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Dry-Erase Board & Markers

Big 30" x 24" whiteboard goes anywhere.

Use as a quick scoreboard, a sign, to list rules, or to explain a game. Plastic rim protects the edge. Use handle to carry or to hang on hooks for wall use. Set of 4 markers includes one each Black, Blue, Green, and Red.  ...

Starting at $11.95 Set of 4

Aluminum Sports Clipboards

Spring-hinged cover is ideal in windy or wet conditions.

Lightweight, extremely durable aluminum clipboard available for three sports. Includes 1 water-soluble marker. 12¾"L x 9"W. ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea

Clipboard with Timer

Built-in full-function stopwatch and calculator.

Time activities and keep notes at the same time. Built-in stopwatch times single and split timing events; includes time-of-day clock and alarm. Calculator has full memory and percent keys, large, easy-to-read display. Solar powered with replaceable b ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea

Classic Clipboard

No coach or teacher should be without one!

Smooth writing surface on both sides. Metal spring paper holder. 15½"L x 9"W. ...

Starting at $7.95 Ea

Covered Clipboards with Storage

Built-in storage makes organization easy.

From curriculum materials to rosters, pens to scorebooks, this rugged "mini desk" keeps it all together . . . and keeps it dry! ABS plastic. ...

Starting at $28.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

AHS MessageMaster Communication Board

Message center gets the word out on activities, class agendas, and events, while interchangeable signs encourage activity and smart food choices.

Set up this heavy-duty, institutional-quality steel message center in a high-traffic hallway, gym entrance, or wherever you need to communicate activities, schedules, and school events. Reusable dry-erase/magnetic surface is perfect for posting the u ...

Starting at $199.00 Set

Dry-Erase Sports Clipboards

Sketch out plays over and over again!

Dry-erase clipboards have a diagram of your sport's field as a visual backup to your verbal instructions. Clip on back holds papers securely. Use with dry-erase pens only; 1 pen included. 15½"L x 9"W. ...

Starting at $17.95 Ea


Teaching Children Dance

Offers 31 ready-to-use lessons for elementary-aged students!

A resource for future and current teachers in presenting creative dance lessons. Includes chapters on teaching students with disabilities, and connecting dance with other disciplines. 216 pages. ...

Starting at $36.95 Ea


Scooter Games

Complete guide to everything scooters, and a wealth of creative and challenging games!

An excellent resource to everything scooter covers equipment, safety, and assessment. Includes over 100 productive and ready-to-use activities that teach cooperative play, teamwork, problem solving, and sportsmanship. 208 pages. ...

Starting at $22.95 Ea


Urban Physical Education

Tools for understanding and navigating the unique challenges of teaching PE in urban schools!

Two-part book opens with background on issues facing instructors working in urban settings and offers strategies for becoming an effective teacher and leader to a diverse student body. The second half of the book focuses on activities, providing 39 i ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea


Quality Lesson Plans for Outdoor Education

Features 21 units with 140 lesson plans that are adaptable for any program or class.

A great resource for PE teachers and youth and outdoor recreation leaders, this book provides the essentials of outdoor education and techniques for preparing and delivering effective lessons. Offers units in camping, navigation, environmental ethics ...

Starting at $49.95 Ea


Active Start for Healthy Kids

A wealth of fun, easy-to-implement activities for teaching young children important health concepts.

This guidebook for educators, parents, and caregivers includes over 100 age- and developmentally-appropriate activities for kids aged 2 to 6 years old. Areas of focus include motor skills, dance and rhythm, flexibility, nutrition, healthy meals, and ...

Starting at $20.95 Ea


101 Fun Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games

A variety of enjoyable activities to start and end class!

An excellent resource for engaging students at the start of class and helping them recover at the end. Easy-to-follow format includes illustrations for more complex games. Features 60 sport-specific games. 216 pages. ...

Starting at $27.95 Ea


Heart Rate Training

Become an expert on using heart rate monitors and maximizing training results.

Get the most out of your training program by correctly monitoring and assessing your heart rate and more. Learn the functions and features of your monitor plus how to interpret and apply the data. Sample programs for eight different endurance sports ...

Starting at $18.95 Ea


Steps to Success

Become a pro in six popular sports!

Buid confidence and master the fundamentals of each sport. Expert instruction with clear photographs and diagrams are easy to follow and ensure proper technique. Choose from six sports below. ...

Starting at $18.95 Ea


Coaching Youth Sports

Confidently coach younger students to become successful in soccer, football, and track & field.

Written by experts in each sport, these books provide field-tested tips and drills for students 14 and under. Learn proper techniques and how to communicate with players effectively. First aid information also included.  ...

Starting at $16.95 Ea


Best New Games

Lead people of all ages and abilities in fun, community-building games!

A comprehensive collection of games and activities perfect for classes or groups getting to know each other, and building teamwork and trust. Offers ideas for adapting and customizing games to fit your needs. Includes a DVD with footage of 15 games. ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea


Everyone Can!

Elementary PE-based resource covers developmental needs of everyone.

Assessment-based instruction with 313 games provide an effective way to grow and monitor students' skills. Includes a section on how to meet NASPE, NCPERID, and APENS standards. 160 pages.  ...

Starting at $64.95 Ea


Lesson Plans for Creative Dance

Help students express themselves through movement!

Offers 28 age-appropriate dances with music as well as ideas for integrating dance in other academic areas for grades Pre-K-6. 216 pages. ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea


Healthy Breaks: Wellness Activities for the Classroom

Incorporate physical activity throughout the day with simple, engaging 5- to 10-minute breaks.

Promote activity in or out of the classroom to keep students on task and healthier. Tested activities cover meditation, inclusion, cooperation, energizing, and more. 120 pages.  ...

