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Gopher PlayStar Front-Mount Single-Rim Basketball Goal

An excellent choice for versatile phy ed, practice, and recreational play.

Single ⅝" rim  1/2" reinforcing rim support bars and universal mounting plate Universal hole pattern (4"-5⅛"W x 3⅞"-5"H) fits 42"H and 48"H front-mount rectangular and fan-shaped backboards Includes m ...

$54.95 Ea

Gopher TruBound Breakaway Basketball Goal

Our most affordable breakaway goal!

High-strength single ⅝" rim; powder-coated Flex mechanism releases with downward pressure, then returns to position Universal hole pattern fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount backboards ...

$139.00 Ea

Gared® Steel Backboards

Our toughest fan-shaped backboards!

Durable 12-gauge steel backboard (official 54"W x 35"H size) welded to 12-gauge horizontal and vertical channel reinforcements for stability Reinforced mounting points with 2 safety mount holes that reduce vibration Mounting keyhole slo ...

$329.00 Ea

DuraSkin® Bolt-On Backboard Padding

Our best, most popular backboard padding offers a sleek look for both 42" and 48"H boards.

Reversible-mount for official 72" rectangular glass backboards offers the same smooth, clean look, with no front notch exposed on the 48"H backboard. Molded-urethane foam (2" thick) bolts directly to backboard frame and won't loose ...

$185.00 Ea

Gared® Front-Mount Double-Rim Basketball Goal

Double-rim, reinforced fixed goal stands up to tough outdoor play.

Double ⅝" and ½" welded rim; powder-coated Double reinforcing rim support bars. Continuous no-tie ring for optimal rim strength Universal hole pattern (4"-5⅛"W x 3⅞"-5"H) fits rectangular and fan-shaped b ...

$79.95 Ea

Gared® Scholastic Breakaway Basketball Goal

Flex mechanism allows goal to deflect in degrees, according to applied pressure.

Single ⅝" high-strength rim with welded-steel rim support; powder-coated Unique stack spring construction delivers consistant rebound Universal hole pattern fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount glass backboards ...

$179.00 Ea

Bison® 6-in-1 Adjustable Easy-Up Youth Basketball Goal

Easily adjusts to 6 heights and mounts on any existing goal!

Quickly convert your 10'H goal to youth height while standing as low as 2' off the floor; no tools required. Easy-Up™ lowers the full-size rim and moves it 2' closer to the free-throw line; height-adjustable from 6'6"H to 9'H. High-impact ...

$619.00 Ea

Gared® Rear Mount

Heavy-duty rim construction for lasting durability.

Single includes stationary extra-reinforced ⅝" rim; double includes two ⅝" rims with ½" weld. Powder-coated. Hole pattern (2¼"-3⅝"W x 2⅞"-3⅞"H) fits most rear-mount fan-shaped backboards. Hardware and ...

$84.95 Ea

SafePro Bolt-On Backboard Padding

Protect equipment and players with affordable padding in your choice of 12 colors, precut for 72"W x 42"H glass backboards.

Durable molded-urethane foam (2" thick) bolts easily to any 72" official rectangular glass backboard (front notch exposed on 48"H board). Interlocking steel connectors ensure perfect pad alignment. Hardware included. Meets NCAA, NFHS, ...

$169.00 Ea

Bison® ProTech Competition Breakaway Basketball Goal

Bison's original breakaway design continues to deliver consistent rebound and reliable performance throughout the life of the goal!

Single ⅝" rim with ¼" rim support; powder-coated Low-maintenance positive-lock mechanism Universal hole pattern (5"W x 4"-5"H) fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount glass backboar ...

$259.00 Ea

Gared® Glass Conversion Backboard

Easy, one-step conversion from a fan-shaped or small glass backboard to a 72"W x 42"H rectangular backboard.

Economical option to quickly convert your gym into a regulation basketball court with powder-coated steel frame for durability and long life Shock-absorbing molding between the ½" thick tempered-glass withstands more than 1,100 lb of d ...

$159.00 Ea

Gared® Collegiate 2000 Plus Breakaway Basketball Goal

NCAA-approved goal is the most universally recognized and utilized goal in high school, university, and recreational gyms.

