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Rainbow® KangaSack Set

Premium sacks with pouch add a new dimension to races.

Features two sets of nylon handles (lower for kids, upper for adults). Pouch holds objects for relays and other activities. Durable polyethylene-fabric. One size fits all. 26"H x 24" dia (66 cm H x 61 cm dia). Set of 6 includes 1 of each Ra ...

$115.00 Set of 6


Rainbow® Partner Ankle/Leg Bands

Comfortable and easy to put on for three-legged races and other fun activities!

Elastic leg bands are covered with a durable cotton/polyester sleeve and attach easily with Velcro® for quick release. One size fits all. 15"L (25"L fully stretched) x 1¾"W.  ...

$34.95 Set of 6


Gladiator 4-Way Tug-of-War Game

A new spin on a traditional activity!

This intense 4-way game of tug-of-war requires both strength and strategy as players work against each other to reach their goal. Players also can team up with each other to prevent any one person from winning. Four players go in four different direc ...

$229.00 Ea

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EnormaSport Egg and Spoon Set

Oversized set for colossal fun and successes!

Balance skill-builder features large 5" dia eggs with flat, weighted bottoms. 15"L spoons are molded to cradle eggs. Includes 6 Rainbow® plastic eggs, 6 Rainbow® plastic spoons, and VersaBag™ mesh storage bag. ...

$59.95 Set

Only From Gopher

SchoolPlus Field Day Pack

Includes all you need to play on Field Day!

Field Day Survival Guide details 25 field day themes and many events for each. Pack includes everything shown, plus instructions for additional activities. 99 pieces. FUNoodles™ Foam Rods (Set of 24 ea) Fun, flexible, and super buoya ...

$629.00 Pack

Ultimate Four-Way Ropes

Get even more out of your four-way rope!

Ultimate Rope has 25'L (7.60 m) sections featuring a center ring design to allow more people to participate in less space. Ultimate Four-Way rope is 1" dia (3 cm) manila, a natural fiber with a nonslip grip. 40 lb (18.25 kg). ...

$389.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ProTuff Stay-N-Play Half-Cones

Revolutionary design guarantees these half-cones stay put while you play!

The most durable half-cones just got better with the addition of a nonslip rubber bottom, adding weight and assuring they stay put on the gym floor. Flexible, stackable polyethylene cones defy the heaviest use and won't crack, tear, or lose their ...

$54.95 Set of 36


Spikeball Game Set

Dive, volley, spike! This fast-paced game will get your students’ hearts racing!

Two teams of two stand on opposite sides of the net. But once the ball is served, sides disappear and it’s completely free play! Teams have up to 3 hits to "spike" the ball on the net. The first team to 21 points wins. Game can be pla ...

$59.95 Set


These are the real McCoy!

Heavy-duty 10 oz treated burlap, for use indoors or out. Fits elementary to adult in Single Sacks (36"H x 21" dia / 91 cm H x 53 cm dia) or Double Sacks with an extra-large compartment for two (36"H x 45" dia / 91 cm H x 1.15 m di ...

$13.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ACTION! Rahi-Ball Set

Action-packed and strategy-driven, Rahi-Ball™ is like no other game your students have ever played!

Based on a New Zealand Maori tribal game called Ki-o-Rahi, Rahi-Ball™ is a large group game based on teamwork and tactic. The playing field consists of a center goal, a defensive circle, an offensive circle, and a neutral zone with 7 Rahi-Ball& ...

$399.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

ACTION! Yuki-Ball Set

Fast-paced, action-packed twist on Capture the Flag indoors or out!

Based on the game Yukigassen (Japanese for "snow battle"), Yuki-Ball™ provides nonstop action any time of the year. Players on offense work to capture the flag or eliminate opponents with white foam "snowballs", while defend ...

$799.00 Set

Rainbow® Egg and Spoon Set

Real wooden eggs and spoons!

Colorful eggs can be used again and again, with no clean up required. Great for developing balance and motor skills. Includes 6 painted eggs and 6 traditional wooden spoons (13"L). ...

$18.95 Set

Traditional Tug-of-War Ropes

Traditional tug-of-war ropes in a variety of materials, sizes, and lengths that are sure to meet your needs.

Encourages physical activity and achieving group goals. The 2" dia (5 cm) Manila ropes have booted ends; all other ropes have 5' (1.5 m) circumference anchor loops at rope ends. ...

