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Rainbow® Nylon Beanbags

Extra-durable nylon is perfect for a range of activities.

Heavy-duty 100% nylon bags slide well. Durable stitching ensures integrity. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color and a drawstring storage bag (not shown). ...

$7.95 Set of 6


Team Beanbag Set

Colorful sets bring fun, organization to team activities.

Large, soft beanbags are easy to toss. Durable cotton fabric for years of tossing fun. Both sets include beanbags and a canvas bag. 5½" sq. Order more, save more with the Rainbow® Set of 36 beanbags. ...

$49.95 Set of 12

Rainbow® Polyester/Cotton Beanbags

Overlock seams eliminate curling edges, increase integrity.

Covers combine softness with durability (65% poly/35% cotton).  ...

$8.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Tri-Toss

Unique design brings a new element of fun to all traditional tossing activities!

Bottom-weighted, pyramid-shaped beanbags provide better grip and tossing control, and easily fit in the palm of your hand! 3.5" Base x 2.5"H. ...

$10.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Beanbag Bonanza Packs

Nearly 100 beanbags in Rainbow® colors and your choice of material!

Great for group activities and team identification. Packs of 96 are available in 5 materials: Nylon, Cotton, and Poly/Cotton Packs include 4" (10 cm) sq, 5" (13 cm) sq, and 6" (15 cm) sq beanbags. Vinyl Packs include 4" (10 cm) sq ...

$149.00 Pack of 96


Baggo® Beanbag Game

A lightweight, introductory version of this popular tossing game.

Players take turns tossing twill beanbags at the holes of the target boards to score. Boards nest together to form a storage case with latches and handles. Includes two 33 ½"L x 20"W (85 cm x 51 cm) target boards, eight 6" (15 c ...

$109.00 Set

Rainbow® Cotton Beanbags

All-natural, plush fabric offers softness and breathability.

Triple-stitched cotton cover provides a touchably soft beanbag that invites interaction and play. Reinforced stitching for durability.    ...

$9.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Vinyl Beanbags

Soft to the touch, with a durable, wipe-clean vinyl cover!

Double-stitched vinyl cover is water-resistant for a beanbag that lasts.  ...

$14.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Food Beanbags

These fun food beanbags will have your class thinking healthy!

Bring healthy lifestyle principles into any beanbag activity. Includes a set of 36 nutrition beanbags - with 6 foods from each of the 6 parts of the Food Pyramid and a storage bag. 4" sq. ...

$69.95 Set of 36

New Only From Gopher

GamePlay BagMania

Strong steel frame and durable MDF top make these the best beanbag boards available!

Enjoy hours of fun with GamePlay™ BagMania™!! Custom graphics allow for game variations to increase scoring opportunities, strategy, and competition. Features a welded steel frame and MDF top (the same as table tennis tables!) to ens ...

$319.00 Set

Beanbag Game Mats

Jumbo vinyl mats go anywhere!

Develops hand/eye coordination, motor skills, and visual/perceptual control. Printed on heavy-duty vinyl for long wear and easy clean-up. Beanbags (4" sq) and nylon storage bag included with each set. ...

$79.95 Set


Garden Heroes Beanbag Activity Packs

Go ahead - play with your food!

Combine physical activity and nutritious learning with this exciting activity pack that incorporates all 6 National PE standards and 3 of the National Health Education standards. Plush, loveable fruit and vegetable beanbags (3"-7" / 8 cm- ...

$59.95 Set of 12


Rainbow® Beanbag Gopher Dice

Bright, six-sided beanbag dice incorporate math, tossing, color recognition, and more to all activities!

Combine the fun of tossing a beanbag and rolling a dice. Start with color and number recognition activities and add challenging math problems. Large dots (1-6) are clearly visible on each side of the 2" sq dice. Durable stitching, vinyl cover. ...

$29.95 Set of 6

Teaching Beanbags

Teach 3 specific basic skills with beanbags.

Colorful vinyl beanbags combine movement skills with spelling, math, or color recognition. Double-stitched for durability. Available as individual sets of 8 colors, 10 numbers, or 26 letters (complete alphabet), and as a Complete Pack. Numbers and co ...

$84.95 Set of 44

Rainbow® Animal Beanbag Packs

All your favorite beanbag beasts with the storage to tame them.

Add a twist to any beanbag activity with these fun animal beanbags! Go wild with the all-inclusive Animal Kingdom Pack of 96, or choose between packs of 48 Aqua and Land Animal beanbags and individual sets of 6 Aqua and Land Animal beanbags. Each pac ...

$21.95 Set of 6

GamePlay Washer Toss Set

Put a new spin on horseshoes!

Players toss plastic-coated metal washers toward the target area and earn points when they land in the box or cup. Use the included beanbags for a softer alternative or for indoor play. Includes 8 washers and 2 wooden targets that latch together to f ...

$79.95 Set

Rainbow® Aqua Animal Beanbags

Creatures of the sea that add a new twist to any beanbag activity!

Durable, soft vinyl aqua animals in fun Rainbow® colors. Approximately 5”L; 2.4 oz (13 cm L; 68 g) each. ...

$21.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Land Animal Beanbags

These land-loving animal beanbags are in fun and organizational Rainbow® colors!

Soft yet durable land animal beanbags. Approximately 5”L; 2.4 oz (13 cm L; 68 g) each. ...

$21.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Beanbag Activities Pack

Enough for an entire class, plus activities set to musical beats!

Includes a set of 36 Rainbow® Vinyl-Covered Beanbags (5" / 13 cm sq) and Beanbag Rock 'n' Roll CD featuring 14 songs that provide beanbag activities for the whole class. Also includes a mesh storage bag. Beanbags are double stitche ...

$135.00 Pack

GamePlay Lawn Games Package

Keep your entire class entertained with the ultimate assortment of classic lawn games!

This outdoor variety pack features your students' favorite games in one convenient package! Pack includes Washer Toss, Skittles™, TripleToss™, DiscBonk™, Classic Croquet, Medio Bocce, and BagMania™. ...

$739.00 Pack

Rainbow® Vinyl Squares

Versatile, durable stars and squares.

Great as bases, targets, position or lane markers, boundaries, hopscotch squares, and much more. Sets of 6 include 1 of each Rainbow® color. 14". ...

Was $83.10 - Now $41.98

Sorry, Item Sold Out Rainbow® Fleece Beanbags

Rainbow® Fleece Beanbags

Softer, friendlier fleece!

It's hard to resist the feel of fleece, especially in Rainbow® colors. Includes durable overlock stitching. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Was $3.98 - Now $2.98

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