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Gopher Indoor/Outdoor Hoop Disc Target Set

Customize your disc golf course or use for other tossing games – indoors or out.

A push-pin locking mechanism lets you place any size hoop on any height pole, then quickly attach the numbered flag using the Velcro® fastener. Switch a target's number and change course direction. Set includes 9 hoops (3 ea 18" dia, 24&rdqu ...

Starting at $295.00 Set of 9

Frisbee® Ultimate Disc

Approved by the Ultimate Players Association.

Excellent flight, stability, and distance. Full-size official 10¾" dia, 175 g disc. Colors and graphics may vary. ...

Starting at $12.95 Ea


Classic design in a 9" dia (23 cm), 109 g disc.

Slightly smaller than official size, these versatile discs are just right for color-coordinated flying action. Sets of 6 available in Rainbow® or Screamin' Orange®. ...

Starting at $13.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® SoftSoar Discs

Durable foam discs soar above the rest!

Semi-soft foam is perfect for all ages yet heavy enough for a straighter, longer flight. Tough outer skin protects the disc for long-lasting performance indoors and out. 8" dia. ...

Starting at $34.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® AirMaster Disc

Larger and heavier (10" dia, 120 g) for beginners and intermediate play.

Classic design, with ribbed top and bottom for accurate throws and easy catching. The go-to choice for color-coordinated activities and general tossing. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Starting at $19.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® SkyBlazer Foam Discs

These soft foam discs are perfect for in-gym use!

Friendly foam has a durable outer skin. Discs have a hollowed-out underside for better flight and throwing. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. For all ages. 9" dia x 1" thick. ...

Starting at $19.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Koala Coated-Foam Discs

Our toughest, longest-lasting coated-foam discs.

Extra-soft and safe lightweight 35 kg foam discs are easy to throw and catch, especially for young children. The heavier weight of our firmer 65 kg foam discs makes them easier to control, fly straighter, and travel even farther. Set of 6 includes 1 ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 6

Innova Disc Golf Discs

Long-lasting durability and outstanding performance for players of all skill levels.

Four levels of play, with three discs each: a driver for maximum distance, a mid-range disc for approach shots, and a putter for short- to medium-range shots. Colors and graphics may vary. DX Lite. Our lightest disc for younger players. 21 cm dia, 1 ...

Starting at $8.95 Ea

Frisbee® Pro Classic Disc

10" dia, 130 g.

Softer and more flexible than other discs, so it's easier to throw and less intimidating to catch. Ideal for all skill levels and for classic throws like skips, sidearms, and overhands. Colors and graphics may vary. ...

Starting at $7.95 Ea

EndZone Ultimate Disc

Premium 10¾" dia, 175 g disc is perfect for the game of Ultimate.

Optimal balance for confident throwing, accurate trajectory, and long distance. Top-side spiral texture for exceptional throwing accuracy.    ...

Starting at $9.95 Ea

Frisbee® Heavyweight Disc

11" dia, 200 g.

Frisbee®'s heaviest weight multipurpose disc offers excellent performance in any weather condition. Colors and graphics may vary. ...

Starting at $11.95 Ea

Rainbow® Spin Jammer®

Center cone allows for brightly-colored finger spins, fun games, and more!

Packs include 18 Spin Jammer® discs (3 of each Rainbow® color), a DVD for teaching games/skills, and activity instructions. Sets include 6 Rainbow® discs. For all ages. ...

Starting at $24.95 Set of 6

Frisbee® All-Sport Disc

9 ¾" dia, 140 g.

High-performance, multipurpose disc for all Frisbee® sports. Colors and graphics may vary. ...

Starting at $8.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® EnormaSport TREMENDisc

Larger disc flies further and is easier to catch!

This 14" dia (36 cm) disc is 40% larger than our next largest Rainbow® discs and has a larger catching surface. Heavier weight helps disc fly truer even in windy conditions, but is still light enough to easily throw and catch. Ribbed top for ...

Starting at $49.95 Set of 6

Aerobie® Superdisc

Flying performance with a unique cushioned edge!

Molded spoiler rim provides stable flight, firm grip. Soft edge for safe, nonthreatening catches. Colors may vary.   ...

Starting at $8.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® SoffPlayDisc

Our only inflatable, and easiest-to-catch discs!

It's the ultimate combination of softness and durability in an inflatable, easy-to-throw and easy-to-catch disc. Soft vinyl, no-sting construction makes it perfect for younger players and beginners. Vary the inflation to your desired firmness. Se ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 6

Aerobie® Soaring Rings

Our longest-flying disc!

