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Pressureless Tennis Balls

Low-bounce, de-pressurized balls for practice and training.

A great value for beginners and machine use! Optic yellow. Quantities of 72 and 144 balls come with a handy mesh ball bag. ...

$18.95 Doz

Penn® Coach Tennis Balls

Championship Penn® quality makes these our best value in practice tennis balls.

Cosmetically blemished or slightly irregular. Ideal for instruction, practice, and machine use. Optic yellow. ...

$3.95 Can of 3

Wilson® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls

High-performance and consistency for hard court play.

Duraweave™ felt cover is designed for consistent performance on hard courts. Optic yellow. ...

$4.75 Can of 3

QuickStart® 36 Foam Tennis Training Balls

Designed specifically for the QuickStart® Tennis Teaching System, making them perfect for beginners.

Foam tennis balls are 10% larger than regulation balls for early success. Balls deliver a consistent bounce and rebound at a height perfect for younger players. 2-3/4" dia. ...

$49.95 Pack of 12

Wilson® Practice Tennis Balls

Championship Wilson® tennis balls for practice and instruction.

Cosmetically blemished or slightly irregular. Will stand up to the wear and tear of repetitive drills and exercises. Optic yellow. ...

$3.75 Can of 3

Foam Tennis Balls

No need to worry about broken windows!

Teach tennis in the gym with these safe, quiet, high-bounce balls. Optic yellow. 2-3/4" dia. Pack includes 24 balls and black VersaBag™ for storage. ...

$3.50 Ea

Gopher Oversize Foam Tennis Balls

Precision-cut high-density foam balls with high bounce.

A full 25% larger than regulation balls. For indoor use. Optic yellow. 3-1/2" dia. ...

$13.95 Set of 3

QuickStart® Slow-Bounce Tennis Balls

Color-coded training balls coordinate with the QuickStart® tennis teaching system.

Three ball colors identify the progressive QuickStart® program levels: Red for QuickStart® 36 (75% less bounce; 15% larger for early success); Orange for QuickStart® 60 (50% less bounce; regulation size); and Green for QuickStart® 78 ...

$5.95 Can of 3

Dunlop® All-Surface Championship Tennis Balls

Most affordable game ball made to be a winner on any court.

Premium-quality for consistent performance on any surface. Optic yellow. ...

$4.25 Can of 3

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Racquet and Ball Packs

Racquets and balls for your entire class complete with compact storage!

Getting equipment from your storage room to the court has never been easier with packs that feature our RacquetPrince™ Tennis Storage Bags filled with enough tennis racquets and balls for your entire class! Includes 24 racquets, 24 tennis balls ...

$619.00 Pack

Penn® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls

America's No. 1 selling ball and the official ball of the USTA.

Super-rugged ball with Tex Tech™ felt cover for long-lasting hard-court play. Optic yellow. ...

$4.95 Can of 3

Dunlop® Academy

Top-quality felt ball, designed specifically for practice.

Unlike most practice balls that are factory "seconds," these Dunlop® balls are intended for practice, recreational, or Phy Ed use. ...

$4.95 Can of 4

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