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CharacterEd® Volleyballs

Students learn positive character values and build playing skills with our soft, durable volleyballs.

A cushion layer over a supple rubber cover make these exceptional trainers. Top-quality construction with nylon windings for rugged performance and shape-retention under extreme use. Official size and weight. Set 1 features our original 6 CharacterE ...

Was $71.95 - Now $49.95

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Rainbow® Gopher Cyclone Soccer Balls

Unique design allows players to quickly and easily identify ball rotation.

Innovative 10-panel design features durable polyurethane cover and foam backing for ultimate softness. Butyl bladder for great air retention. Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Was $119.00 - Now $89.95

Premium Rainbow® No-Kink® Hoops

Holds up to heavy institutional use!

Stand on them, they won't kink! Thicker walls make them outlast standard hoops. Set of 12 includes 2 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Was $79.95 - Now $47.98

Aqua Trim® Flotation Belt

Contoured for maximum range of motion.

Easy-to-buckle 60"L belt fits below ribs and above hips. Adjustable. Closed-cell EVA foam won't absorb water or chip; 8"W x 1½" thick. Not to be used as a safety flotation device. ...

Was $23.95 - Now $13.98

AcceleRope Speed Ropes

Premium-quality ropes designed to meet the demands of high-performance jumping.

Perfect for speed jumping, with 3/16" dia PVC rope that turns freely, won't kink or twist, and stays safely and securely attached within the shatterproof 4"L handles. All ropes are white; handle color designates rope length. ...

Was $28.95 - Now $17.98


Stickball Bat

An essential for a lively neighborhood street game!

Stickball -- a baseball spin-off -- requires no gloves and incorporates this longer, thinner bat to make it more challenging to make ball contact. Use bouncy Stickball Balls for faster gameplay, or foam baseballs for slower gameplay and beginners. Pl ...

Was $11.95 - Now $5.98

Step360 Pro

The security and safety of a step with the stabilization benefits of a balance trainer.

Features a flat plastic platform and 2 separate vinyl cylinders that shift more fluidly than other balance trainers, offering more stability to the user. Platform also features molded-in foam for increased safety and softness. Inflate/deflate cylinde ...

Was $149.00 - Now $74.98

UltraFit IndestructiBell Urethane-Coated Dumbbells

The unrivaled durability of our urethane coating makes these the last set of dumbbells you'll buy for years!

Pure, virgin urethane coating delivers unsurpassed durability that withstands a decade-worth of abuse! Bells are densely coated with molded-in, wear-proof weight identification that lasts. Hex bell shape for no-roll safety and convenience. ...

Was $25.00 - Now $16.98

Magnus Circuit Step Cart

Easily transport up to 13 Circuit steps and 48 risers.

Durable lightweight cart designed to safely store and transport the smaller-size Circuit Step™ (29"L x 14"W x 4"H). New ABS plastic is extra durable. Rounded edges. Lockable swivel casters with smooth-rolling no-mar wheels. Easy ...

Was $249.00 - Now $54.98

Five for Life Fitness Circuit Training Kit

Easy-to-use kit promotes a fun and effective way to achieve NASPE and State Standards for Physical Education.

Includes 59 colorful, laminated cards that demonstrate proper technique and provide teaching cues and safety considerations for numerous exercises. Anatomical illustrations identify the primary muscles trained with each exercise. Handbook offers 15 s ...

Was $339.00 - Now $159.98

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Screamin' Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

Low-bounce, blazing bright ball energizes catching, throwing, and dodging.

Soft, low-density foam provides consistent performance, so kids have fun and develop skills. Premium-coated foam with a sure-grip textured surface retains its shape. Waterproof and washable. Won't peel or crack. ...

Was $239.00 - Now $102.98

Ekho® E-10 Heart Rate Monitor

Ekho's® simplest monitor provides accurate heart rate monitoring for all ages!

Wireless ECG-accurate continuous heart rate with single-button start and LCD display.  Water resistant. ...

Was $49.95 - Now $27.98

Ekho® WM-25 Heart Rate Monitor

Full-featured monitor specially designed for PE teachers by PE teachers!

Functions include five heart rate training zone program.  Records time in/above/below target zone, with audible alarm and visual display for time out-of-zone.  Precisely calculates calories burned based on age, weight, and gender.  Wat ...

Was $79.95 - Now $47.98

UltraFit Rocker Board

Rock your way to better balance and a stronger core!

