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Pickle-Ball® Paddles

Durable paddles that fit all user levels!

Pick a five-ply, seven-ply, or honeycomb core construction paddle based on each user's level of play. The Swinger™ is ideal for beginners, the Diller™ for intermediate players, and the Master™ for advanced players. Swinger&trade ...

Starting at $17.95 Ea

Pickle-Ball® Balls

In your choice of outdoor or indoor!

Seamless DURA Fast 40™ plastic balls feature outdoor balls with smaller holes for consistent travel, even in the wind. Indoor balls have larger holes for slower travel and added safety. Official size. ...

Starting at $2.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

PaddlePro Paddles

Our best performing paddles!

Perfect for playing pickleballl, these paddles feature tough seven-ply construction for increased strength and longevity, with cushioned-wrap handle for comfort and wrist strap for safety. Choose the PaddlePro™ Paddle with tapered handle for be ...

Starting at $16.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Protect-R Paddle

Foam edge keeps paddles – and students – protected!

Paddles feature a polyurethane foam edge, which provides extra paddle protection and safer play. A waffle "string" pattern allows for better control with these sturdy, break-resistant paddles. 16¼"L x 8¼"W x ¾ ...

Starting at $49.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

PaddlePro Portable Net System

The regulation Pickle-Ball® net that's easy to set up and store!

Make it official with our portable, powder-coated steel net system, in official Pickle-Ball® specified net height (34"H) and width (22'W). Center-strap design for consistent height. Adjustment straps on net edge for excellent net tension ...

Starting at $169.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

PaddlePro Balls

Durable, official-size Pickle-Ball® balls.

Balls resist denting, cracking, and splitting, making them perfect for both fun and competitive play. Choose from White or Yellow. ...

Starting at $1.95 Ea

Rainbow® Pick-A-Paddle Racquets

Durable one-piece molded paddles are nearly indestructible!

Versatile paddles are designed for long-lasting indoor/outdoor action. Junior raquets are sized for grades 3-6. Rainbow® Set includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. Class Set includes 18 Racquets (3 Rainbow® Sets) and 9 Paddle Balls. Additiona ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® PowerPaddle Set

Convenient sets allow up to 24 students to play Pickle-Ball® at once!

Durable, break-resistant paddles have a waffle "string" pattern for better control. Complete Sets include paddles (6 of ea Rainbow® color or 12 Red/12 Blue) and balls (3 ½" dia). Also available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or ...

Starting at $34.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus PaddlePro Pickle-Ball® Packs

Get the entire class on the court with all-inclusive packs featuring our fast-staging PaddlePro™ nets!

Instantly create 4 or 6 Pickle-Ball® courts with our durable, powder-coated steel-frame nets. Basic 4-Court Packs include 4 PaddlePro™ nets, 16 PaddlePro™ Paddles, 24 PaddlePro™ Balls, and 6 rolls of floor tape. Basic 6-Court in ...

Starting at $959.00 Pack

Pickle-Ball Net

Durable net attaches to existing standards for minimal storage.

Heavy-duty 21' x 30" net with 1" mesh and strong ¼" rope through 2" top white binding. For use with your own volleyball or badminton standards. ...

Starting at $64.95 Ea

Rainbow® Big Bopper Birdies

Throw it, catch it, or smack it with a racquet!

Whether hit with a paddle or a hand, these flexible, jumbo-size feathered birdies "float" through the air, so they're easier to track and hit successfully. Soft and durable foam base. ...

Starting at $29.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Foam Paddles

Soft yet durable foam paddles for use in any racquet sport and more!

Racquetball Paddle has 7"L handle and compact 8" dia x 2-1/8" thick head for strength; Badminton Paddle has 12"L handle and larger 9" dia x 2-1/8" thick head for more range. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color ...

Starting at $49.95 Set of 6

Bison® Match Point Adjustable Net System

Our most affordable system adjusts for multiple sports.

Have the ability to play a multitude of games with this fully-adjustable system.  System features: 3½" powder-coated, extruded-aluminum standards Backlash-free worm gear net tensioner for superior tautness Net height adjusts fr ...

Starting at $395.00 Ea

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