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Gopher Pacer 200 Stopwatches

Simple, basic operation for versatile single-event timing.

24-Hour Timing Range Single Event Time Split Time Other Functions: Easy operation with start/stop/reset functionality. Time, date, alarm. Alkaline battery included. Also available in a 12 Pack with Case. ...

$10.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Robic® SC-505W Stopwatches

Ultra-precise measurement of event, lap, or split times to 1/100 second.

Auto lap counter; pause; 1st-12th fast finishes; water resistant; includes lithium battery and breakaway lanyard; 24-hour timing range, single event time, lap time, lap counter, split time, and 12 memory recall. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow&re ...

$26.95 Ea

Accusplit® Pro Survivor Stopwatches

Sturdy institutional model with jumbo display.

For critical use; excellent for students. Times single events, event timeout, and cumulative splits; 1st and 2nd and fast finishes. Displays time-of-day (12/24 hour), date, and day of week. Features 24-hour time range. Million-cycle buttons ensure no ...

$20.95 Ea

Accusplit® Survivor III Stopwatch

Simple event timer, with large, easy-to-read display.

Designed for noncritical timing and ideal for phy ed or student use. Times single events, event time-out, and cumulative splits; 1st and 2nd and fast finishes. Magnum XL jumbo display with time-of-day (12/24 hour), date and alarm. Water-resistant up ...

$12.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Accusplit® AX725 Stopwatches

Durable timer with cumulative and lap split timing.

Single-event timer features 10-hour timing range, 1st-2nd fast finishes, split time, lap time, dual split, lap counter, and 16-memory recall; extra-large display; lithium battery included. ...

$25.95 Ea

Robic® SC-500E Stopwatch

Easy, one-step timing for any event!

Single-event timer features simple start/stop/reset operation, with 1/100 second precision to 10 hours. Loud alarm, one-touch memory reset, silent option. Includes alkaline battery and breakaway lanyard. ...

$19.95 Ea

Ultrak® 495 Stopwatch

Full-featured stopwatch, with large three-row display.

Single-event time with 10-hour timing range; lap and cumulative splits; lap counter; dual split; stroke/frequency; time and calendar; water resistant; lithium battery included. ...

$49.95 Ea


Cable Lockout

Unique cable lock secures storage units, cabinets, drawers and more.

Perfect for protecting gym equipment, classroom equipment, and safety supplies. 3' cable comes with lock and 2 keys.   ...

$34.95 Set

Ultrak® 350 Solar-Powered Stopwatch

Go green, with solar power that doubles the life of the battery and lasts up to 10 years!

Single-event timer with unique solar power panel; cumulative splits; 24-hours timing; time of day, alarm, and calendar; water resistant; 2 lithium back-up batteries and lanyard included. ...

$26.95 Ea


Ultrak® L10 Multi-Lane Stopwatch

Time up to 8,000 participants in a road or track race with dual split memory recall.

Times competitors in up to 10 lanes. Preassign 4-digit bib numbers to lanes in track mode or enter at the finish for road races. Each lane requires 1 Lane Button. Windows® interface (included) allows information to be uploaded to your computer. I ...

$629.00 Set


Backpack Lock

Lock up your valuables quickly and easily!

This carabiner-style lock makes it easy to secure your backpack, gym bag, drawers, and more. Set your own combination. Colors vary. ...

$6.95 Ea


Kwik Kold® Instant Packs

Becomes a 34°F cold pack in seconds just by squeezing the bag!

For any application where the therapeutic benefits of cold are needed quickly. Single-use packs are perfect for away games or classroom emergencies. 6" x 9". ...

$22.95 Case of 16

Gopher Pacer 500

The next edition of Gopher stopwatches!

Stopwatch features a two-row display for easy use. Displays lap counter with fastest, slowest, and average lap tracking. 10 memory recall and countdown timer. Lithium battery. ...

$19.95 Ea

Robic® SC-606W Stopwatch

Dual split stopwatch with advanced countdown timer.

Fifty-memory recall of previous readings in ascending or descending order. Multi-mode stopwatch with lap, split, or dual split timing. 1/100 second resolution up to 24 hours; automatically counts up to 1000 readings. Multi-mode countdown timer with s ...