Perform standing or prone-position exercises. 23½"L x 10¾"W x 3"H.  ...

Was $89.95 - Now $39.98

Tireplast Stepper Mat

Out performs and outlasts typical foam mats!

A patented combination of recycled rubber and plastic, this revolutionary material is longer-lasting, more durable, yet resilient. When placed under exercise equipment, the mats reduce noise, protect floors and equipment from damage, and reduce ...

Was $42.95 - Now $29.98

UltraFit Latex-Free Resistance Tubing

Material is safe, even for the most sensitive skin!

Available in Extra-Heavy resistance level to match the ambitious fitness goals of users. Durable plastic handles. 48"L.  ...

Was $10.95 - Now $5.98

20kg USA Power Bar

Great power bar for demanding lifts!

28mm bar diameter.  ...

Was $299.99 - Now $149.98

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Game Day All-Stars After-School Packs

All Stars is an exciting after-school, summer, or enrichment sport and exercise program that students and teachers will love!

All Stars is designed to encourage participation, enhance activity, develop cooperation and teamwork, and boost confidence for all participants. Students will never get tired of the hundreds of noncompetitive activities spread across 10 different uni ...

Was $1,249.00 - Now $299.95

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FITstep Plus Pedometers

Improved step-counting technology makes these the most accurate pedometers on the market!

The new FITstep™ Plus counts steps at almost any angle, eliminating time spent with miscounting pedometers. While proper placement is always encouraged and necessary for others to count accurately, the FITstep™ Plus provides a digitally-p ...

Was $25.95 - Now $18.95

Warrior® Mini Cobra Lacrosse Set

Popular 34"L aluminum stick designed for improved ball control. 

Aluminum shaft with wide plastic head. Nylon mesh net stands up to routine use.  ...

Was $19.95 - Now $11.98

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CharacterEd® Basketballs

Makes teaching character values a slam dunk!

Ideal for educational variations on any basketball activity. High-quality rubber cover with deep pebbling, nylon windings, and medium-width channels.Features our original 6 CharacterEd®  values in Rainbow® colors. CharacterEd® Keywor ...

Was $49.95 - Now $24.98

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Cooper The Cooperative Walker

Students learn to "COOPERate" with our only swiveling balance walker!

Teammates must work together to lift their rope handles and legs in unison to walk Cooper™. Unlike other walkers, each piece of Cooper™ moves independently from the others so it can swivel and move in different formations for an exciting ...

Was $89.95 - Now $59.95

New Only From Gopher

Squarachute Parachutes

Unique shape and large numbered panels offer exciting new activities that no other parachute can!

Twelve colorful, square panels feature large, easy-to-read 24" (61 cm) numbers that are perfect for four-square, math games, and much more. Made from a durable, rip-stop nylon, this parachute's versatile shape allows for new and unique activitie ...

Was $189.00 - Now $119.00

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Rainbow® FitPro® Champion Pinnies

Our best-fitting, longest lasting pinnie!

Suitable for the highest-intensity use, the Champion is made of a unique 100% polyester mesh that draws moisture away from the body, helping you stay cool during the most vigorous activities. Features 3/8" black neck trim for easy identification ...

Was $4.50 - Now $1.98

Gopher Pacer Metallic

Our longest-lasting stopwatch features a heavy-duty, alloy casing that won't break upon impact.

24 hr Timing Range Single Event Time Split Time to 1/100 second Other Functions: Temperature, date, time, alarm, lithium battery ...

Was $29.95 - Now $21.95

Classic Swim Fins

All-rubber floating fins for swim training and snorkeling.

Soft-grade rubber pocket with full foot and heel for nonslip comfort. Rubber blade for power and speed. Easy-to-see two-tone fins. Men's sizes. ...

Was $31.95 - Now $15.98

Rip Flag® Removable-Flag Flag Belt System

Our simplest buckle system with easy-to-attach Velcro® flags!

Easy-snap buckles get students in and out of their belts quickly without assistance, yet remain securely in place during play. Removable 17"L vinyl flags have Velcro® swatches on both sides for easy attachment to the two fixed-position Velcr ...

Was $39.95 - Now $19.98


FitPro® PE T-Shirts and Shorts

Outfit your entire PE class with matching comfort.

These 100% cotton shirts and 100% polyester shorts are the perfect choice for your school's PE class attire. Blue. ...

