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Balance Master

Shift weight back and forth to develop balance and coordination!

Durable plastic platform, with wide nonskid strips to stand on. Supports up to 250 lb (113.5 kg). Color varies. 29 ¼"L x 9"W x 6 ½"H (74 cm x 23 cm x 17 cm). ...

$79.95 Ea


Tunnel Arc

Bottomless tunnel is wide enough for a scooter to pass through!

Bottomless design allows students to ride through the tunnel on a scooter or keeps it in place as students move about inside. Lightweight mesh and polyester fabric construction with durable PVC arch. Collapses for storage. 6'5"L x 22"W ...

$94.95 Ea

Jump Ball

Improve balance and fitness while having fun!

Get fit and have fun at the same time! Reinforced molded-plastic bounce platform (14" dia / 36 cm) fits on a specially shaped heavy-duty vinyl ball. Standard inflation. Colors vary. Supports users up to 185 lb (84 kg). ...

$24.95 Ea

Master Pogo Stick

Heavy-gauge steel platform for older jumpers.

Nylon bushings provide a smooth ride and require no lubricating. Rubber tip. 41"H (1.05 m). Supports users 80-160 lb (36.25-72.50 kg). Colors may vary. ...

$59.95 Ea

Maverick Pogo Stick

Designed for smaller, younger jumpers.

Foam-covered steel pogo stick with plastic components, nonslip foot pads, handle grips, and rubber tip. 36 ¾"H (93 cm). For Jumpers 40-80 lb (18.25-36.25 kg). Colors vary. ...

$49.95 Ea

Jumparoo Pogo Stick

More stable and easier to balance on than traditional pogo sticks.

Wide, high-traction rubber base offers increased stability, with durable rubber T-springs for a lively bounce. Easy to steer with adjustable-height joystick-type handle. Nonmarring on floors. 45"H. Assembly required. ...

Was $99.95 - Now $49.98

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Multi-Dome Activity Sets

Set up these versatile components in endless configurations!

Multi-Domes™. Use these versatile domes as stepping stones and as bases for a variety of components. Fill with sand for added support. Mini Game Standards. Multiple attachment slots hold hoops, wand posts, and more. Telescoping rubber stem fits ...

$74.95 Set of 12

Hopscotch Carpet

Brightly colored printed carpet for indoor and outdoor play.

Tough 100% nylon carpet is double-stitched to a nonskid backing. Rolls up for storage. Includes 2 beanbag markers. Colors may vary. 80"L x 26"W. ...

$49.95 Set

Let's Hopscotch Rug

Our largest and most heavy-duty hopscotch rug.

Large brightly-colored numbers are embossed on a durable, nonskid poly-fiber carpet. Use indoors or out. Rolls up for storage. Includes 4 beanbag markers. 96"L x 36"W (2.45 m x 91 cm). ...

$89.95 Set

Deluxe Foam Balance Beam Set

Beams are lightweight, soft, and durable.

Coated-foam beams feature a tough outer skin for long-lasting use and a broad base for increased stability. Use the PVC connecting rods to combine the beams to form a straightaway, square, zigzag course, or use beams individually. Colors vary. Set of ...

$219.00 Set of 4

Tactile Balance Board Sets

Raised dots provide traction and sensory stimulation.

Interlocking sections can be linked in an endless array of creative paths. Durable plastic construction. Rubber feet minimize slipping. Complete Set includes 8 straight, 8 curved, and 4 corner pieces. Straight pieces measure 19"L x 5 ½&qu ...

$115.00 Set of 8

Create-A-Beam Balance Sets

Create limitless configurations!

Durable 5"W x 2"H (13 cm x 5 cm) ethafoam sections join together with 6"L (15 cm) plastic connectors. Straight Set includes 18 sections (each 14"L / 36 cm); Curved Set includes 6 sections (each 24"L / 61 cm). ...

$69.95 Set of 6

Figure-8 Balance Beam

Challenging balance beam is the tallest and narrowest!

Narrow 2"W (5 cm) top provides a balancing challenge for students of all ages. Durable plastic construction. Includes 26 sections (18 curved, 8 straight; each 8"L x 6"H / 20 cm x 15 cm) and 1 center connector for a variety of shape opt ...

$149.00 Set of 26

Create-A-Course Set

Pieces are easy to arrange in a variety of ways to teach balance!

Soft, durable nylon-covered foam pieces attach easily with Velcro®. Textured nonslip bottom. Set includes 12 rectangular sections (24"L x 4"W x 2 ¼"H / 61 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm) and 12 round connectors (13" dia x 2 ¼ ...

