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CharacterEd® Rubber Basketballs

Makes teaching character values a slam dunk!

Ideal for educational variations on any basketball activity. High-quality rubber cover with deep pebbling, nylon windings, and medium-width channels.Features our original 6 CharacterEd®  values in Rainbow® colors. CharacterEd® Keywo ...

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CharacterEd® Rubber Volleyballs

Students learn positive character values and build playing skills with our soft, durable volleyballs.

We're sorry, but Set 1 Keywords CharacterEd® Volleyballs (SKU 62-604) and the Complete Set (SKU 62-607) are no longer available. A cushion layer over a supple rubber cover make these exceptional trainers. Top-quality construction with nylon ...

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Rawlings® Big Stick Wood Baseball Bat

Perfect introductory bat for high school and adult leagues.

-3 oz weight-to-length ratio (adult) 2½" barrel dia Ash wood ...

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CharacterEd® Rubber Soccer Balls

Durable molded-rubber balls get an extra kick from CharacterEd® values!

Tough enough for play on any surface. Premium nylon windings and butyl bladder ensure optimal shape/air-retention. Keywords on the front with definitions on the back. Official size and weight. ...

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CharacterEd® Rubber Footballs

Teach important lessons, on and off the field.

We're sorry, but Set 3 Keywords CharacterEd® Footballs (SKU 62-401) and the Complete Set (SKU 62-402) are no longer available. Colorful, durable rubber. Set 1 features our original 6 CharacterEd®  values in Rainbow® colors; ...

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Rainbow® Gopher Cyclone Soccer Balls

Unique design allows players to quickly and easily identify ball rotation.

Innovative 10-panel design features durable polyurethane cover and foam backing for ultimate softness. Butyl bladder for great air retention. Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

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Gopher Designator Slow Pitch Bat

Designed for solid performance and durability for institutional use.

2¼" dia barrel, thin 31⁄32" dia handle, comfort grip, and one-piece 7046 alloy construction. ...

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Warrior Apprentice 1" dia Conditioning Ropes

Thinner ropes are perfect for younger students and beginners!

Polypropylene 1" dia ropes are thinner, softer, and lighter than other ropes, so they're easier to handle and won't intimidate students or beginners. Ropes offer variety to traditional exercise routines and deliver an extensive arm, hand ...

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MEGASoff Oversized Ball

The ball that's MEGA soft and convenient!

Soft, tacky ball is great for any activity! The 40" dia ball is easier to catch and less intimidating for younger students. Large and easy to handle like other oversize inflatable balls, but without a cover for ease of inflation. Suitable for in ...

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Stickball Bat

An essential for a lively neighborhood street game!

Stickball -- a baseball spin-off -- requires no gloves and incorporates this longer, thinner bat to make it more challenging to make ball contact. Use bouncy Stickball Balls for faster gameplay, or foam baseballs for slower gameplay and beginners. Pl ...

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Ekho® WM-25 Heart Rate Monitor

Full-featured monitor specially designed for PE teachers by PE teachers!

Functions include five heart rate training zone program. Records time in/above/below target zone, with audible alarm and visual display for time out-of-zone. Precisely calculates calories burned based on age, weight, and gender. Water resistant. ...

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Tireplast Stepper Mat

Out performs and outlasts typical foam mats!

A patented combination of recycled rubber and plastic, this revolutionary material is longer-lasting, more durable, yet resilient. When placed under exercise equipment, the mats reduce noise, protect floors and equipment from damage, and reduce ...

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Rainbow® Rubber Soccer Balls

Durable molded-rubber cover stands up to play on any surface.

Nylon-wound construction keeps the ball round; butyl bladder keeps the air in. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color; size 3 only.  ...

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7'L Needling-Bearing Bar

Great for Olympic training with lighter weights.

7'L Olympic-style needle-bearing 45 lb steel bar. 1,000 lb capacity. Knurling enhances grip. ...

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Deluxe Tabletop Inflator with Gauge

The last inflator you'll ever need to buy!

