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UltraFit Yoga Mats

Durable foam yoga mats provide a comfortable workout without stretching your budget!

Sticky, nonslip surface improves grip for challenging poses. Can be rolled for easy portability. Washable. Choose from ⅛" and ¼" thicknesses; available individually in Purple and Blue and in Rainbow® Sets of 6 (⅛&qu ...

$21.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

EcoFit Foam Workout Mats

Dense, high-traction mats that are friendly for the environment and your skin!

Wavy-textured, chemical-free mats sold in varying thicknesses and lengths for all user sizes. Grommets allow for easy storage and more sanitary air-drying after cleaning. Available in Blue or Black, ⅜" and ⅝" thicknesses, and 48"L x 20 ...

$39.95 Ea

ExerFit & ExerFit Pro Workout Mats

Affordable mats get you in gear and off the floor.

Closed-cell foam nonslip mats take the pressure off contact points for better stretching and body weight exercises. Reinforced grommets allow for space-saving vertical storage and faster air drying. Choose ExerFit™ Workout Mats (48"L x 20& ...

$22.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus ExerFit & ExerFit Pro Workout Mat Packs

Enough mats for your entire class, plus convenient storage all at a great value!

Get the mats you need and a premium UltraFit™ Steel Workout Mat Rack for easy and sanitary storage – all in one convenient pack. Our UltraFit™ Mat Rack allows for quicker and easier hanging, cleaning, and storage versus other flat r ...

$829.00 Pack of 30

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus EcoFit Workout Mat Packs

No chemicals or latex means no skin allergies, so class participation will be as complete as these packs!

Ensure your entire class, regardless of skin sensitivity, can participate with incredibly durable EcoFit™ mats available in 2 lengths and thicknesses. Choose from ClassPlus™ EcoFit™ Workout Mat Packs with UltraFit™ Steel Worko ...

$379.00 Pack of 10

New Only From Gopher

Gopher TumblePro® 2" Polyethylene-Foam Reduced Injury Factor Mats

These 2" thick cross-link polyethylene mats absorb twice as much energy as conventional mats!

Traditionally designed for gymnasts, these thicker mats have an additional ⅝" of foam that doubles the cushioning, reducing the incidence of bottoming out during high-impact use. These mats also provide better energy return ("rebound") ...

$239.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher TumblePro® Varia 2" Triple-Layer Foam Mats

Uniquely created to provide the highest impact-absorption AND a soft feel—the best of both worlds!

Two layers of our firmest foam envelop a soft urethane core to give this mat a variable feel. This triple-layer construction gives this mat the more rigid surface characteristics of our cross-link polyethylene mats, but with more forgiveness. Great f ...

$249.00 Ea


Gopher TumblePro® 1⅜" or 2⅜" Thick Instructor Mats

Gopher's thickest, most durable textured-vinyl cover and premium foam combine to provide outstanding support and traction for high-impact activities.

Versatile mats feature a heavy-duty 18 oz textured vinyl cover that resists abrasions and is flame-retardant, washable, and mildew-proof; together with double-reinforced nylon-stitched seams, this superior durability adds years to mat life. ...

$219.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Yoga Mat Packs

Complete packs of our premium mats that hold their own as your class holds their pose.

Packs of our ⅛" thick, nonslip-surface mats available in 10-Student Packs with mats and accessories or 24-Student Packs that feature a haul-it-all Magnus™ ABS Mobile Yoga Cart (5'H x 30½"W x 16½"D). Next, choose ...

$309.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Workout Mats

Thicker and tougher mats provide "Ultra" support and comfort to users all day, every day!

Higher-density, closed-cell foam mats are more durable than original workout mats and are guaranteed not to rip, even when used with tennis shoes. Dual-sided mat features grippy outer layer on one side for increased traction with dynamic movements. O ...

$34.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

MaxFit Workout Mats

Feel the difference a premium-quality mat can deliver!

Our urethane foam mats firmly support users of all weights and sizes. Nylon-reinforced 10 oz vinyl cover is durable and easy to clean. Nonfolding mats have no handles; folding mats have built-in handles for portability and easy storage. Sold individu ...

$59.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Workout Mat Packs

Complete packs include high-quality all-foam mats plus storage for the entire class!

Durable, ⅝" (2 cm) thick closed-cell foam mats are dense enough to handle wear and tear from students' shoes without ripping or picking apart. Choose ClassPlus™ Packs with the UltraFit™ Steel Workout Mat Rack or ProTrainer&tra ...

$349.00 Pack of 10

Gopher TumblePro® 2" Bonded-Foam Mats

A great mat for exercise and general play, with a heavy bonded foam that is still feels soft.

These mats offer more stability and firmness than urethane-foam mats, making them perfect for elementary and junior high students and for simple, medium-impact gymnastics. The 6 lb bonded-foam in these mats is denser than the 4.5 lb or 5 lb bonded-fo ...