$34.95 Ea


Cramer® Instant Cold Packs

Squeeze-activated for instant application.

Help alleviate pain and swelling instantly. No refrigeration is needed, just squeeze the pack to activate each single-use pack. 6" x 9". ...

$26.95 Case of 16


Johnson & Johnson® Coach® Athletic Tape

High-quality tape from a company you trust.

The best easy-tear, multipurpose tape lives up to its name. Treated for strength, uniform unwinding tension. 1 ½"W x 45'L rolls. ...

$89.95 32 Rolls

Dry-Erase Sports Clipboards

Sketch out plays over and over again!

Dry-erase clipboards have a diagram of your sport's field as a visual backup to your verbal instructions. Clip on back holds papers securely. Use with dry-erase pens only; 1 pen included. 15½"L x 9"W. ...

$17.95 Ea

Seiko® Stopwatch with Printer

Timer and printer in one compact unit!

Features store and recall of up to 300 split/lap times, 10-hr range, 1/100 second precision, large three-row display panel, and print capability. Automatic printout of date and time for organizing records. Prints large with 13 digits per line and 1.5 ...

$549.00 Ea


Team First Aid Kit

Complete 90-piece treatment solution for a range of athletic ailments.

Includes cold packs, knuckle bandages, butterfly bandages, tape underwrap, scissors, skin lubricant, triangle bandage, latex gloves, and more. Case is 15 ¾"L x 6"W x 10"H. Contents:   2 ea    Instant Cold Pack ...

$79.95 Kit

Gatorade® Squeeze Water Bottles

Unique squeeze function eliminates leakage and spread of germs.

Squeeze function makes these bottles leak resistant and a more sanitary option for team use without needing to use the mouthpiece. Complete Set includes 6 bottles and carrier. Each bottle holds 32 oz. ...

$4.95 Ea

Coach's First Aid Kit

Injury-specific compartments provide fast access to more than 100 pieces!

Advanced pocket system organizes the entire assortment listed below. Includes: Carrying Case 1 ea Soft-side nylon bag. 5”L x 2”W x 7”H. 1 ea Easy-access pocket system Small Cuts and Burns Set of 15 Adhesive plastic ba ...

$34.95 Kit

New Only From Gopher

FieldPro PE Field Marking Kit

Everything needed to get a field game ready for your class!

Gopher's laminated FieldPro™ Teacher Guide (not shown) provides field diagrams and dimensions for 9 popular sports and activities. Pack also includes a Foot/Inch Measuring Wheel, String Reel (100'), Measuring Tape Open Reel (300'), ...

$369.00 Ea


Pretaping Underwrap

Thin polyurethane foam underwrap for painless tape removal.

Helps eliminate skin irritation caused by repeated taping. Use to secure cold packs and bandages too. Apply before taping. 2 ¾"W x 90'L rolls. Available in tan and black. ...

$59.95 48 Rolls

Only From Gopher

AHS MessageMaster Communication Board

Message center gets the word out on activities, class agendas, and events, while interchangeable signs encourage activity and smart food choices.

Set up this heavy-duty, institutional-quality steel message center in a high-traffic hallway, gym entrance, or wherever you need to communicate activities, schedules, and school events. Reusable dry-erase/magnetic surface is perfect for posting the u ...

$199.00 Set

Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs

Soft gel packs made for use after use.

Use for hot or cold compress. Flexible pack conforms to the body for ideal coverage. High-quality gel keeps cold in refrigerator or freezer. 6" x 9". ...

$34.95 Case of 12

Igloo® Sport Cooler

Don't lug your heavy cooler back and forth - pull it with ease thanks to a convenient handle and wheels!

Easily transport up to 5 gallons with smooth-rolling wheels. Handle locks for secure transportation. Avoid drips or loss of liquid with leak-resistant spigot. Features convenient locking, easy-access lid. ...

$64.95 Ea

Dry-Erase Board & Markers

Big 30" x 24" whiteboard goes anywhere.

