cm) balls, and an XXL VersaBag™ mesh ...

$299.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

AHS Playground Activity Pack

Jump right in to the 22 different AHS™ playground activities with this 300-plus piece equipment pack!

Keep kids moving and having fun with all the equipment needed to complete activities featured in Series One and Two of the AHS™ Playground Activities Cards (included). Compact cards provide step-by-step instructions for engaging and easy-to-imp ...

$599.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Gopher Rubber Sport Ball Packs

Choose from introductory Performer™ or upgraded UltraPlay™ rubber sport balls in official sizes!

Packs include sets of 12 soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, and footballs; all official size. Easily store in 4 included XXL VersaBag™ mesh bags. Additional details about each ball and the storage bag included in this pack are listed below ...

$599.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

UltraPlay Playground Ball Packs

A complete assortment of our premium-quality rubber balls, in age-appropriate sizes.

Includes soccer balls, tetherballs, basketballs, volleyballs, utility balls, footballs and 4 VersaBag™ mesh storage bags in appropriate sizes for Lower- or Upper-Elementary grades. ...

$689.00 Pack

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Dodgeball Pack

You can dodge the ball but not the fun with this 36-ball pack!

Extra soft and friendly coated-foam balls with limited bounce provide maximum fun with added safety. Rainbow® set includes 12 premium-coated dodgeballs in each of three sizes (6.3" dia / 16 cm, 7" dia / 18 cm, and 8.25" dia / 21 cm ...

$589.00 Pack

Gopher Rubber Playground Ball Packs

Take recess to a whole new level with these complete rubber ball packs!

Rubber basketballs, utility balls, tetherballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs, plus 4 XXL VersaBag™ mesh bags. Includes everything shown, in appropriate sizes for Lower- or Upper-Elementary grades. Additional details about each ball ...

$539.00 Pack

Rainbow® Variety Coated-Foam Ball Pack

A variety of balls in a variety of sizes ensures the right ball for any activity!

Pick a new group activity each day, or have multiple games going at once! Pack of 36 low- to high-bounce balls includes 6 each SoftiBall™ (7" dia / 18 cm), PlayBall™ (8.25" dia / 21 cm), Footballs (Sz 3), and Soccer Balls (Sz 4) ...

$539.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack

Turn up the fun with these eye-catching colors!

Students will love the Screamin' Colors in a variety of sizes for a variety of games. Includes 6 each Softiball™ (6.3"/16 cm dia), Dodgeballs (7"/18 cm dia), PlayBall™ (8.25"/21 cm dia), SoftScore™ footballs (Sz 3), S ...

$579.00 Pack

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