Tough polycarbonate ring with a protective rubber edge for safety. For upper-elementary to adult throwers. Colors may vary. ...

Starting at $6.95 Ea

Frisbee® Freestyle Disc

10¼" dia, 160 g.

Balanced aerodynamics. Excellent in-flight stability and weight. Colors and graphics may vary. ...

Starting at $10.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Orange® AirRanger Plastic Discs

Classic flying-disc design meets our easy-tracking, can't-be-missed Screamin' Orange® color.

These brightly colored discs stand out from any background, making them easier to catch. Classic dome profile encourages correct grip for accurate throwing. Discs are 9" dia, 109 g. ...

Starting at $15.95 Set of 6

Dynamix All-Around Disc

11" dia, 175 g.

The most versatile multipurpose disc, with stability and control. Consistent, dependable long-distance flight. Aerodynamic contoured grip.   ...

Starting at $9.95 Ea

Rainbow® Disc Bonanza Packs

A pack full of Rainbow® discs in a variety of sizes and weights for all your flying fun!

You'll have discs galore with these packs of 36 discs in easy-to-organize Rainbow® colors. Plastic Disc Pack includes a Set of 18 AirRanger™ and a Set of 18 AirMaster™ plastic discs. Soft Disc Pack includes a Set of 12 SkyBlazer&trad ...

Starting at $109.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus CompleteCourse Disc Golf Pack

Complete pack provides everything you need to play disc golf!

Quickly set up and play disc golf with packages featuring QuikShot™ portable targets and Innova™ DX Discs. Packs contain targets, 3-disc sets, and storage. Each 3-disc set includes a Driver, Mid-Range, and Approach/Putting Disc plus a mes ...

Starting at $995.00 Pack

DISCatcher® Traveler Disc Golf Target

The lightest portable target on the market!

Folding target features simple and quick one-step setup with five aluminum legs for added support and stability. Chain assembly and rugged nylon mesh base effectively capture discs. Colorful fabric canopy with flag is visible from hundreds of feet (c ...

Starting at $155.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Disc Golf Packs

Perfect for beginners: Just hand each player or team a bag of Innova™ discs, and they're off!

Pack of 12 mesh bags each contains the 3 discs needed to play disc golf: Driver, Mid-Range, and Approach/Putting Discs. Choose from DX Lite (125-135 g each) or DX Discs (140-150 g each), both 21 cm dia. Includes 12 three-piece disc sets, 12 mesh bags ...

Starting at $389.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

FlipDown Target Set

Your students will love the feeling of success they get when they see the bull's-eye flip down!

Flip-down action visually confirms an on-target throw. Nine-hole set lends itself to a variety of golf-type target games. Use with balls, discs, beanbags, and more! Each target features a highly visible bull's-eye and number. Once struck, the magneti ...

Starting at $395.00 Set of 9

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Deluxe Disc Golf Pack

Our highest-quality pack, with Innova™ Pro intermediate discs and deluxe QuikShot™ disc bags for the entire class.

Each durable QuikShot™ bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and divided, zippered pockets containing a Pro Driver, Mid-Range, and Putting Disc (21 cm dia; 160-169 g). Pack includes 12 three-piece disc sets, 12 QuikShot™ Disc Golf Bag ...

Starting at $759.00 Pack

Gopher BigShot Disc

11" dia, 210 g.

Our heaviest disc travels farther and straighter for exceptional performance, even in windy conditions. ...

Starting at $12.95 Ea

Innova SkillShot Portable Disc Golf Target

Solid top and exposed chains give this portable target an official game feel.

Sturdy steel frame stands up to the toughest shots. Easy setup and takedown; folds like an umbrella and stores in its own bag. Colors may vary. Assembly required. Available individually and as 9-Target Course. 32" dia x 56"H; 26 lb each. ...

Starting at $155.00 Ea

DISCatcher® Permanent-Mount Disc Golf Target

Our strongest in-ground/permanent target lets you score like the pros!

Official target meets professional disc golf guidelines. Welded-steel target has a galvanized 27" dia basket with a powder-coat finish and chain-link assembly. Target locks in place during season to prevent theft. 54"H overall. Assembly and ...

Starting at $539.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher QuikShot Portable Targets

Our most versatile and durable portable target!

Sturdy all-steel construction with reinforced connection points, thick powder-coated 26" dia basket, long-lasting chain-link assembly, and durable 4" dia casters that roll easily on any surface. 52"H overall; 45 lb. Available individua ...

Starting at $239.00 Ea

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