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Rainbow® Multi-Dome Activity Sets

Set up these versatile components in endless configurations!

Multi-Domes™. Use these versatile domes as stepping stones and as bases for a variety of components. Fill with sand for added support. Mini Game Standards. Multiple attachment slots hold hoops, wand posts, and more. Telescoping rubber stem fits ...

$74.95 Set of 12

FUNoodles Foam Rods

Soft, flexible noodles put the FUN back into obstacle courses!

Flexible 60"L rods of lightweight 2½" dia closed-cell polyethylene foam. Use with connectors to create targets, hurdles and obstacles. Not to be used as a water safety device. Colors vary. ...

$8.95 Set of 3

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® ObstacleArc Mini Tunnels

Separate or attached – course ideas are endless with these versatile, bottomless tunnels!

Detach tunnel sections for a fun obstacle course, or easily connect with Velcro® to create one, long path. Tunnel is wide enough for a scooter to pass through. Can be used indoors or outside. Lightweight polyester fabric covers durable plastic ar ...

$155.00 Set of 6

Adventure Course Set

Design imaginative obstacles, boundaries, and shapes with this colorful assortment of adventure course components!

Each cone has 12 holes that hold connector posts. Use the clips to secure components together to stabilize the course. Durable plastic. Colors vary. Includes everything shown.  ...

$179.00 Set

Above-N-Below Obstacle Course

Have fun building strength, agility, and quickness while maneuvering over and under these adjustable hurdles!

Sturdy end stands of heavy-duty, PVC-coated steel hold the 1" dia (3 cm) crossbars at 6 different heights from 16" to 30" (41 cm to 76 cm). Lightweight 39"W (99 cm) plastic crossbars easily separate from the end stands when contac ...

$159.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

ObstacleArc Course

Scoot, run, crawl, and jump through a customizable tunnel obstacle course!

Keep students moving with this versatile and colorful set of challenges. Complete pack includes a 6 Rainbow® ObstacleArc™ Tunnel Segments, 6 Rainbow® Rubber Rings, 6 Rainbow® Hurdles (9”), 6 Hoop Klipperz, 12 DuraHoo ...

$495.00 Set

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