$199.00 Ea

Gopher TumblePro® 1 ⅜" Polyethylene-Foam Mats

One of the firmest mats you can get for high-impact, advanced gymnastics movements.

The firmness of this mat makes it great for high-impact activities by older (heavier-weight) users. The 1⅜" thick closed-cell, cross-link polyethylene foam provides the recoil and energy-return needed for advanced gymnastics. This very stable su ...

$189.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Instrux Yoga Mat

The yoga mat that comes with an instructor, right on the mat!

Spend less time demonstrating and more time providing individual instruction with this top quality yoga mat. Features detailed, yet easy-to-follow diagrams of 20 popular yoga poses for any age or user level. Diagrams are neatly organized around the e ...

$28.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

MaxFit Pro Workout Mats

Our best workout mats feature the toughest vinyl cover and most supportive foam!

Dense yet flexible 1" thick bonded foam displaces weight evenly to provide perfect support. Gray 14 oz vinyl cover is nylon-reinforced for extra strength; cleans easily. All mats fold in half and have nylon handles for easy transport and hanging ...

$84.95 Ea

Wall Mats

Improve the safety and appearance of gym, fitness, and play areas!

The tough 14 oz (397 g) vinyl cover on these mats will last for years! It's tear/mildew-resistant, easy to clean, and meets California's strict flame-resistance standards. Now compliant with ASTM F2440-11 *Truck delivery. Customize ...

$84.95 Ea

Gopher TumblePro® 2" Urethane-Foam Mats

Our softest mat, best for younger users.

Perfect for teaching beginning exercise and basic elementary gym skills. Due to their extreme softness, these mats are generally recommended for use with students in grades K- 4. All mats have smooth, nylon-reinforced 14 oz vinyl covers and are flame ...

$229.00 Ea

Soft Fat Landing Mats

Very soft urethane foam in 8" or 12" thickness for safe landings in nonstanding positions.

Perfect under ropes or cargo nets or as a landing pit. Nylon-reinforced 18 oz vinyl cover has sturdy triple-stitched handles and a zipper for foam removal and replacement if needed. Mesh side panels release air for safe compression. Choose 8" or ...

$719.00 Ea

EcoFit Yoga Mats

Our best yoga mats feature an extra-soft feel and a latex-, PVC-, and chloride-free material that's easy on your skin!

Wavy, dual-textured surface adds superb traction and is easy to clean. Built-in mesh is stretch-resistant. Quickly roll up and secure with straps for easy storage and transport. Choose from ⅛" and ¼" thicknesses in Purple and ...

$34.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher TumblePro® Teach Mats

Our premium mats with built-in sleeve puts instruction right at your toe-tips!

Superior-quality TumblePro® mats with a convenient clear vinyl sleeve that perfectly houses our 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards for an instant circuit! Sleeve folds under mat for storage. Introduce your entire ...

$319.00 Ea

Foam Cylinders

Versatile tumbling aid helps beginning tumblers develop balance and coordination skills.

Lay cylinders on their sides or stand them on end for jumping activities, too. Polyurethane foam with 13 oz vinyl cover. ...

$135.00 Ea


Extra-large inclines for teaching rolls and walkovers, landing, stretching, and spotting.

Angled shape gives students the extra momentum they need to be successful. Rolls are learned much faster with the assistance of an incline mat. Firm, dense urethane foam with heavy-duty 21 oz vinyl-coated nylon cover. Truck delivery on the 72"L ...

$205.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit CircuitPro Tumbling Station Boards

Instruction boards provide convenient, easy-to-follow guidance to students.

Get the entire class moving with 12 expert instruction boards. Set includes Teacher Overview Cards that address setup, implementation, and further instruction. Boards and cards promote independent training and class-wide circuits. 18"W x 18" ...

$199.00 Set of 12


A must for jumping and skill building.

Large unit (48"L x 36"W x 48"H) has 4 sections in yellow, red, blue, and green. Small unit (36"L x 30"W x 36"H) has 3 sections in yellow, red, and blue. Soft polyurethane foam with a top layer of 1" extra-firm polye ...

$739.00 Set

Semi-Firm Dismount Mats

Extra-safe 4", 8", or 12" thickness with two types of foam for soft landings and no bottoming.

Thick 1½" polyethylene foam is layered over urethane foam, helping gymnasts "stick" their landings while providing plenty of shock absorption. Excellent for physical education activities or competitive gymnastics use. Mesh side ...

$559.00 Ea

EcoMat Tumbling Mats

Go green without sacrificing quality with these eco-friendly foam tumbling mats.