Was $9.95 - Now $5.95


3-Step Series Volleyball Trainers

Create a non-intimidating introduction to volleyball and successful skill progression!

Designed by a PE professional, these innovative 3-step series trainers are designed to maximize a student's success in the sport of volleyball by gradually progressing in 40-g increments to a heavier ball. Introduce students to the fundamentals w ...

Was $99.95 - Now $49.98


ExerFit Anti-Burst Stability Balls

Anti-burst strength and safety in sleek, classy new colors!

Perfect for intense strength, balance, and flexibility exercises using stability balls. Slowly and safely deflates if outer skin is punctured. Burst-resistant to 500 lb but supports static loads of up to 1,000 lb. Includes hand pump inflator kit. Ava ...

Was $28.95 - Now $14.98

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Soccer Balls

Durable molded-rubber balls get an extra kick from CharacterEd® values!

Tough enough for play on any surface. Premium nylon windings and butyl bladder ensure optimal shape/air-retention. Keywords on the front with definitions on the back. Official size and weight. ...

Was $69.95 - Now $34.98


Farm & Garden Teaching Kit

Teach your students the benefits of gardening with all the guidance you need to start a school garden.

Introduce your school to the idea and importance of starting a garden with instruction, guides, and education materials that meet the Family and Consumer Sciences National Standards. Kit includes Farm-to-School activities, 5 posters (Food Cycle, Fa ...

Was $169.00 - Now $84.98

New Only From Gopher

EcoFit Anti-Burst Stability Balls

Eco-friendly material meets anti-burst safety.

No longer is “anti-burst” reserved for PVC construction, as these balls safely deflate if punctured. Outer skin is eco-safe and free of Phthalate, latex, and other common fitness materials, removing skin reactions or allergies. Burst-resistant up to ...

Was $30.95 - Now $15.98

Only From Gopher

Polar® E40 Heart Rate Monitor

Simple 2-button monitor is specifically designed for physical education and makes heart rate zone training easy.

Wireless ECG-accurate continuous heart rate reading Coded transmission to prevent cross-talk Average, heart rate percentage, and max heart rate recording Records cumulative time in target zone Programmable target zone with visual and audible al ...

Was $109.00 - Now $89.98

New Only From Gopher

Soft-Stix Polo and Floor Hockey Sets

The ultimate combination of safety, durability, and performance!

Soft-Stix™ combines soft, friendly, vibrant foam heads with lightweight aluminum shafts to deliver a stick that's perfect for all users. Durable aluminum-shaft sticks with long-lasting polyurethane-foam heads are equipped with a tough outer ...

Was $26.95 - Now $13.98

Rainbow® Aqua Animal Beanbags

Creatures of the sea that add a new twist to any beanbag activity!

Durable, soft vinyl aqua animals in fun Rainbow® colors. Approximately 5”L; 2.4 oz (13 cm L; 68 g) each. ...

Was $21.95 - Now $2.98

UltraFit HandleBars Medicine Balls

Tough handles perfect for secure swinging movements!

Two solid, ergonomically contoured hard-composite handlebars with rubber grip let users maintain firm control of up to 30 lb of weight during exercise. Use for one- or two-handed exercises. Lightly textured, firm-to-the-touch surface. Not for throwin ...

Was $49.95 - Now $34.95

Cramer® Trainer's Kit

Fully loaded 58-piece kit for class or team situations, in the case of your choice.

Essential assortment of bandages, ointments, gloves, analgesics, tape, wrap, cold pack, sling, and more. Includes a case and everything listed below. Contents may vary. Contents: 10 ea   Antibiotic Cream   1 ea   Instant Cold ...

Was $265.00 - Now $132.98

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Footballs

Teach important lessons, on and off the field.

Colorful, durable rubber. Size 4 intermediate. Set 1 features our original 6 CharacterEd®  values in Rainbow® colors; Set 2 and Set 3 each feature 6 additional words and definitions on back. Complete Set of 18 includes Sets 1, 2, and 3. ...

Was $71.95 - Now $49.95

Samsung® Hi-Def Flat-Screen LED TVs

Razor-thin HDTVs for lighter, easier mounting…or just showing off!

Razor-thin 1.2" thickness for a lighter, safer stand- or wall-mount. LED screen features Wide Color Enhancer for the richest, most vibrant color, while Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio boosts definition for realistic contrast. ...

Was $779.00 - Now $299.98

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