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ElevAir Deluxe Parachutes

A class above other parachutes on the market, with durable rip-stop nylon, reinforced stitching, and a bigger bag for easy storage!

Thick, brightly colored, flame-retardant rip-stop nylon features a reinforced mesh center, allowing ample air flow and preventing balls from rolling through the middle. Tough, ½" (1 cm) thick perimeter rope adds overall strength and provi ...

$23.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ACTION! Team Launch Volleyball Set

A fun, team-building twist on the game of volleyball.

In this challenging variation on the game, up to 18 players use parachutes to attempt to catch the oversized ball once it has been served. Teammates must practice communication and cooperation to position their parachutes properly, and team strength ...

$169.00 Set

Rainbow® ElevAir Parachutes

Our most economical parachute delivers rippling, billowing parachute action for less!

Standard nylon parachute features a bright six-color design and tear-resistant, double-stitched handles. A ½" thick rope sewn into the edge increases overall strength and creates additional gripping area. Includes an oversize bag for c ...

$139.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher UltraChute Parachutes

The strongest, longest-lasting parachute at the best possible price!

Practically indestructible panels are made of the most durable, triple-coated rip-stop nylon available, in a weight that still allows great billowing during use. Double-stitched handles won't tear or detach, even during rough play. A ½" d ...

$89.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Parachutes

The sky's the limit when you combine CharacterEd® values and parachute play!

Incorporates 18 keywords and definitions, creating limitless teaching opportunities. Features double-stitched handles and reinforced mesh center that won't rip. Flame-retardant rip-stop nylon meets ASTM F963 Flammability Standard. Includes oversi ...

$179.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Ollie the Octopus & Stella the Starfish Parachute Activity Sets

Kids will squeal with delight as they try to catch and launch Ollie and Stella with parachutes!

Both are lightweight, made from premium nylon, and inflate using a cage ball inflator. Once inflated, they stay inflated for up to 3 hours! Use with or without the parachutes. Activity Sets include either Ollie (48"H / 1.20 m) or Stella (60" ...

$199.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® ElevAir Parachutes Set

Enjoy the endless game play options that come with a Rainbow® Set of parachutes!

Use the bold Rainbow® colors to set up team activities and organize games with ease. Rip-stop nylon for ultimate durability. 6' dia (1.85 m) with 6 handles. Includes an oversize bag for convenient storage and transport. Meets ASTM F963 Flammabili ...

$209.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Cross-Curricular Chute Parachute

Spell words, play math games...all while strengthening students' upper bodies!

Numbers and letters permit cross-curricular activities during parachute play. The 16 panels include the entire alphabet and 32 numbers. At 30' (9.15 m) in diameter, it's large enough for an entire class. The triple-stitched edge has an easy-to-grip & ...

$289.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Bull's-Eye Parachutes

Play a variety of games on the ground and in the air with this colorful target design!

Six concentric circles create target zones for popping and tossing balls, beanbags, and more. Lay the parachute flat for tossing or rolling colored balls toward the center bull's-eye. Easy-to-grip ½" dia (1 cm) rope edge is double-sti ...

$189.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Squarachute Parachutes

Unique shape and large numbered panels offer exciting new activities that no other parachute can!

Twelve colorful, square panels feature large, easy-to-read 24" (61 cm) numbers that are perfect for four-square, math games, and much more. Made from a durable, rip-stop nylon, this parachute's versatile shape allows for new and unique activ ...

Was $269.00 - Now $99.98

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Parachute Pack

All the equipment and instructions you need to start your own parachute activity program.

Designed for Gopher by Dr. Robert Pangrazi, this pack includes a 30' dia (9.15 m) ElevAir™ Deluxe Parachute, a variety of balls and beanbags, jump ropes, dice, CDs, activity instructions, and storage. Includes everything shown. 123 pieces. ...

$695.00 Pack

Cyclone Spiro-Chute Parachute

Swirling spiral patterns bring a fresh, active new look and a fun new twist to any parachute activity!

Durable rip-stop nylon panels swirl around in a Cyclone™ design with Rainbow® colors alternating with vivid black. Reinforced mesh center and 1/2" thick perimeter rope. Meets ASTM F963 Flammability Standard. No handles. Choose from 18& ...

Was $215.00 - Now $107.98

Only From Gopher

ACTION! Rainbow® Parachute Launch Set

Build teamwork and "launch" some color into your parachute activities!

Students must work together using oversize balls and parachutes for a variety of activities. Bright Rainbow® colors instantly designate teams and add to the number of activity ideas for independent teams or one large group. Set includes set of 6 ...

$299.00 Set

Parachute Resources

Add to your parachute excitement with music and activities!

Rhythmic Parachute Play CDs: Eleven songs for all your favorite activities. Music for the Umbrella, Mountain, Mushroom, Popcorn, and more. Parachute Games Book w/ DVD: The best-selling Parachute Games book and DVD set is even better (by Strong & ...

$28.95 Set

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