$179.00 Set of 24

Wavy Tactile Beam

Our only beam with an up and down balance challenge.

Plastic pieces fit together to create a wavy design. Raised, tactile texture for traction and rubber slip-resistant bottom. Stackable for easy storage and transport. Includes storage bag. Includes 8 stackable sections (26"L x 7"W x 4&f ...

$279.00 Set of 8

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Anti-Burst Hop-Along Bouncers

Our strongest, safest, bouncers are burst-resistant up to 600 lb!

Uniquely constructed bouncers are designed to deflate slowly and safely. Extra thick and durable PVC construction. Fully enclosed handle for a firm grip. Large size is perfect for kids in after-school programs or teachers. Standard inflation. Set of ...

Was $25.95 - Now $12.98

Team Skis

Narrower 3 ½" (9 cm) wide platforms increase the challenge for 2 to 4 students.

With no foot straps to assist them, team members must also lift the nylon ropes in tandem to get moving. Durable 1 ½" (4 cm) thick wood skis with antiskid rubber base to protect floors. Colors vary. ...

$39.95 Pr

Team Walker 4-Pair Set

Sections interlock for multiple walkers and disconnect for independent use.

Create a 4-person, 60"L (1.50 m) walker by connecting the 4 pairs of individual walkers. Lightweight yet rugged plastic construction with sturdy, adjustable rubber foot straps. Set includes 4 pairs of 16"L x 5"W (41 cm x 13 cm) walkers ...

$119.00 Set of 4

Only From Gopher

Cooper The Cooperative Walker

Students learn to "COOPERate" with our only swiveling balance walker!

Teammates must work together to lift their rope handles and legs in unison to walk Cooper™. Unlike other walkers, each piece of Cooper™ moves independently from the others so it can swivel and move in different formations for an exciting ...

Was $89.95 - Now $39.95

TeamTrax Walkers

Develop teamwork, improve coordination, and promote communication skills.

If they want to get anywhere, students must cooperatively lift the rope handles to move these durable wood walkers. Wide 5 ½" x 1" thick (24 cm x 3 cm) platforms help prevent tipping and have no foot straps to bind the feet. Features ...

$79.95 Pr

Pedal Walker

Put your balancing skills to the test as you pedal forward and backward.

Durable plastic and metal construction with 4 rubber wheels. Detachable handrails offer extra stability. Color varies. Supports up to 110 lb (50 kg). 14"L x 18 ¼"W x 20"H (with handrails); 10 lb (36 cm x 46 cm x 51 cm; ...

$135.00 Ea

Rainbow® Rigid Dome Cones

Strong and rigid, these versatile cones support up to 175 lb each!

Sturdy dome cones are ideal for reinforcing balance skills; also great in obstacle courses and as lane or boundary markers. Set of 36 includes 6 of each Rainbow® color and a storage caddy. Base is 7¾" dia x 3½"H.   ...

$54.95 Set

River Stones and Hilltops

Great for promoting balance, movement, and comfort at various heights.

Durable, sturdy plastic construction with wide base for stability and rubber bottom to prevent slipping and protect floors. Supports up to 110 lb (50 kg). Set of 6 River Stones includes 3 small (9 ¾"W x 1 ¾"H / 25 cm x 4 cm) a ...

$69.95 Set

The Spooner®

Balance trainer that is the ultimate fun board!

Simulates board-sport moves (skateboarding, surfing), but doesn't require the advanced skills. Unbreakable, non-marring ⅜" (1 cm) polyethylene plastic with nonskid strips. Indoor/outdoor use. Choose 24"L (61 cm) for elementary ages; 28& ...

$44.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Walking Seesaw Set

Unique design makes it easy, safe, and fun for kids to build balance skills.

Rugged and resilient, these colorful formed-wood seesaws feature a gently sloped bottom so balancing is challenging yet not extremely difficult. Raised edges on ends keep feet firmly planted on board to quickly develop balance and coordination skills ...

$199.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

It's Your Move! Activity Set

Students roll the dice, perform fun locomotor movements, and increase their fitness.

Each side of the 12-sided die depicts a locomotor movement to perform, such as running, hopping, sliding, jumping, galloping, skipping, etc. Includes 6 coated-foam locomotor dice, a large VersaBag™ mesh storage bag (see more details below), and ...

$99.95 Set

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Anti-Burst Hop-Along Bouncers

Anti-burst design makes these bouncers the safest on the playground!

Balls are burst resistant up to 600 lb and will deflate slowly and safely if punctured. Fully enclosed, textured handles give students a firm grasp on the bouncer. Textured seat and bottom give you the best performing hops! Hop-Along Bouncers are gre ...

