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Gopher TruBound Breakaway Basketball Goal

Our most affordable breakaway goal!

High-strength single ⅝" rim; powder-coated Flex mechanism releases with downward pressure, then returns to position Universal hole pattern fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount backboards ...

$139.00 Ea

Gopher PlayStar Front-Mount Single-Rim Basketball Goal

An excellent choice for versatile phy ed, practice, and recreational play.

Single ⅝" rim  1/2" reinforcing rim support bars and universal mounting plate Universal hole pattern (4"-5⅛"W x 3⅞"-5"H) fits 42"H and 48"H front-mount rectangular and fan-shaped backboards Includes m ...

$54.95 Ea

Gared® Scholastic Breakaway Basketball Goal

Flex mechanism allows goal to deflect in degrees, according to applied pressure.

Single ⅝" high-strength rim with welded-steel rim support; powder-coated Unique stack spring construction delivers consistant rebound Universal hole pattern fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount glass backboards ...

$179.00 Ea

Bison® 6-in-1 Adjustable Easy-Up Youth Basketball Goal

Easily adjusts to 6 heights and mounts on any existing goal!

Quickly convert your 10'H goal to youth height while standing as low as 2' off the floor; no tools required. Easy-Up™ lowers the full-size rim and moves it 2' closer to the free-throw line; height-adjustable from 6'6"H to 9'H. High-impact ...

$619.00 Ea

Gared® Front-Mount Double-Rim Basketball Goal

Double-rim, reinforced fixed goal stands up to tough outdoor play.

Double ⅝" and ½" welded rim; powder-coated Double reinforcing rim support bars. Continuous no-tie ring for optimal rim strength Universal hole pattern (4"-5⅛"W x 3⅞"-5"H) fits rectangular and fan-shaped b ...

$79.95 Ea

Bison® ProTech Competition Breakaway Basketball Goal

Bison's original breakaway design continues to deliver consistent rebound and reliable performance throughout the life of the goal!

Single ⅝" rim with ¼" rim support; powder-coated Low-maintenance positive-lock mechanism Universal hole pattern (5"W x 4"-5"H) fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount glass backboar ...

$259.00 Ea

Gared® Rear Mount

Heavy-duty rim construction for lasting durability.

Single includes stationary extra-reinforced ⅝" rim; double includes two ⅝" rims with ½" weld. Powder-coated. Hole pattern (2¼"-3⅝"W x 2⅞"-3⅞"H) fits most rear-mount fan-shaped backboards. Hardware and ...

$84.95 Ea

Gared® Collegiate 2000 Plus Breakaway Basketball Goal

NCAA-approved goal is the most universally recognized and utilized goal in high school, university, and recreational gyms.

Single ⅝" rim with positive-lock mechanism to hold it in playing position; powder-coated Damper device prevents dangerous fly-back action Universal hole pattern fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount glass b ...

$229.00 Ea

Gared® Endurance Breakaway Basketball Goal

Our only outdoor breakaway goal, with a double rim for added strength!

Double ¾" and ⅝" welded rim; powder-coated Breakaway mechanism absorbs the dynamic load and alleviates excess pressure applied to backboard Universal hole pattern (4"-5"W x 4"-5"H) fits most front-mount o ...

$169.00 Ea

Jaypro Little Champ Adapter Board and Basketball Goal

Quickly convert any regulation goal to a functional youth league goal.

Adapter attaches to any existing goal with steel ring; no drilling, tools, or modification required. Once installed, backboard will be 2' closer to the foul line. Choose standard Little Champ™ Adapter or Adjustable Adapter. Each includes a 48 ...

$799.00 Pr

Gopher Court Commander Front-Mount Double-Rim Basketball Goal

Gopher's strongest outdoor goal.

Heavy-duty double ⅝" rim; powder-coated Continuous 3/16" x 1" net-lock system adds strength, eliminates breakage Universal hole pattern (5"W x 5"H, 5⅛"W x 4 7/32"H, and 5"W x 4"-4½"H) ...

$139.00 Ea

Gared® Master Breakaway Basketball Goal

The industry's premium breakaway goal for NCAA-level play.

Heavy-duty single ⅝" rim supported by a continuous welded wraparound brace; powder-coated No-fail positive-lock breakaway mechanism is an industry best, keeping goal in place until force is applied, then returns goal to playing position ...

$279.00 Ea

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