Single ⅝" rim with positive-lock mechanism to hold it in playing position; powder-coated Damper device prevents dangerous fly-back action Universal hole pattern fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount glass b ...

$229.00 Ea

Gared® Rectangular Acrylic Backboards

Comes closest to the look and play of glass, with added durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

Durable ⅜" thick UV-resistant acrylic backboard (60"W or 72"W x 42"H) attached to ¾" x 1½" welded-steel tubular uni-frame with struts for added support (60"W x 42"H backboard shown) Frame's ...

$579.00 Ea

Gared® Aluminum Backboards

Lightweight, maintenance-free aluminum will never rust.

One-piece cast aluminum backboard (54"W x 36½"H) with 12 reinforced mounting points for stability Durable white powder-coat finish, with or without border and target Mounting keyhole slots positioned at 20" vertical, 35" ...

$429.00 Ea

Gared® Endurance Breakaway Basketball Goal

Our only outdoor breakaway goal, with a double rim for added strength!

Double ¾" and ⅝" welded rim; powder-coated Breakaway mechanism absorbs the dynamic load and alleviates excess pressure applied to backboard Universal hole pattern (4"-5"W x 4"-5"H) fits most front-mount o ...

$169.00 Ea

Jaypro Little Champ Adapter Board and Basketball Goal

Quickly convert any regulation goal to a functional youth league goal.

Adapter attaches to any existing goal with steel ring; no drilling, tools, or modification required. Once installed, backboard will be 2' closer to the foul line. Choose standard Little Champ™ Adapter or Adjustable Adapter. Each includes a 48 ...

$799.00 Pr

Gopher Court Commander Front-Mount Double-Rim Basketball Goal

Gopher's strongest outdoor goal.

Heavy-duty double ⅝" rim; powder-coated Continuous 3/16" x 1" net-lock system adds strength, eliminates breakage Universal hole pattern (5"W x 5"H, 5⅛"W x 4 7/32"H, and 5"W x 4"-4½"H) ...

$139.00 Ea

Gared® Collegiate Glass Backboard

Shock-absorbent molding between the glass and steel frame for safety and long life.

½" thick tempered glass in 42" or 48" heights with fired-in target and steel frame create the ultimate support structure that can withstand up to 1,100 lb of direct force Mounting brackets permanently bolted to frame for dire ...

$159.00 Ea

Bison® Unbreakable Glass Backboard

The only unbreakable glass backboard design that relieves 98% of stress to the entire system.

Support structure absorbs stress from the goal without transferring it to the glass. Goal is mounted "off glass" so even excessive hanging eliminates stress ½" thick cushioned glass Mount features full-length beam with alumi ...

$939.00 Ea

Gared® Rectangular Steel Backboards

Solid, vibration-free construction for indoor or outdoor use.

Durable 12-gauge steel backboard (60"W or 72"W x 42"H) welded to 12-gauge horizontal and vertical channel reinforcements for stability Powder-coated for maximum weather-protection Mounting keyhole slots positioned at 20" verti ...

$579.00 Ea

Bison® Removable-Goal Basketball Kit

Prevent theft and control use of the goal.

Easy-to-install adapter bracket fits all common front-mount playground backboards with 5" x 5" hole pattern. Remove or insert goal from the ground using special telescoping pole, or lock with a padlock, not included. Kit includes goal, nylo ...

$275.00 Kit

Gared® Master Breakaway Basketball Goal

The industry's premium breakaway goal for NCAA-level play.

Heavy-duty single ⅝" rim supported by a continuous welded wraparound brace; powder-coated No-fail positive-lock breakaway mechanism is an industry best, keeping goal in place until force is applied, then returns goal to playing position ...

$279.00 Ea

Gared® Fan-Shaped Glass Backboard

Our best fan-shaped backboard offers the feel of a main-court backboard in a space-saving design!

½" thick tempered glass and heavy steel frame Shock-absorbing vinyl molding and acrylic cushioning plates Mounting keyhole slots at 20" vertical, 35" horizontal; no additional stabilizer required Hole pattern: 5"W x 5& ...

$849.00 Ea

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