$25.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® ObstacleArc Mini Tunnels

Separate or attached – course ideas are endless with these versatile, bottomless tunnels!

Detach tunnel sections for a fun obstacle course, or easily connect with Velcro® to create one, long path. Tunnel is wide enough for a scooter to pass through. Can be used indoors or outside. Lightweight polyester fabric covers durable plastic ar ...

$155.00 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Squish Steppers

Specially designed base sets these walkers apart from other high steppers.

Bumpy, domed surface and inflatable instability helps work students’ leg muscles. Teaches balance and stability. Soft handles are easy to grasp.  ...

$89.95 Set of 6

FUNoodles Foam Rods

Soft, flexible noodles put the FUN back into obstacle courses!

Flexible 60"L rods of lightweight 2½" dia closed-cell polyethylene foam. Use with connectors to create targets, hurdles and obstacles. Not to be used as a water safety device. Colors vary. ...

$8.95 Set of 3

Rainbow® Hop-Along Bouncers

Wide, fully enclosed handles built for long bouncing make the Hop-Along™ Bouncers durable and a kid favorite!

Thick PVC construction with wide handle stands up to tough bouncing. Standard inflation. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color and a foot pump.  CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. ...

Was $23.95 - Now $11.98

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® PathWay Tunnels

Our most popular tunnels in fun Rainbow® colors and a colossal size!

Choose from the durable Heavy-Duty, large Super-Enormous, or the giant 50" dia (1.25 m) Colossal PathWay™ tunnels. Durable nylon covers and long-lasting, spring-steel construction. Collapses for storage in zippered nylon bag. Connect multi ...

$109.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

PathWay See-Through Tunnels

Durable, transparent nylon mesh enables kids to see out and helps you provide better supervision.

Choose from 24" dia (61 cm) or 40" (1 m) dia Super-Enormous tunnels. Sturdy spring-steel wires and ends covered in durable nylon. Connect multiple tunnels with Velcro® at skirted ends. Collapses for storage in zippered nylon bag. ASTM c ...

$59.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

PathWay Gigantic & Super-Enormous Tunnels

Larger-diameter tunnels are roomy enough for even the older kids!

Choose from Gigantic 28" dia (71 cm) or Super-Enormous 40" dia (1 m) tunnels. Durable nylon cover with sturdy spring-steel construction. Connect multiple tunnels with Velcro® at skirted ends. Collapses for storage in zippered nylon bag. ...

$105.00 Ea


Gonge Intro-Stilts

Superior grip and stability for younger students.

Soft, rubber handles and strong grip soles make these great beginner stilts. Stilt height easily adjusts from 1” to 6” by removing or adding the plastic plateaus to the base. Nylon handles allow young students to master walking on stilts. Supports up ...

$129.00 Pr

Plastic Hi-Step Walkers

Features a non-slip base for a safer step!

Stand on stilts, hold rope handles, and try to walk for a fun balance challenge! Extra-wide cups provide more stability. Slip-resistant cups have a molded-in, rubber-lined bottom for added safety. Non-marring bottom won't scuff floors. Sturdy polypro ...

$59.95 Set of 6


M-Board Balance Trainer

Improve students' balance and core strength with this safe and versatile trainer!

Unique concave track keeps medicine ball under platform for safer balance training. Track and ball system also allows side-to-side, forward and back movement for targeted core and leg work. M-Board™ features a nonslip deck for safety and option ...

$64.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Plus Core Balance Disc

Our toughest, most durable disc tested to hold over 3,000 lb!

Burst-resistant disc withstands the most intense use and dynamic movements – even when user is wearing cleats! Mesh-reinforced rim for advanced load-bearing ability. Adjust inflation to alter difficulty. Use indoors or out. 15" dia x 3&quo ...

$129.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ObstacleArc Course

Scoot, run, crawl, and jump through a customizable tunnel obstacle course!

Keep students moving with this versatile and colorful set of challenges. Complete pack includes a 6 Rainbow® ObstacleArc™ Tunnel Segments, 6 Rainbow® Rubber Rings, 6 Rainbow® Hurdles (9”), 6 Hoop Klipperz, 12 DuraHoo ...

$495.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

Cone Caps Station Markers

Quickly set up fitness stations, movement courses, or interdisciplinary challenges!

Challenge students to perform different fitness activities or complete a movement course. Durable polystyrene station markers can be used with or without cones and stack for storage. Numbers and Math Sets include preprinted station markers only; all ...

$34.95 Set of 10

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