Use as a quick scoreboard, a sign, to list rules, or to explain a game. Plastic rim protects the edge. Use handle to carry or to hang on hooks for wall use. Set of 4 markers includes one each Black, Blue, Green, and Red.  ...

$11.95 Set of 4

Sport Medical Kit

Refillable 109-piece kit is professionally designed to treat sports injuries, care for bleeding wounds, and prevent infection.

Comprehensive kit includes antimicrobial skin wipes that kill MRSA bacteria, lidocaine pads for instant pain relief, blot blood-off cloth for removal of blood from skin and clothing, antiseptic pads, bandages, tape, wrap, cold packs, eye/wound wash, ...

$195.00 Kit

Coach's First Aid Sling Kit

Our most portable, compact kit holds 52 pieces for on-the-go teachers and coaches.

Smaller, durable nylon bag slings across the back and features 2 zippered pouches for the kit's 52 pieces. A zippered cell phone pocket on the strap allows for easy access. 15"L x 9"W x 4½"H. Includes: Ice pack Gauze T ...

$59.95 Kit

Clipboard with Timer

Built-in full-function stopwatch and calculator.

Time activities and keep notes at the same time. Built-in stopwatch times single and split timing events; includes time-of-day clock and alarm. Calculator has full memory and percent keys, large, easy-to-read display. Solar powered with replaceable b ...

$34.95 Ea

Band-Aid® Variety Pack

A 280-piece assortment for minor abrasions and cuts.

Protects minor injuries from dirt and germs. Durable adhesive stays on longer, even in water. Includes standard adhesive and flexible fabric bandages in a variety of sizes and styles. ...

$16.95 Pack

Premium Utility Towels

Cotton/polyester-blend towels offer strength and softness.

Choose 40"L x 20"W or 44"L x 22"W towels. White. ...

$44.95 Doz

Cramer® Trainer's Set w/ Extra-Large Soft-Sided Case

Fully loaded 58-piece set for class or team situations.

Essential assortment of bandages, ointments, gloves, analgesics, tape, wrap, cold pack, sling, and more. Durable nylon case with shoulder strap, zippered compartments, movable dividers, elastic loops, pouches, and zippered mesh enclosures. 15-1/2&quo ...

Was $289.00 - Now $144.98

Aluminum Sports Clipboards

Spring-hinged cover is ideal in windy or wet conditions.

Lightweight, extremely durable aluminum clipboard available for three sports. Includes 1 water-soluble marker. 12¾"L x 9"W. ...

$39.95 Ea

Igloo® Coolers

Keep fluids readily available to help prevent overheating and dehydration.

High-density polyethylene with Ultratherm™ insulation. FDA-grade liners are easy to clean, resist stains and odors. Heavy-duty side carry handles; wide-mouth opening is easy to fill.  ...

$59.95 Ea

Cramer® EcoFlex Stretch Tape

Nonadhesive tape firmly adheres to itself, not the skin, for clean, painless removal.

Easy to wrap, tears clean, and provides remarkable strength. Excellent as a compression bandage. Use as tape to secure gauze and other bandages. 2"W x 15'L rolls. ...

$44.95 24 Rolls

Basic Buddy Life-Size CPR Manikins

Teach the life-saving techniques of CPR with realistic manikins.

Disposable lung/mouth protection system is completely safe and sanitary, with no risk of cross-contamination and no need to sanitize between users. Provides reference point for hand placement and compressions. Trouble-free maintenance. Easy assembly. ...

$115.00 Set

Heavy-Duty Ice Bags

Super-durable construction eliminates double-bagging.

Strong polyethylene in a large size that makes tying ends easy. Roll of 1,500 bags; 10" x 18" each. ...

$139.00 Roll

Covered Clipboards with Storage

Built-in storage makes organization easy.

From curriculum materials to rosters, pens to scorebooks, this rugged "mini desk" keeps it all together . . . and keeps it dry! ABS plastic. ...

$28.95 Ea

Gatorade® Anti-Microbial Towels

Anti-microbial treated towels for maximum sanitation.

High-quality towels stay sanitary for up to 50 washings and are particularly absorbent through even the longest games. Sold individually or as set of 12. 42”L x 22”W. ...

$13.95 Ea

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