$79.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

GamePlay DiscBonk Set

BONK your way to improved throwing and catching skills!

It's a game of teamwork as players must keep their ball and the disc from hitting the ground during constant aiming, throwing, and catching action. Players attempt to "bonk" the other team's pole with a disc, causing the ball on top to drop ...

$89.95 Set

Heavy-Duty Balloons

Colorful, high-quality rubber balloons.

Thicker rubber for better air-retention. Great for developing early catching and striking skills. Assorted colors. CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 8 yrs. ...

$8.95 Pkg of 144

Water Balloon Launcher

Slingshot launches water balloons over 120 yards (110 m)!

Sturdy rubber tubing and canvas construction. Set includes 144 biodegradable balloons and a nozzle adapter to fit onto a faucet for easy filling. Slingshot (colors may vary) measures 17"L x 6"W (43 cm x 15 cm). Balloons fill to approximatel ...

$29.95 Set

New Only From Gopher

GamePlay BagMania

Strong steel frame and durable MDF top make these the best beanbag boards available!

Enjoy hours of fun with GamePlay™ BagMania™!! Custom graphics allow for game variations to increase scoring opportunities, strategy, and competition. Features a welded steel frame and MDF top (the same as table tennis tables!) to ens ...

$319.00 Set

Sof' Tug Cotton Ropes

Our softest tug-of-war rope!

Cotton-blend 1" dia (3 cm) ropes are gentle on the hands but strong enough for your tug-of-war contests. Machine-knotted ends for durability and enhanced anchor position. Center marking ensures fair starts. 1" dia (3 cm) cotton-blend constr ...

$139.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

GamePlay AlterToss Beanbag Board

Alter your next beanbag game with customizable 3-hole boards!

Unique design allows players to open or close the covers in any configuration for different scoring options. Covers twist and lock in place and attach to the board with a strong, rubber strap. Durable, textured plastic top makes boards less slick tha ...

$199.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Quattro Bocce Set

Action-packed four-team bocce activities for up to 32 players of all ability levels.

Teams take turns tossing all of their bocce balls at once at an oversized target ball, then must quickly run to the field, score the round, and return to report the score. A variety of activities build hand/eye coordination, perceptual, and other fun ...

$99.95 Set


AngleBall Game Set

Train like a pro from any angle knocking the opposing team’s ball to the ground!

High energy game used by NFL players for conditioning. Score a point by knocking the ball off the other team’s goal. Players run freely with the angle ball until tagged, then they must pass it to a teammate. All shots must be taken outside the ...

$399.00 Set

Official Kickball Pack

Everything you need for two kickball fields!

Perfect for all ages, this classic playground game is enjoying a surge of popularity through adult leagues. Pack contains 4 official WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) 10" or 8.5" (25 cm or 22 cm) dia kickballs, two sets of 4 grid-bott ...

$10.95 Ea

GamePlay TripleToss Set

Classic ladder ball game is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Toss the bolos on any of the targets' 3 crossbars for points! Each crossbar is worth a different point value, increasing strategy and allowing for variations of the game. Sturdy PVC targets assemble easily and can be used indoors or out. Set incl ...

$89.95 Set

GamePlay Washer Toss Set

Put a new spin on horseshoes!

Players toss plastic-coated metal washers toward the target area and earn points when they land in the box or cup. Use the included beanbags for a softer alternative or for indoor play. Includes 8 washers and 2 wooden targets that latch together to f ...

$79.95 Set

Four-Way Tug-of-War Ropes

Multiple-rope design for groups of 20 or more!

Four 20'L ropes, 1" dia each, (6.10 m L, 3 cm dia) extend from center square, with an anchor loop at each end. Ropes allow four-way pulling by four teams or two-way pulling by two teams. Choose manila, un-Manila, or polydacron. ...

$239.00 Ea

GamePlay Croquet Set

Solid hardwood mallets tailored for beginning or experienced players.

Tough 6-player set features mallets with contoured hardwood handles and 9"L (23 cm) heads. Set includes 6 mallets, 9 vinyl-coated steel wickets that stake securely into the ground, 2 hardwood stakes (24"L / 61 cm), and 6 polymer balls. Set ...

$119.00 Set

Only From Gopher

TeamBocce Set

A fun team bocce variation gets the whole class involved, indoors or out!

