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Numbered Plastic Cones

Quickly designate stations, activities, and more by number.

These 12"H cones feature a 4"H number printed on the front for a variety of uses. Durable plastic construction. Set includes numbers 1-10.  ...

Starting at $39.95 Set of 10

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Rainbow® EverUp Vinyl Cones

Tip-resistant cones keep activities on track!

Unique round and weighted base keeps 12"H cones upright when hit, reducing time spent picking them up! Durable vinyl holds up to vigorous use. Choose cones in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or individually. ...

Starting at $64.95 Set of 6


Rainbow® UltraSoft Foam Cones

The safest cones on the market!

Firm enough to stay upright when lightly hit, yet flexible enough to bend when students run into them, creating the right combination of stability and safety. Bright Rainbow® colors add variety to relays and other activities. 12"H.  ...

Starting at $64.95 Set of 6

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Rainbow® Plastic Cones

Sturdy and colorful, these versatile cones are great as markers, targets, boundaries, and more!

Keep activities organized with these high-visibility polyethylene cones. They're stable and tough enough to last, yet lighter weight than our vinyl game cones.  ...

Starting at $5.95 Ea

ProTuff Half-Cones

A whopping 50% thicker than most half-cones for pro-quality toughness and maximum durability!

Flexible, stackable polyethylene cones withstand heavy use, won't crack, tear, or lose their shape. Choose versatile 2-1/2"H x 8" dia (6 cm x 20 cm) size or big, easy-to-see 5"H x 12" dia (13 cm x 31 cm) cones for extra visi ...

Starting at $34.95 Set of 36

Rainbow® Vinyl Cones

The brightest, best-looking, most durable colored cones you can get!

Our cones are thicker and more uniform than others, and they have no drips, sags, or "overspray" like that found on inferior cones. Flexible vinyl cones safely deform on impact and quickly spring back to shape without ripping. They stay upright in ho ...

Starting at $7.95 Ea

Orange Vinyl Cones

Versatile, high-visibility cones are bendable, safe, and guaranteed not to rip or tear!

One-piece construction makes these collapsible cones safer and more durable than ever! Weighted for stability. Cones stack for easy storage.   ...

Starting at $4.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Plastic SmartCones

Set up stations in seconds with this cone that doubles as a sign holder!

Durable 18"H plastic cones feature molded-in slots that securely hold your laminated or hard stock paper signs, making them perfect for fitness stations, relays, challenges, games, and more. Slots retain their shape use after use. Set of 6 inclu ...

Starting at $39.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Plastic Cones

Keep activities organized and energized!

Our polyethylene cones in vibrant colors will keep your class Screamin’! Lighter than vinyl cones, yet stable and tough enough for institutional use. 12"H (30 cm).  ...

Starting at $19.95 Set of 6

Heavyweight Vinyl Cones

Extra weight in the bottom makes these vinyl cones more stable than others!

Additional base weight keeps these cones upright, even in strong winds or with light contact. Flexible vinyl material won't rip and holds up in all weather conditions. Bright Orange color stands out. ...

Starting at $7.95 Ea

Rainbow® Rigid Dome Cones

Strong and rigid, these versatile cones support up to 175 lb each!

Rigid Dome Cones are ideal as stepping stones to reinforce balance skills. Soft Dome Cones collapse when stepped on for added stability. Both are ideal to use as markers, targets, obstacles, and to create boundaries. Set of 36 includes 6 of each Ra ...

Starting at $49.95 Set

Rainbow® Soft Dome Cones

Soft, flexible cones collapse when stepped on for added safety.

Heavy-duty polyethylene cones are soft yet extremely durable, ideal as markers, targets, obstacles, and more. Set of 36 includes 6 of each Rainbow® color and a storage caddy. Base is 7-3/4" dia x 3-1/2"H (20 cm dia x 9 cm H). ...

Starting at $49.95 Set

Rainbow® Mini Markers

Soft, flexible markers have a hole at the top for easy stacking and separation!

Durable injection-molded polyethylene. 3-3/4" dia base x 6-1/2"H. ...

Starting at $69.95 Set of 48

Only From Gopher

Jumbo Cone Caps Station Markers

Designate stations, mark directions, or post information!

Durable polystyrene, blank on both sides. Use alone or with cones 12"H or taller (not included). 14"W x 9-1/2"H. Includes 8 washable markers. ...

Starting at $79.95 Set of 6

36"H Heavyweight Vinyl Cones

Extra-tall cones with added base weight for even more versatility.

Tall 36" height makes them great goal markers, agility courses, or boundaries. The 13" sq base has additional weight for added stability. Flexible vinyl material won't rip; holds up in all weather conditions. Orange. 8 lb. ...

Starting at $195.00 Set of 5

50"H Ultimate Cone

Our largest and most substantial cone!

Our most substantial cone has a 16 lb base for maximum stability. Handle allows rope to be passed through to create obstacle courses. Great as portable goals, too. Two-piece construction allows for easy storage and transport. 21 lb. ...

Starting at $44.95 Ea

Cone Cart

The easy way to store and transport a variety of cones.

Cart holds up to 130 rigid-plastic or 72 vinyl cones (12"H). Strong 1" galvanized-steel frame. Assembly required. 30"L x 18"W x 47"H. ...

Starting at $179.00 Ea

Cone Cart for 28" Cones

The easy way to transport heavy 28"H cones.

Stores and transports 25 or more cones. Heavy-gauge 1" steel tubing and easy-to-roll 10" inclined rubber wheels. Assembly required. 26"L x 24"W x 47"H. ...

Starting at $229.00 Ea

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ClassPlus Cones & Markers Packs

Everything you need for setting up relays, boundaries, stations, targets, and more, all organized on one cart for easy access.

Convenient all-in-one storage cart comes loaded with enough cones (your choice of plastic or vinyl), half-cones, spots, and floor tape for any activity! Magnus™ Cone & Marker Cart features durable ABS construction, big 10" dia ru ...

Starting at $669.00 Pack

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