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Rainbow® DuraCoat Dodgeballs

The strongest, most durable coated-foam ball on the market!

We took our world famous coated-foam dodgeballs and made them even stronger and more durable! Special formula has 33% more coating than other balls which makes it 50% stronger, for a long-lasting, pick-proof ball. Available in three sizes in Rainbow& ...

$115.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

Extra-soft and player-friendly coated-foam balls with a low bounce factor.

Slower in flight and easily gripped, these versatile foam balls are perfect for throwing at targets (bowling pins, cones) or any activity in which a ball might contact a student. Tough outer coating won't peel or crack, even with heavy indoor or ...

$13.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

Low-bounce, blazing bright balls energize catching, throwing, and dodging.

Soft, low-density foam provides consistent performance and allows kids to have fun while developing skills. Premium-coated foam with a sure-grip textured surface retains its shape. Won't peel or crack. ...

$64.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher Playball Coated-Foam Balls

Slightly firmer, medium bounce ball is great for all purpose use.

Great all-around balls for beginning soccer, volleyball, or any activity that would benefit from a more lively bounce. Premium coating won't peel, crack, or absorb moisture. Sets of 6 available in a variety of eye-catching colors or order individ ...

$16.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher SoftiBall Coated-Foam Balls

Soft ball with low bounce height, great for any activity!

Squeezably soft, low-density foam makes these balls ideal for any tossing, catching, and rolling activities. Premium coating resists peeling, cracking, and moisture. Choose from a variety of eye-catching colors in sets of 6: Rainbow®, Screamin ...

$14.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

National Dodgeball League Dodgeballs

Official foam dodgeball of the National Dodgeball League!

Player-friendly dodgeball is specifically designed for foam dodgeball leagues and features the logo of the National Dodgeball League. Extra-soft, yet features a tough outer coating that will withstand heavy use. Pick-proof coating won't peel or crack ...

$79.95 Set of 6

Gopher SuperBounce Coated-Foam Balls

Our firmest coated-foam ball has the most bounce!

These high-density foam balls are 50% heavier than traditional foam balls, making them perfect for dribbling, bouncing, and kicking activities. Premium coating resists peeling, cracking, and moisture. Smaller sizes (2.75", 3.5" diameter) ar ...

$24.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher SuperSofti Coated-Foam Balls

Our softest ball has the lowest bounce height and is perfect for younger students.

Incredibly soft, low-density foam ball is designed for lower-level skill development. Great for tossing, catching, and rolling activities geared toward beginners or younger students. Premium coating won't peel, crack, or absorb moisture. Choose f ...

$62.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Deluscious Foam Balls

Squishably soft soccer balls and footballs are great for beginners!

Lusciously soft outer core with a medium-density foam center offers non-intimidating play for beginners. Durable protective outer skin resists wear-and-tear and is easy to clean. Color makes them easier to track and organize drills, teams, and games. ...

$12.95 Ea

Rainbow® Low-Bounce Balls

A multipurpose foam ball for any activity!

Soft, uncoated-foam balls are perfect for a variety of activities; lower-bounce is ideal for slower-paced play. ...

$9.95 Set of 6

Poof® Footballs

Fun molded-foam footballs for softer, safer play.

Two-color coating makes this ball easy to track when in flight. Spongy foam core has a thin, outer skin. Colors may vary. ...

$7.95 Ea

Premium High-Bounce Balls

Premium-quality foam for a high-quality ball!

Superior foam keeps its shape and bounce for long-lasting performance. High-density uncoated foam balls have the same excellent bounce and consistency as coated foam, and are particularly effective for higher-speed ball activities such as tennis, soc ...

$3.50 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® DuraCoat Playballs

Incredibly durable coating with a livelier bounce that's great for any activity!

Firm medium-bounce for more versatility. Pick-proof with 33% more coating and 50% stronger than other balls for long-lasting durability.  Available in three sizes. ...

$139.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher EZTeam Dodgeballs

Contrasting black and white balls are perfect for fast and easy team organization!

The same durable construction as our world-famous dodgeballs in colors that instantly divide the class into two teams. Now, also available in our DuraCoat! Our ClassPlus™ Pack includes 24 dodgeballs (12 each Black, White), activity instruc ...

