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Tennis Practice Balls

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Pressureless Tennis Balls

Low-bounce, de-pressurized balls for practice and training.

A great value for beginners and machine use! Optic yellow. Quantities of 72 and 144 balls come with a handy mesh ball bag. ...

$18.95 Doz

Wilson® Practice Tennis Balls

Championship Wilson® tennis balls for practice and instruction.

Cosmetically blemished or slightly irregular. Will stand up to the wear and tear of repetitive drills and exercises. Optic yellow. ...

$3.75 Can of 3

Penn® Coach Tennis Balls

Championship Penn® quality makes these our best value in practice tennis balls.

Cosmetically blemished or slightly irregular. Ideal for instruction, practice, and machine use. Optic yellow. ...

$3.95 Can of 3

Gopher Oversize Foam Tennis Balls

Precision-cut high-density foam balls with high bounce.

A full 25% larger than regulation balls. For indoor use. Optic yellow. 3-1/2" dia. ...

$13.95 Set of 3

Foam Tennis Balls

No need to worry about broken windows!

Teach tennis in the gym with these safe, quiet, high-bounce balls. Optic yellow. 2-3/4" dia. Pack includes 24 balls and black VersaBag™ for storage. ...

$3.50 Ea

QuickStart® 36 Foam Tennis Training Balls

Designed specifically for the QuickStart® Tennis Teaching System, making them perfect for beginners.

Foam tennis balls are 10% larger than regulation balls for early success. Balls deliver a consistent bounce and rebound at a height perfect for younger players. 2-3/4" dia. ...

$49.95 Pack of 12

QuickStart® Slow-Bounce Tennis Balls

Color-coded training balls coordinate with the QuickStart® tennis teaching system.

Three ball colors identify the progressive QuickStart® program levels: Red for QuickStart® 36 (75% less bounce; 15% larger for early success); Orange for QuickStart® 60 (50% less bounce; regulation size); and Green for QuickStart® 78 ...

$5.95 Can of 3

Dunlop® Academy

Top-quality felt ball, designed specifically for practice.

Unlike most practice balls that are factory "seconds," these Dunlop® balls are intended for practice, recreational, or Phy Ed use. ...

$4.95 Can of 4

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