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Rainbow® Juggling Scarves

Slow-motion lightweight scarves help beginners learn juggling patterns.

Colorful 17" x 17" (43 cm x 43 cm) nylon scarves float in the air, allowing more time for beginners to watch, react, and catch them with ease. Beginning jugglers, from kindergarten through adult, gain confidence as they master basic coordin ...

$15.95 Set of 12

Juggling Beanballs Set

Makes every juggler feel like a pro!

Top-quality beanbags are ball-shaped and very dense, for a positive juggling experience. Brightly colored fabric has a slightly tacky texture, providing a solid grip for fewer mistakes. Stuffed with plastic pellets, so these balls won't roll away if ...

$7.95 Set of 3

Balance Feathers

Enhance balance skills of all ages and abilities.

Balance a feather on a finger or even your chin! Master basic hand/eye coordination while looking up, a needed skill before moving on to juggling. 24"L (61 cm). ...

Was $39.95 - Now $19.98

Juggling Cubes

Soft fabric beanbag cubes are fun to toss and catch, won't roll away.

Set of 3 includes 1 each Green, Yellow, and Pink; Set of 36 (enough for 12 students) includes 12 of each color. 2" (5 cm) sq. ...

$15.95 Set of 3

Rainbow® Foam Rings

Lightweight foam rings are perfect for any tossing game or activity!

Exceptionally lightweight and easy to handle. Colorful urethane foam has a durable outer skin. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$39.95 Set of 6

Diabolo Juggling Set

An exciting coordination challenge, as players learn to spin, throw, and catch a Chinese yo-yo.

Originating over 4,000 years ago in China, Diabolo is a staple of jugglers and performing artists. Students develop their coordination as they learn to balance the yo-yo-like Diabolo on the string, attached to two 17-1/4"L control sticks. Colors ...

Was $15.95 - Now $7.98

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