$76.95 Set of 6

Poof® Soccer Ball

This down-sized molded-foam version of a regulation ball enables any age student to have better control and more fun.

Spongy foam core is soft and player friendly with a thin moisture-resistant outer skin. Most suitable for indoor play. Colors and graphics may vary. 7" dia (18 cm). ...

$11.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

FireFly Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

Light up your gym with our popular dodgeballs that glow in the dark!

Turn off the lights and enjoy cosmic games with soft-impact, durable dodgeballs that look like fireflies in the night sky. Simply expose the ball to any light and it's ready to glow! Recharge with light when glow dims. These versatile balls feature ...

$79.95 Set of 6


Gopher Itty Coated-Foam Balls

A small ball with huge potential!

Activity ideas are endless with these soft, lightweight, coated-foam balls. Choose from two different sizes in Rainbow® colors. Available in low-bounce (soft foam) or high bounce (slightly heavier foam). ...

$34.95 Set of 12

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® DuraCoat SoftiBall Sets

Add a new level of durability to a squeezably soft, low-bounce foam ball!

Whether tossing, catching, or rolling, this soft foam ball with a tough outer coating is a great option for any activity. These balls are pick-proof with 33% more coating and 50% stronger than other balls. This cover keeps the ball ready for act ...

$119.00 Set of 6

Rainbow® Low-Bounce/High-Density Uncoated-Foam Balls

Provides an "empty" bounce for a more predictable rebound that's ideal for skill development.

Heavy-duty uncoated high-density foam provides a reduced bounce, so it's ideal for early lacrosse, floor hockey, baseball, and more. ...

$22.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Grip-A-Ball Uncoated-Foam Balls

You can grip it, but you can't rip it!

Super-tough, pick-proof surface withstands heavy use on abrasive surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete. Semi-firm foam offers a medium bounce that's great for tossing and catching activities. Firm high-density foam has a higher, livelier bounce for ...

$25.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Resilient Encased Foam Balls

Throw it, roll it, or squish it – this durable, unique coated ball can take it all!

Once you feel the cover, you will discover what makes it so unique! The coating has a distinctive, soft texture and superior durability, making it unlike any other ball out there. Squishy-soft, high density foam is heavier than a standard coated ...

$89.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher SoftScore Plus Coated-Foam Balls

Our SoftScore™ Plus balls use higher-density foam for faster, more lively play!

High-density soccer balls and footballs provide more bounce and longer flight when throwing, catching, or kicking. Pick-proof coating is moisture resistant and won't peel, crack, or fade outdoors. Sets of 6 in a variety of color choices. Soccer b ...

$129.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher SoftScore Coated-Foam Balls

Soft sport balls feature unmatched quality and durability.

Low-density soccer balls and footballs have a softer, lower bounce for non-intimidating play. Pick-proof coating is moisture resistant and won't peel, crack, or fade outdoors. Sets of 6 in a variety of color choices. Soccer balls available in Siz ...

$125.00 Set of 6

Rainbow® Spiral Foam Footballs

The easiest way to throw a spiral and boost throwing confidence!

Spiraled grooves make this ball easy to hold and grip for a perfect spiral every time. Brightly colored for tracking. Dense foam with durable cover. Colors may vary on individual balls. Size 3 (Junior). ...

$10.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' SoftiBall Coated-Foam Balls

Radiantly colored low-density foam for enhanced tracking and a lower bounce for slower play.

Low-bounce, coated-foam balls provide an ultra-soft feel, low rebound, and easy grip for a wide range of activities. Great for developing throwing, catching, and kicking skills. Premium, pick-proof coating. ...

$79.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Handballs

Lively ball is perfect for throwing games!

High-density handball has a lively bounce making it great for handball or other throwing activities. Pick-proof coated-foam won't peel or crack. 5 ½" dia (14 cm).   ...

$119.00 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

InReach Beeper Ball

Never lose track of the ball again! Loud beeping ball is soft, safe, and easy to find!

Beeping module inserted into the coated-foam ball provides auditory clues so students will always know where the ball is while in play. Enables all students to play together while improving their listening, searching, and communication skills. 9V bat ...

$49.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' SuperSofti Coated-Foam Balls

The softest and lightest coated-foam balls, with the highest visibility!