Unique set includes an oversized white target ball that's easy to spot, plus enough balls for two teams of 15. Friendly competition teaches tossing and perceptual skills. Soft, safe balls can be used indoors or out. Set includes 30 vinyl 4" dia ...

$279.00 Set

PowerPull® Ropes

Tough seat-belt webbing and hand loops provide a comfy grip without the slip.

Water-resistant polyester webbing withstands the toughest of tuggers. Hand loops are double box-stitched for safety, with anchor loops on each end. Permanent center and side marks. Quad Pull has four 17'6"L (5.35 m) ropes on a center ring, with ...

$139.00 Ea

GamePlay Lawn Games Package

Keep your entire class entertained with the ultimate assortment of classic lawn games!

This outdoor variety pack features your students' favorite games in one convenient package! Pack includes Washer Toss, Skittles™, TripleToss™, DiscBonk™, Classic Croquet, Medio Bocce, and BagMania™. ...

$739.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® GamePlay Soft-Stix Croquet Set

Teach croquet indoors or out with the safest, most durable oversized croquet set!

Polyurethane-foam heads are 33% larger than the standard and feature an aiming line for easier ball contact. Heads are molded onto 28"L (71 cm) aluminum handles. Handles feature a 12" (30 cm) grip for comfort. Includes 6 mallets, 9 steel wi ...

$329.00 Set

Heavy-Duty Canopy Shelters

Our largest and most stable canopies are perfect for any event!

Durable polyethylene canopies are waterproof and UV-treated for long-lasting outdoor use. Each comes with a 1⅜" dia galvanized-steel frame, a striped canopy roof, assembly hardware, and 1 ground stake per leg. Blue/White. Nonpermanent Gro ...

$309.00 Ea

Vantage Canopy Shelter

Patented design offers five heights plus fast, easy setup.

Powder-coated frame with reinforced cross-truss and straight-leg design. Polyester top (210 denier) blocks UV rays and is fire/water-resistant. Folds down quickly. Includes wheeled storage bag and ground stakes. 49 lb. Sidewalls attach with Velcro&re ...

$329.00 Ea

GenMove MultiGoal Games Pack

Score from all sides with this goal activity pack!

Easy-to-learn, fast-paced games keep students moving while developing ball control skills, coordination, and teamwork. Lesson book with assessment-based activities and standards keeps kids moving, build physical, social, and cognitive skills. Go ...

$23.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

GamePlay Team Croquet Set

A variety of fast-paced croquet activities provide high-energy fun for the whole class.

Teams compete in 7 action-packed, interactive activities. Players communicate, cooperate, and coordinate to complete each challenge. Develops team-building, decision-making, and fundamental playing skills for up to 32 players. Includes everything sho ...

$279.00 Set

Dome® II Canopy Shelter

Adjusts to three heights, ready to use in seconds.

Automatic, flexible roof assembly, improved aerodynamic dome top, and angled leg stance combine to reduce wind load for greater stability. Folds up easily and stores in convenient bag. Flame-resistant polyester top (150 denier) with aluminum backing ...

$215.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

FitPro® Mesh Vest Packs

Customize your convenient color packs by style and size.

Perfect for two-team activities, these vests are customized in styles by size to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Choose from a variety of choices. All feature heavy, durable polyester fabric and a large open weave for maximum comfort. Choose ...

$169.00 Pack of 30

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® FitPro® Competitor Mesh Vests

Durable, heavy-duty vests for high-intensity use.

The Competitor is made of durable heavy-duty woven polyester with large mesh openings for extra breathability. Features a black ⅜" (9.5 mm) trimmed neckband for easy identification and a thicker ¼" (6.5 mm) elastic waistband. ...

$6.95 Ea

Field Marking Spray Paint

Provides quick, even coverage.

Lead-free field marking paint offers one-coat coverage on dirt, grass, sand, or pavement. Each 18-ounce can makes a line 400 feet long. Case of 12 cans. Ground transport only. ...

$64.95 Case of 12

Rainbow® Vinyl Cones

The brightest, best-looking, most durable colored cones you can get!

Our cones are thicker and more uniform than others, and they have no drips, sags, or overspray like that found on inferior cones. Flexible vinyl safely deforms on impact and quickly springs back to shape without ripping. Cones stay upright in hot sun ...

$7.95 Ea

Orange Vinyl Cones

Versatile cones are bendable, safe, and guaranteed not to tear!

One-piece construction for safety and durability! Cones stack for easy storage. ...

$4.95 Ea

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