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Pickle-Ball® Balls

In your choice of outdoor or indoor!

Seamless DURA Fast 40™ plastic balls feature outdoor balls with smaller holes for consistent travel, even in the wind. Indoor balls have larger holes for slower travel and added safety. Official size. ...

$2.95 Ea


Pickle-Ball® Paddles

Durable paddles that fit all user levels!

Pick a five-ply, seven-ply, or honeycomb core construction paddle based on each user's level of play. The Swinger™ is ideal for beginners, the Diller™ for intermediate players, and the Master™ for advanced players. Swinger&trade ...

$17.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

PaddlePro Paddles

Our best performing paddles!

Perfect for playing pickleballl, these paddles feature tough seven-ply construction for increased strength and longevity, with cushioned-wrap handle for comfort and wrist strap for safety. Choose the PaddlePro™ Paddle with tapered handle for be ...

$16.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

PaddlePro Balls

Durable, official-size Pickle-Ball® balls.

Balls resist denting, cracking, and splitting, making them perfect for both fun and competitive play. Choose from White or Yellow. ...

$1.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

PaddlePro Portable Net System

The regulation Pickle-Ball® net that's easy to set up and store!

Make it official with our portable, powder-coated steel net system, in official Pickle-Ball® specified net height (34"H) and width (22'W). Center-strap design for consistent height. Adjustment straps on net edge for excellent net tension ...

$169.00 Ea

Rainbow® Pick-A-Paddle Racquets

Durable one-piece molded paddles are nearly indestructible!

Versatile paddles are designed for long-lasting indoor/outdoor action. Junior raquets are sized for grades 3-6. Rainbow® Set includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. Class Set includes 18 Racquets (3 Rainbow® Sets) and 9 Paddle Balls. Additiona ...

$44.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Protect-R Paddle

Foam edge keeps paddles – and students – protected!

Paddles feature a polyurethane foam edge, which provides extra paddle protection and safer play. A waffle "string" pattern allows for better control with these sturdy, break-resistant paddles. 16¼"L x 8¼"W x ¾ ...

$49.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® PowerPaddle Set

Convenient sets allow up to 24 students to play Pickle-Ball® at once!

Durable, break-resistant paddles have a waffle "string" pattern for better control. Complete Sets include paddles (6 of ea Rainbow® color or 12 Red/12 Blue) and balls (3 ½" dia). Also available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or ...

$34.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus PaddlePro Pickle-Ball® Packs

Get the entire class on the court with all-inclusive packs featuring our fast-staging PaddlePro™ nets!

Instantly create 4 or 6 Pickle-Ball® courts with our durable, powder-coated steel-frame nets. Basic 4-Court Packs include 4 PaddlePro™ nets, 16 PaddlePro™ Paddles, 24 PaddlePro™ Balls, and 6 rolls of floor tape. Basic 6-Court in ...

$959.00 Pack

Pickle-Ball Net

Durable net attaches to existing standards for minimal storage.

Heavy-duty 21' x 30" net with 1" mesh and strong ¼" rope through 2" top white binding. For use with your own volleyball or badminton standards. ...

$64.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® EnormaSport PlentiPaddle Set

Plenty of paddle means plenty of success!

Oversized paddle is over 40% larger than most of our other paddles, but weighs less than 1 lb, making it a great teaching tool for tracking, aiming, and striking skills. One-piece, blow-molded plastic construction withstands the most intense use and ...

$79.95 Set

Rainbow® Foam Paddles

Soft yet durable foam paddles for use in any racquet sport and more!

Racquetball Paddle has 7"L handle and compact 8" dia x 2-1/8" thick head for strength; Badminton Paddle has 12"L handle and larger 9" dia x 2-1/8" thick head for more range. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color ...

$49.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Big Bopper Birdies

Throw it, catch it, or smack it with a racquet!

Whether hit with a paddle or a hand, these flexible, jumbo-size feathered birdies "float" through the air, so they're easier to track and hit successfully. Soft and durable foam base. ...

$29.95 Set of 6

Bison® Match Point Adjustable Net System

Our most affordable system adjusts for multiple sports.

Have the ability to play a multitude of games with this fully-adjustable system.  System features: 3½" powder-coated, extruded-aluminum standards Backlash-free worm gear net tensioner for superior tautness Net height adjusts fr ...

$395.00 Ea

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