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ULTRAVERSE Traverse Climbing Walls

Institutional-quality plywood panels designed for exceptional durability, structural strength, and long-lasting performance.

Feature-packed climbing wall has a smooth top edge and a textured surface to give climbers the look and feel of a rock wall. The tan-colored "safety zone" at the bottom of the wall clearly shows climbers the boundary for safe placement of f ...

$535.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

ULTRAVERSE Dimensional Rock Climbing Walls

Our rock-like dimensional features increase variety and create challenges for advanced climbing.

Each textured 4'W x 8'H (1.20 m x 2.45 m) panel has rock-like protrusions for experienced users to traverse the wall, or use with standard holds for beginners/younger users. Each predrilled ¾" (2 cm) thick panel includes 40 T-Nuts, mounti ...

$635.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

ULTRAVERSE SafetyClose Mat System for Climbing Walls

The simplest, most effective climbing wall closure system available!

See why our ULTRAVERSE™ SafetyClose™ Mat System is the best you can buy: It's Versatile. Dual-duty system provides landing protection when down, prevents unsupervised climbing when secured across the wall. It's Safe. Ea ...

$329.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

ULTRAVERSE Complete Climbing Solution Packages

The most complete and unique climbing systems available!

Gopher's ULTRAVERSE™ Complete Climbing Solution™ package is a smart choice for those looking to bring traverse climbing to their school quickly, easily, and affordably. Only Gopher offers you a 20'W (6.10 m) or 40'W (12.20 m) ...

$3,749.00 Pkg

Deluxe Maple Peg-Board Climbers

A climbing and strength challenge for all ages.

Sturdy laminated kiln-dried hard maple climbers have a bright, nonporous finish and are built for long life. Mount to any strong wall; mounting kit with black powder-coated hardware included. Board comes with 2 pegs. ...

$259.00 Ea

Two-Sided Outdoor Climbing Walls

Double the excitement with these two-sided, freestanding climbing walls.

Space-saving system is available as a traditional gray wall or clear wall, so adults can easily see multiple students climbing on both sides. Clear panels are made of UV-resistant polycarbonate; gray panels are made of a closed-cell, high-grade polym ...

$3,799.00 Set

Premium Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes

Provides outstanding longevity and feel for developing climbing skills as well as arm and shoulder strength!

Premium Manila. The best-wearing rope. This superior-quality Grade A three-strand manila is splinter-free and absorbs perspiration for a secure grip. 1 ½" (4 cm) dia. Choosing a rope: Step 1: Choose the knots, if any. Knot options encou ...

$135.00 Ea

Un-Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes

Choosing the right rope is easy! Follow these steps:

Un-Manila. The look and feel of manila, with superior strength at two-thirds the weight. Rot/mildew resistent polypropylene won't splinter. 1-1/2" (4 cm) dia.  Choosing a rope: Step 1: Choose the knots, if any. Knot options encou ...

$145.00 Ea

Polyplus Indoor Climbing Ropes

The softest rope. Strong and rot resistant.

Polyplus. A soft polyester outer layer over a strong, lightweight, polypropylene core. Synthetic fiber won't rot in humid conditions. 1-1/2" (4 cm) dia.  Choosing a rope: Step 1: Choose the knots, if any. Knot options encourage s ...

$175.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

ULTRAVERSE Climbing Wall Obstacle Course

Climb over and under the rods and through the hoops!

Create exciting new 3-dimensional challenges by positioning the rods and hoops all over your wall using the exclusive HoopHolder™ holds and RodHolder™ holds. Dual-use holders can also serve as climbing holds when the hoops and rods are no ...

$419.00 Set

Indoor Climbing Nets

Choose standard or heavy-duty polypropylene ropes with 12" or 9" mesh openings.

Standard Nets feature ¾" (2 cm) horizontal and ½" (1 cm) vertical rope. Heavy-Duty Nets use the thicker ¾" (2 cm) rope both horizontally and vertically, to easily handle multiple users without sagging. Use 12" ...

$319.00 Ea

Climbing Holds and Accessories

Strong, durable climbing holds, wall accessories, and hardware.

Textured, hybrid resin holds and accessories fit any climbing panel system. ...

$54.95 Set of 10

Scaler and Frames

Crawl and climb up and over!

Folding frames constructed of 2" (5 cm) OD steel with nonmarring rubber feet. Durable ¾" (2 cm) polypropylene rope nets have 12" (31 cm) mesh openings. Includes lashing cord to control net tension. Mats, spotting, and adult supe ...

$349.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ULTRAVERSE HangTime Toss Activity Pack

Hang tight and take your tossing skills and teamwork to new heights!

Unique activity set includes over 150 pieces to engage an entire class in games and activities that develop balance, strength, hand-eye coordination, and many other skills involved in traverse climbing. Equipment is Rainbow® color-coordinated for ...

$699.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

The Beast Climber

The Beast™ turns climbing challenges upside-down!

Students must use upper- and lower-body strength to traverse upside-down from one end of structure to the other. And because climbers are only inches off the ground, it's safer than vertical climbing challenges. (Use at least 2" / 5 cm thick mat ...

$1,499.00 Ea

Traverse Wall® Challenge Course

Easily transform your climbing wall into an ever-changing obstacle course for countless individual and team challenges.

Versatile foam noodles fit into specially designed holds to form loops, lines, and starburst obstacles for students to climb over, under, around, and through. Place balls in the holds for added challenge and fun. Includes 30 foam noodles (six 72" ...

$389.00 Set

Climbing Rope/Net Accessories

All steel ceiling hardware and safety cable attachment.

Choose from I-Beam Clamps, Wood/Concrete Beam Clamps, and Safety Cable Attachment. ...

$34.95 Ea

Net Hanging Hardware Package

Everything you need to install a climbing net from your ceiling.

Universal hanging bar adjusts to fit any 10'W, 12'W, or 14'W net (3.05 m, 3.65 m, or 4.25 m net). Extends the length of the net up to 10' (3.05 m) from the ceiling beam (the bottom of a 14'H / 4.25 m net would hang up to 24' / 7.3 m from the ceiling ...

$1,259.00 Pkg

Rope Hoist with Lock Box

Raise rope for storage, then securely lock to prevent unsupervised climbing.

Metal lock box with key encloses bottom cleat to prevent unauthorized use. Includes 2 wall brackets, hoist, ceiling attachment, and 60'L (18.30 m) rope with weighted end. Two-rope maximum; 70 lb (31.75 kg) weight limit. Rope Hoist also available with ...

$105.00 Ea

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