All components are heavy-duty cast iron/steel. Clamp for stability, remove to store. Includes all attachments and mounting hardware. Minimal assembly. 7 lb. ...

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Pro-Form Combo Advanced Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

Offers both continuous monitoring with chest strap and one-touch monitoring for versatility that's perfect for younger students!

Features: Two-finger Sensing Continuous Heart Rate Percent of Maximum Heart Rate Target Zones with Alarm Average Heart Rate Maximum Heart Rate Calorie Counter Total Fat Burn Stopwatch Backlight ...

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After-School Program by GameDay

Fun-filled, preconfigured curriculum for your after-school, summer, sport, or exercise program that students and teachers will love!

All Stars is packed with fun activities and is designed to encourage participation, enhance activity, develop cooperation and teamwork, and boost confidence for all participants. Students will get excited about attending their activity program and an ...

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Action Based Learning Complete Lab Manual

(Madigan, Hess) In-depth curriculum for young students enhances movement and learning skills.

Contains 6 stations for progressive learning, including spatial awareness and movement, visual-motor control, vestibular development, and more. Meets national standards. Paperback. Full-size, 72 pages. 2005. ...

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Rainbow® Anti-Burst Hop-Along Bouncers

Our strongest, safest, bouncers are burst-resistant up to 600 lb!

Uniquely constructed bouncers are designed to deflate slowly and safely. Extra thick and durable PVC construction. Fully enclosed handle for a firm grip. Large size is perfect for kids in after-school programs or teachers. Standard inflation. Set of ...

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Rainbow® Hop-Along Bouncers

Wide, fully enclosed handles built for long bouncing make the Hop-Along™ Bouncers durable and a kid favorite!

Thick PVC construction with wide handle stands up to tough bouncing. Standard inflation. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color and a foot pump.  CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. ...

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Screamin' Yellow Warrior Elite Ropes

Sheathed in seatbelt-grade nylon, this is the toughest, longest-lasting conditioning rope on the market!

Rope won't damage or fray. Screamin' Yellow® sheathing provides more distinct visual feedback. 1-1/2" thick x 50'L. ...

Was $409.00 - Now $204.98

UltraFit Conditioning Steel Cart

Heavy-duty all-steel cart is great for organizing!

Heavy-duty cart organizes, stores, and transports all circuit training equipment and the 18" x 18" Station Boards that provide in-depth instruction for 36 exercises. 75"L x 24"W x 57"H; 80 lb. ...

Was $499.00 - Now $199.98

Polar® Pocket PC with Physical Education Manager Software

Comprehensive data collection and grading tool specifically designed for PE.

Easily collect, analyze, and report each student's performance and fitness level with fully-customizable settings with easy-to-follow instructions. Available as software only or pre-loaded into hand-held Polar® Pocket PC for the ultimate conv ...

Was $799.00 - Now $399.98

Replaceable Core Target

An economical way to extend the life of your target.

Easy-to-replace core gives longer life for targets! Indoor/Outdoor. Replaceable Core measures: 10”L x 10”W x 5”H; 2 lb.  ...

Was $199.00 - Now $99.98

Cramer® Trainer's Set w/ Extra-Large Soft-Sided Case

Fully loaded 58-piece set for class or team situations.

Essential assortment of bandages, ointments, gloves, analgesics, tape, wrap, cold pack, sling, and more. Durable nylon case with shoulder strap, zippered compartments, movable dividers, elastic loops, pouches, and zippered mesh enclosures. 15-1/2&quo ...

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Easton® Mystique Fast Pitch Softball Bat

Responsive bat delivers exceptional power.

-11-1/2 oz weight-to-length ratio 2-1/4" barrel 7050 aircraft alloy 33"L 21.5 oz ...

Was $79.95 - Now $39.98

Forest-Ice® Pro 400 Broomball Broom

Wood-shaft broom for recreational play provide exceptional rigidity.

Broom features a curved broom head (front and back) for precise forehand and backhand shots. Molded-polyurethane head and 45"L wood shaft. ...