This hypoallergenic, latex-free foam is made from 60% recycled and 40% virgin polyester fiber–with no leaching chemicals and zero toxins, flame-retardant, and 100% recyclable. Phthalate-free 18 oz vinyl covers are washable and mold/mildew-proof ...

$229.00 Ea

Royal Wall Mat - 2" Urethane Foam, Permanent-Mount, 6'H x 2'W

Wall Mat

Royal Wall Mat - 2" Urethane Foam, Permanent-Mount, 6'H x 2'W ...

$86.25 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus TumblePro® Teach Mat Packs

Complete packs includes premium, high-quality mats with built-in expert instruction and storage.

Introduce your entire class to tumbling and gymnastics with this all-in-one pack complete with easy-to-use instruction boards. Gopher TumblePro® Teach™ Mats feature a durable vinyl sleeve that folds out to hold UltraFit™ CircuitPro&tr ...

$1,895.00 Pack

UCS® 2 3/8" Leather-Grain Mats

The best vinyl mats available for high-impact activities!

The 2⅜" thick mat is fabricated out of 1⅜" thick polyethylene foam with an extra-soft 1" thick urethane foam. These mats provide the traction, stability, and firm support necessary for use in physical education, gymnastics classes ...

$279.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher TumblePro® FlipSide 2" Layered-Foam Mats

Our most versatile mat provides softness for beginners or firm support for advanced tumbling!

Composed of a 1½” layer of urethane foam fused to a ½” layer of premium closed-cell foam, this mat covers a wide spectrum of users. FlipSide™ Soft is recommended for basic exercise and gym skills with elementary studen ...

$319.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Custom Color Gopher TumblePro® FlipSide 2" Layered-Foam Mats

Our most versatile mat provides softness for beginners or firm support for advanced tumbling!

Composed of a 1½” layer of urethane foam fused to a ½” layer of premium closed-cell foam, this mat covers a wide spectrum of users. FlipSide™ Soft is recommended for basic exercise and gym skills with elementary studen ...

$299.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus MaxFit & MaxFit Pro Packs

Get your class to its "max" with these stretching, strength, and storage solutions!

Complete class packs available in vinyl-covered MaxFit™ (1" or 2" Thick) or tougher MaxFit™ Pro (1" Thick) mats with a heavy-duty UltraFit™ Steel MatMover™ Cart. Choose your optimal mat length for any user size. ...

$1,759.00 Pack of 24

E-Z Fold 1 3/8" Thick Padding

Durable textured "carpet" bonded to a polyethylene foam mat offers a lightweight, easy-to-store alternative.

A carpet top on the firm polyethylene base provides exceptional durability, traction, and rebound and won't bottom out when used for high-impact activities. Mat is available in E-Z Roll™, Standard Roll, or E-Z Fold™ Roll options which ...

$169.00 Ea

Kelly Green Gopher TumblePro Varia 2" Triple-Layer Foam Folding Mat - 4' x 8", Velcro on 2 Ends


Kelly Green Gopher TumblePro Varia 2" Triple-Layer Foam Folding Mat- 4' x 8", Velcro on 2 Ends. ...

$246.75 Ea

Gopher TumblePro® 2 3/8" Layered-Foam Mats

These soft yet resilient mats are ideal for medium-impact activities.

The 1" thick urethane foam layer provides softness for younger (lighter-weight) users, while the 1⅜" thick polyethylene layer prevents the mat from bottoming out during heavier use and provides a more stable mat surface. Foam layers are per ...

$259.00 Ea

Elite Kids Circuit Pack

Teach students the basics of gymnastics with this complete set of equipment.

Designed for beginners, this complete line of skill development apparatus introduces the fundamentals of gymnastics. All pieces are made of the same high-quality material as AAI competitive equipment. Both packs include parallel bars, rings, steel hi ...

$7,149.00 Pack

Resilite Custom Wrestling Mats

Choose from a traditional 2-sided mat or the new 50% lighter 1-sided mat that's easier to set up and store!

Resilite™ 2-sided mats feature a closed-cell foam core in your choice of 1" or 1¼" (2.5 cm or 3 cm) thickness, with both a practice and competition side. Mats are coated with a tough, flexible vinyl, even on the edges, creating ...

$10,799.00 Ea

Team Logo Mats

Build pride in your program with custom team logo mats!

Colorful, practical, and impactful, these mats transform an ordinary space into an expression of school pride. We create your mats to your exact specifications-from a bold, one-color graphic design to an intricate multicolor logo-making your mat ...


Customized Wall and Stage Mats

Our custom-made, premium-quality, bonded-foam mats fit any area, no matter how many beams, cutouts, corners, or edges you need!

Your custom mats will have a double-stitched, tear-resistant nylon-reinforced 14 oz vinyl cover for long life and durability. Mats can be ordered with Velcro® strips for easy installation and removal or configured for permanent installation. Call ...


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