Starting at $22.95 Ea


Bowling Fundamentals

Learn the basics of a lifelong game!

Authored by former Team USA Coach Michelle Mullen, this comprehensive guide covers the basics of equipment, techniques, lane play, and spare-shooting strategies for success at the alley. Includes specific information for both right- and left-handed b ...

Starting at $19.95 Ea


Complete Guide to Sport Education

Get students up and active - for life!

Includes an emphasis on skill-building, fair play, responsibility, and staying active outside of class. Online resource features plans, assessments, and handouts for teachers. 224 pages. ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea


Physical Education for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Learn strategies and tools to help students with autism become successful in PE.

Instruction, videos, stories, and choice boards are customized for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Activities are designed to promote social and motor skill development. 52 pages. ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea


Adapted Games & Activities: From Tag to Team Building

Get all abilities active and having fun with exciting new games.

Students also learn the importance of teamwork, setting goals, respect, and trust. All games are easy to learn with few rules and can be customized for your class. 216 pages.  ...

Starting at $24.95 Ea


Precision Heart Rate Training

Understand the factors affecting heart rate during exercise and the importance of training zones for better performance.

Editor Edumnd Burke, former Olympic coach and HRM user for over 30 years, introduces the basic concepts of heart rate training and training zones to optimize your workouts while staying safe. Learn how to design training programs for seven fitness ac ...

Starting at $19.95 Ea


International Games

Features 65 games from 32 countries!

Engage students in activity and build their physical skills while enhancing their cultural awareness and teaching them traditions from around the world. Easy-to-use format with illustrations for key parts of each game. 128 pages. ...

Starting at $22.95 Ea


Teaching Cross-Country Skiing

Complete teaching tool for a lifelong activity!

Offers 30 detailed lesson plans and 115 unique games and activities to keep students engaged and progressing from beginner to advanced levels. Each lesson aligns with NASPE standards. 256 pages. ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea


Great Games for Big Activity Balls

Have a ball with over 70 inclusive games and activities!

An excellent resource for any PE teacher or program leader. Easy-to-implement activities can be played in the gym or outside and are categorized in 7 distinct areas: cooperative games, adaptations of sports, traditional playground games, track and fi ...

Starting at $22.95 Ea


Dance Units for Middle School

Includes teaching scripts with key words for instruction.

A tested tool for teachers with little to no dance training, text offers units on improvisation, dance for athletes, and jazz dance. Includes music CD and a DVD with video demonstration. 192 pages. ...

Starting at $69.95 Ea


Discovering Orienteering

Give your students an outdoor mind-body workout.

Offers a systematic approach to teaching and coaching orienteering. Begins with basic, easy-to-remember skills, techniques and processes and finishes with more than 60 activities for practice and skill reinforcement. 208 pages. ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea


Tumbling Basics

Helps teachers break down skills into small, easy-to-learn steps!

This book uses progressive instructions, photos, and illustrations to present 7 fundamental tumbling skills essential for any program. Also includes strength and flexibility exercises, and tumbling circuits to reinforce each skill. 184 pages. ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea


Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping DVD

An instructor’s guide to teaching rope jumping in a structured, progressive process.

Five-time world champion of jump roping, Rene Bibaud, guides teachers through 8 sets of skill breakdowns, including single-rope skills, long-rope activities, group routines, build-ups for double dutch, and other fun games. 108 minutes. ...

Starting at $25.95 Ea


Teaching Lifetime Outdoor Pursuits

Teach students resilience, resourcefulness, and problem-solving.

A popular new facet of PE and recreation programs, outdoor education is a challenging and adventurous way to promote fitness and activity. Offers instruction and sample lessons for 12 pursuits, including caving, overnight hiking, canoeing, and more. ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea


Traditional Barn Dances With Calls & Fiddling

Instruction for folk dances and authentic tunes that have been performed for over 350 years!

Teach 53 dances to participants of all ages and abilities. Offers historical and cultural information about each dance. Includes 2 music CDS, and a DVD with video glossary and full demonstrations for select dances. 216 pages. ...

Starting at $64.95 Ea


Perceptual-Motor Activities for Children

Improve the key skills used to complete daily tasks, improve coordination, and increase self awareness.

Needed for the brain and body to work together, motor skills are improved through this 32-week program with progressive stations and 200 activities. Web resource includes activity cards and extra activities. 240 pages. ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea


Strategies for Inclusion: A Handbook for Physical Educators

Include children with disabilities in mainstream activities.

Includes proven methods for managing and improving behavior, lesson plans for adapting activities, and more. 224 pages. ...

Starting at $44.95 Ea


Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills

A tactical approach to introducing and teaching sport skills to elementary, middle, and high school students.

Teachers learn how to move from traditional to tactical games (invasion, target, fielding) for ages 7 - 18. DVD includes sample videos that demonstrate each action. Over 330 lesson plans included. 672 pages. ...

Starting at $59.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit CircuitPro Tumbling Station Boards

Instruction boards provide convenient, easy-to-follow guidance to students.

Get the entire class moving with 12 expert instruction boards. Set includes Teacher Overview Cards that address setup, implementation, and further instruction. Boards and cards promote independent training and class-wide circuits. 18"W x 18" ...

Starting at $199.00 Set of 12


Sport First Aid

Care and prevention for more than 110 sports-related injures at your fingertips.

Provides teachers and coaches with the tools and knowledge to respond and care appropriately for medical emergencies. Organized for quick reference and includes the latest CPR standards. 328 pages. ...

Starting at $49.95 Ea


Rhythmic Activities and Dance

A collection of the most popular recreational dance forms.

Written for teachers or program leaders of students K-12, book offers instructions for easy rhythms and dances, including social dances. Includes sections on assessment and accompanying CD. 272 pages. ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea

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