Was $29.95 - Now $14.98

Mikasa® Bump Board

Takes the sting out of bumping a volleyball!

Students can practice proper form and develop passing and receiving skills while protecting their forearms. Padded arm strap keeps plastic board in place and keeps one arm free for safety. 12"L x 12"W x 3"H; 1-1/2 lb. ...

Was $39.95 - Now $19.98

35lb Bumper Grip Plate

Blue uniform-sized plate for easy identification.

Ideal for teaching and practicing proper technique. Color-coded three-grip design ensures easy identification and enhanced maneuverability. Uniform plate sizing, with a steel composite hub for added structural integrity. High-quality rubber allows pl ...

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Mikasa® VLS300 Composite Volleyball

Official beach volleyball.

Soft composite cover with improved water resistance makes this the best beach volleyball on the market. Two-layer cloth backing provides superior shape retention, even after routine use. Official size and weight. Blue & yellow. ...

Was $69.95 - Now $34.98

bSAFE bFIT Activities Kit

Impact kids' wellness for a lifetime!

Program helps students develop healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Five fitness components address Body Composition, Strength, Aerobics, Flexibility, and Endurance. Kit includes 5 Fitness Pals posters (24"L x 18"W); 3 lesson plans for age ...

Was $189.00 - Now $94.98

Ekho® E-15 Heart Rate Monitors

Advanced monitors provide current and average heart rate, target zone training, calorie estimates, and more.

Pack of 12. Monitors include: Wireless ECG-accurate current/average heart rate with single-button start Target zone programming Records time in/above/below target zone with audible alarm and visual display Recalls average and maximum heart rate ...

Was $889.00 - Now $444.98

DeMarini® Cat Fast Pitch Softball Bat

Cat Osterman signature model for competitive play.

-11 oz weight-to-length ratio, 2-1/4" dia barrel, 31/32" dia handle, DX1™ aluminum alloy frame for lasting performance, and comfort grip with maximum tack. Meets all major association bat standards. 32"L, 20 oz. ...

Was $54.95 - Now $27.98

Rainbow® Mio Classic Select Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

Rainbow® monitors allow for easy classroom organization and allow you to easily identify school property!

Pack of 12. Monitors include: ECG-accurate two-finger heart rate sensing Calculates percentage of max heart rate Large illuminated LCD display Four keys: light, set/start, stop, and mode Program age, gender, weight, resting heart beat for perso ...

Was $729.00 - Now $364.98

Pro-Form® EZ Touch Heart Rate Monitors

Easy, reliable one-touch operation with expanded functions for versatile strapless monitoring.

Pack of 6. Monitors include: Simple one-finger heart rate sensing High/low heart rate readings Large, easy-to-read illuminated LCD display Night vision for easy reading of LCD in low light and dark 20-memory recall Pacer mode Lap recall to 42 ...

Was $369.00 - Now $184.98

Diabolo Juggling Set

An exciting coordination challenge, as players learn to spin, throw, and catch a Chinese yo-yo.

Originating over 4,000 years ago in China, Diabolo is a staple of jugglers and performing artists. Students develop their coordination as they learn to balance the yo-yo-like Diabolo on the string, attached to two 17-1/4"L control sticks. Colors ...

Was $15.95 - Now $7.98

Super Puck

Super soft floor hockey puck.

The pellets give Super Puck enough weight to stay on the floor, and the "donut" shape allows for smooth sliding. Soft, yellow puck. Grades 1-5. ...

Was $6.95 - Now $3.98

Diamond® Women's Catcher's Leg Guards

Women's Softball Leg Guards.

16-1/2"-18"L. ...

Was $59.95 - Now $29.98

BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer - 55 cm

Smaller and lighter for younger users.

Great for low-to-medium impact exercises. Supports up to 250 lb. 20" dia x 8"H; 11 lb.  ...

Was $109.00 - Now $54.98

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Conditioning Rope Cart

All-steel cart with smooth-rolling caster for easy transport.

62"L x 26"W x 64"H, 140 lb. ...

Was $679.44 - Now $339.98

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