These incredibility soft, low-density balls can't be matched! Now available in our Screamin' Rainbow® or 3 Screamin' Colors for added fun! Won't peel, crack, or absorb moisture. ...

$64.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' SoftScore Plus Coated-Foam Soccer and Footballs

Our SoftScore™ Plus balls use higher-density foam for faster, more lively play!

The heavier SoftScore™ Plus high-density foam soccer or footballs provide truer throwing and catching. Coated-foam cover won't peel, or crack. ...

$135.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Coated-Foam Bowling Sets

The colors may be Screamin', but the solid foam keeps the noise to a minimum!

Soft, safe, and quiet foam has a tough coating for long-lasting durability. Ideal for all ages. 10 pins (15"H / 38 cm) and 1 ball (16 oz / 454 g) in your choice of eye-popping colors. ...

$29.95 Ea

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack Two

Larger balls in softer densities are just right for younger students.

Great for catching, throwing, kicking, and more. Includes 12 each low-bounce SoftiBall™ (6.3" and 7" dia / 16 cm and 18 cm) and medium-bounce PlayBall™ (6.3" and 8.25" dia / 16 cm and 21 cm) Balls, plus an XXL VersaBag ...

$399.00 Pack


Premium Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack

Our largest, most complete coated-foam ball pack provides the perfect ball for any activity!

Get 60 coated-foam balls in multiple foam densities, cover thicknesses, and sizes so any age group can play their favorite game. Includes:  6 Rainbow® SuperBounce™ (3.5" dia) 6 Rainbow® SuperBounce™ (7" dia) 6 ...

$989.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

InReach Screamin' Yellow® Coated-Foam Ball

Blazing-bright ball stimulates the senses making kids excited to catch, throw, and roll it!

Soft, low-density foam provides consistent performance, so kids have fun while developing skills! Premium-coating resists peeling, cracking, and moisture.  ...

$99.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® NO Dodgeball Coated-Foam Balls

The same great construction as our coated-foam dodgeballs. Perfect for tossing, catching and rolling activities!

A printed message of, “NO Dodgeball,” serves as a visual reminder for teachers and students, and sets an inclusive tone for your program. Our top-quality coated-foam balls are easy to grip and have a low-bounce factor, perfect for most PE ...

$98.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack One

The widest selection of sizes for the widest variety of activities.

Great for the playground or the PE class, with 12 medium-bounce PlayBall™ (6.3" and 8.25" dia / 16 cm and 21 cm), 12 high-bounce SuperBounce™ (2.75" and 3.5" dia / 7 cm and 9 cm) balls, and an XXL VersaBag™ mesh ...

$299.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® UltraStrike Coated-Foam Bowling Balls

Our softest premium coated-foam balls are gentle for users and floors!

Balls are handcrafted from premium, European-quality coated foam and are safe on all floors. Smooth surface coating consistently delivers an even roll and at 14 oz, they're heavy enough to topple most weighted pins. Two options of 3-finger hole p ...

$39.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Custom Logo Coated-Foam Balls

Show your school spirit with custom logos on our most popular foam balls!

Add your school, district, team, or other logo to our premium-quality coated-foam balls! The custom options are endless and even offer great partnership or sponsorship opportunities with local organizations. All you have to do is send us your artwork ...

$84.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' PlayBall Coated-Foam Balls

Ultra-rugged, medium-density ball provides a higher bounce for faster play.

These medium-density balls are softer than high-density foam balls and have more bounce than low-density balls for faster-paced games. Sizzling hot colors are easy to see and catch. ...

$99.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Coated-Foam Food Group Balls

Foods from each food group printed directly on our premium foam balls for endless nutrition learning and fun!

Each ball features pick-proof, colorful images of food from each food group that won't peel off or fade. Premium pick-proof foam coating includes a textured surface for a sure grip. Each food group is color-coded for easy identification. Complete Set ...

$115.00 Set of 6

Rainbow® Variety Coated-Foam Ball Pack

A variety of balls in a variety of sizes ensures the right ball for any activity!

Pick a new group activity each day, or have multiple games going at once! Pack of 36 low- to high-bounce balls includes 6 each SoftiBall™ (7" dia / 18 cm), PlayBall™ (8.25" dia / 21 cm), Footballs (Sz 3), and Soccer Balls (Sz 4) ...

$539.00 Pack

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