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Rainbow® UltraPin Weighted Bowling Pins

Brightly-colored pins are weighted without sand for less mess!

Weighted so they stay put and react realistically when hit. Made of durable polyethylene plastic for a long-lasting pin. Easy to set up and great for station and lane differentiation. Rainbow® Set includes 6 sets of 10 pins (15"H), each with ...

$84.95 Set

Rainbow® ThinPins Bowling Pins

Thinner than traditional bowling pins for use in a variety of activities.

Durable 17"H polyethylene pins can be set up close together, far apart for more of a challenge, or in a variety of other configurations; perfect for Candlepin bowling. Organize and store easily in color-coded bags. Weighted bottom for extra stab ...

$34.95 Set of 10

Only From Gopher

UltraPin Multicolored Bowling Sets

Multiple colors are great to incorporate in other activities!

Polyethylene pins are weighted without the use of sand so there's no mess if a pin cracks open. Each set includes pins, setup template, and score pad (with or without a ball). ...

$69.95 Set

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