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PlayTimbers Playground Walls

An extremely durable, affordable way to keep your loose-fill surfacing in place.

Maintenance-free plastic timbers won't decay, splinter, or discolor. Designed with rounded corners and no sharp edges. Timbers measure 4'4"L x 4"W in either 12"H (for 10"-12" of safety surfacing) or 8"H (for 6"-8&qu ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea


Pod Climber

Two different climbing challenges in a unique circular structure encourage traversing and build upper-body strength.

Innovative, irresistible design includes a cave-like interior that encourages kids to climb up and across the walls. Tough yet lightweight thermoplastic-coated aluminum shell. Powder-coated steel climbing rungs. Meets ASTM and CPSC guidelines. A 17' ...

Starting at $2,859.00 Ea


Rubberific! Rubber Mulch

The highest quality, longest-lasting loose-fill playground surface on the market.

Rubberific!™ Rubber Mulch does not compact over time, preserving shock absorption and eliminating the need for frequent refills. Made of 100% recycled rubber, and free of steel belts, threads, and odors. ASTM recommended mulch depth is 6"; ...

Starting at $32.95 Ea


RockBlocks Climbing Tunnel

It's a climbing wall and a tunnel in one great adventure!

Three-dimensional, rotomolded plastic climbing wall allows multiple students to climb, crawl, and play at the same time! Hand/foot holds are textured and won't turn to provide a great grip for enhanced safety. Powder-coated, heavy-duty steel support ...

Starting at $3,999.00 Ea

Deluxe Tripod Swing Sets

Three-leg design adds safety and stability.

Galvanized-steel construction with 3-1/2" OD top beam, 2-3/8" OD support pipes, and 2-7/8" OD galvanized-steel yokes with a durable painted finish. Includes playground-coil chains and rubber belt-type seats with stainless steel inserts ...

Starting at $1,999.00 Set

Worldtrail® Fitness System

Comprehensive fitness system provides a full-body challenge designed for all ages and skill levels.

Multistation system features step-by-step instructional signs that guide users through three different exercises at each station, each with options for beginner and advanced levels. The course combines cardiovascular conditioning with muscle strength ...

Starting at $439.00 Ea

Gym-I-Nee Goal

Longer exit chutes keep players guessing where the ball will come out next!

Molded, weather-proof plastic goal has four extended-length chutes, each numbered for multiple scoring options and math skills integration. Uses any ball up to an official size 7 basketball. Sturdy 3-1/2" dia steel post mounts to 8'H. Installati ...

Starting at $745.00 Ea

Swing Accessories

Find everything you need for a swingin' good time!

Cut-Proof Belt Seats. Comfortable 24"L x 6"W molded rubber with steel plate inserts. Swing Hangers. Galvanized steel with durable bronze bushings. Two sizes. S-Hooks. Zinc plated.   ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea

Coated-Steel Trash Receptacles

Keep your playground clean and tidy with these all-season receptacles.

Thermoplastic-coated steel exterior provides strong, weather-resistant durability. Heavy-duty plastic liners keep in glass or liquids that may have punctured the trash bag. Features an 18-guage metal lid for long-lasting toughness. Set includes bin, ...

Starting at $309.00 Ea

Gopher Playground Balls

Classic balls in a variety of sizes.

An outstanding value in a selection of balls no program can do without. Rugged two-ply premium rubber balls have an easy-to-grip stippled surface. Not recommended for kicking.  ...

Starting at $4.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® UltraPlay Playground Balls

The softest cover and toughest construction for the best playground ball ever!

Feel the difference with the three-ply, soft-touch rubber cover and just enough windings for improved shape retention. Provides a semi-soft feel for lower-impact activities. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Starting at $54.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Playground Balls

Our classic playground ball in fun, organizational colors!

Stippled two-ply rubber cover and valve, brilliant Rainbow® colors. Not recommended for kicking. ...

Starting at $32.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Utility Balls

Superior shape-retention and toughness in a rugged utility ball.

Rugged three-ply construction of these Utility Balls lasts longer than standard playground balls, so you'll buy replacements less frequently. Tough enough for kicking and heavy playground use. Much harder than standard playground balls, so not to be ...

Starting at $39.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Hop-Along Bouncers

Extra-wide, fully enclosed handles and vibrant Rainbow® colors make Hop-Along™ Bouncers a recess and PE class hit!

Fully enclosed handles give children of all ages a firm grip on the bouncer and also allow each bouncer to be hung for storage. Brilliant Rainbow® colors and fun graphics appeal to kids and provide endless relay or organized activity options. Hop ...

Starting at $119.00 Set of 6

Gopher 4-Square Balls

Top-quality 8.5" dia playground balls made specifically for this popular game.

Heavy-duty two-ply rubber with a stippled surface makes these balls easy to serve and return. Game rules are printed right on the ball.  ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Color-Coded Equipment Packs

Now each class or grade can have its own color-coded recess equipment!

Full selection of equipment allows 6 classes to play up to 9 organized activities. Sized for lower-elementary and upper-elementary ages. Each individual color-coded pack includes 27 pieces. Additional details about each product in these packs are lis ...

Starting at $179.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Playground Balls

Teach important values on the playground!

Rugged, two-ply rubber balls with easy-to-grip stippled surface are great for recess, 4-square, and other low-impact activities. Standard inflation valve. Not for kicking. 8.5" dia (22 cm). Sold in Sets of 6 and in a Complete Set of 18. Set 2 Key ...

