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Facility Maintenance

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Brooms and Dust Mop

Variety of brooms to suit your specific needs.

Dust mop or push broom are perfect for larger areas, while the lobby broom is great for spot cleaning. Mop handle is wood, push broom handle is fiberglass, and lobby broom handle is plastic. ...

Starting at $19.95 Ea

Duracell® Batteries

Long-lasting batteries from the most trusted name in the industry.

Battery Pack includes one case of each battery size. ...

Starting at $16.95 Case of 24


Most versatile, multi-purpose problem solver on the market!

Great to lubricate, degrease, stop squeaks, clean and protect, and remove adhesives. Includes smart straw. 8 oz. ...

Starting at $7.95 Ea


Durable stainless steel scissors.

Sonically welded steel blades with black plastic handle. 8"L, 3 ¼" cut. ...

Starting at $12.95 Ea

Maglite® Flashlight

The most durable and reliable flashlight on the market.

High intensity adjustable beam. Aluminum, 10"L. Requires 2 D batteries (not included). ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea

Tool Kit

All your basic, essential tools in one place.

Metal toolbox includes hammer, 2 screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrench, tape measure, utility knife, scraper, and 7-piece hex key set. ...

Starting at $59.95 Ea


Assorted tapes for all your needs.

Three unique tapes for fixing rips or adding support. Choose from Duct, Clear, and Masking Tape. ...

Starting at $4.95 Ea

Surge Protector and Extension Cord

Power your electrical items even when an outlet is not close by.

Surge protector with 8 outlets, toggle switch, and 3'L cord. Three-prong indoor/outdoor extension cord; 25'L. ...

Starting at $13.95 Ea

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