Was $37.95 - Now $25.95

Gopher Rubber Playground Ball Packs

Take recess to a whole new level with these complete rubber ball packs!

Rubber basketballs, utility balls, tetherballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs, plus 4 XXL VersaBag™ mesh bags. Includes everything shown, in appropriate sizes for Lower- or Upper-Elementary grades. Additional details about each ball ...

Starting at $529.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® DuraBall Sport Balls

Designed after our popular DuraBall™ playground balls for rough, institutional use for any sport!

Popular for outlasting the playground competition, our molded vinyl seamless DuraBalls™ are sport-specific. Instill skills and confidence with balls that are built to last.  Available in DuraBall™ Sport Footballs, Soccer Balls, ...

Starting at $54.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® DuraBall Playground Balls

Unique one-piece construction makes this one of the most durable playground balls!

This tough, long-lasting ball is uniquely made from a rotating mold of liquid-vinyl, as opposed to other rubber playground balls. The result is a high-quality seamless playground ball. ...

Starting at $49.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

UltraPlay Playground Ball Packs

A complete assortment of our premium-quality rubber balls, in age-appropriate sizes.

Includes soccer balls, tetherballs, basketballs, volleyballs, utility balls, footballs and 4 VersaBag™ mesh storage bags in appropriate sizes for Lower- or Upper-Elementary grades. ...

Starting at $669.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Playground Balls

Classic recess, 4-square, or low-impact activity ball.

Stippled two-ply rubber cover and valve for more "give" than Utility Balls.  Not recommended for kicking. ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Utility Balls

There are 18 different character traits printed right on these tough, nylon-wound utility balls.

Durable three-ply rubber ball is tough enough for kicking and heavy playground use. 8.5" dia (22 cm). Sold in Sets of 6 and in a Complete Set of 18. Set 2 Keywords: • Courage • Loyalty • Discipline • Character • Enthusiasm • Judgment Set ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 6

Recess Pack

Enough equipment for multiple activities with multiple classes!

The fun will never run out with this wide variety of recess equipment! Includes everything shown. Includes: 2 ea Deluscious™ Footballs (Size 3) 1 ea Spiral Foam Football (Size 3) 2 ea Performer™ Rubber Soccer B ...

Starting at $339.00 Pack

Recess Pack with Cart

All the equipment you need to keep up to 80 kids active and organized!

The fun will never run out with this wide variety of recess equipment!  This extensive pack offers over 80 items to keep students moving on the playground.  With playground favorites such as Rainbow® Performer™ Footballs and Gophe ...

Starting at $899.00 Pack

Rainbow® Recess Pack

All of our premium, playground essentials in one colorful pack!

Every game on the playground is covered with 42 balls in Rainbow® sets! Includes 18 playground balls (6 ea Classic, DuraBall™, and UltraPlay™), 6 UltraFlite™ Kickballs, 6 Four-Square balls, 12 utility balls (6 ea Classic, Ultr ...

Starting at $389.00 Pack

Deluxe Recess Pack with Cart

Our top-of-the-line products, with our best cart to store it all!

Pack includes everything shown with a durable steel cart. Additional details about each product in this pack are listed below. QuikSelect™ Jump Ropes (Set of 18 - 6 ea 6'L, 8'L, 16'L / 1.85 m, 2.45 m, 4.9 m) High-speed PVC rope ...

Starting at $999.00 Pack

Indoor Recess Pack with Cart

Don't let rainy days stop the fun!

Equipment that are safe for gym floors and perfect for smaller indoor spaces make for an active day of indoor recess! Additional details about each product in this pack are listed below. Rainbow® SkyBlazer™ Foam Discs (Set of 6) These ...

Starting at $1,095.00 Pack

Deluxe Recess Pack

Offers the same great recess activities, with upgraded premium rubber balls.

Bigger quantities, larger sizes, and more durable equipment! Includes everything shown. Additional details about each product in this pack are listed below. UltraPlay™ Basketballs (4 ea - 2 Sz 5, 2 Sz 6) Our newly enhanced surface is even ...

Starting at $499.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Titan® All-Terrain Recess Rack

Load it up and take it anywhere!

Big 12" dia front wheels and 4" dia rear casters roll easily through doorways, over curbs, and across playgrounds. Versatile storage unit has 3 double-wide shelves for balls, end hooks for jump ropes and hoops, 2 removable wire baskets for ...

Starting at $439.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Magnus Recess Racks

The easy way to get all your recess equipment from here to there and back again!

Holds 40 balls, plus up to 150 jump ropes and 40 hoops. Indoor Rack has 3" dia ball-bearing casters with pedal-lock; All-Terrain Cart features heavy-duty 10" dia no-mar rubber front wheels and 6" dia ball-bearing rear swivel casters wi ...

Starting at $299.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Magnus Recess Rack with Baskets

Two removable baskets help you store it all!

Put small items in baskets (21-1/2"L x 17"W x 12"H), hoops and jump ropes on ends, and up to 30 balls on 3 tiers. Indoor Rack has 3" dia ball-bearing casters with pedal-lock; All-Terrain Rack features heavy-duty 10" dia no-ma ...

Starting at $349.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

AHS Playground Activities Cards

Two activity card sets show kids how to set up, organize, and play more than 20 playground activities.

Creating a safe, active, and problem-free playground is an integral part of the AHS™ Program. These compact, laminated Activity Card Sets each include complete instructions for 22 different playground activities that will keep kids active and ...

Starting at $24.95 Set of 22

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