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Omron® Body Fat Monitor

Fast, accurate body fat measurements in just seconds.

Measures body fat percentage through bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and also measures body mass index (BMI). Both are displayed on the large digital panel. Clinically accurate measurements in two modes: Normal Mode for any adult or child over ...

$79.95 Ea

Health o Meter® Floor Scale

Institutional-quality floor scale provides precise measurement, wide deck, and superior durability.

Large, easy-to-read 8" dial. Heavy-gauge steel body features a nonslip mat for improved comfort and safety. Tough white enamel finish. 400 lb/180 kg weight capacity in 1 lb/1 kg increments. 13"L x 11½"W base. 10 lb. ...

$149.00 Ea

Health o Meter® Physician Scale

The durable and accurate industry classic.

Eye-level scale has die-cast, easy-to-read rotating poise bars and heavy-duty steel base and lever system. Includes height rod (23"-84" range) and nonslip platform cover. 400 lb/180 kg weight capacity (with one 150 lb counterweight) in .25 ...

$299.00 Ea

Omron® 516 Full-Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor/Scale

Full-body sensing accurately measures 7 fitness indicators for a more complete assessment.

Unlike monitors that only use foot sensors or hand sensors, this uses both to measures 7 fitness indicators: weight, body fat, body mass index, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, resting metabolism, and body age on the LCD display. Stores perso ...

$135.00 Ea

Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper

Determine the body fat of a large number of individuals quickly and easily.

High-impact plastic with high-tension spring for accurate measurement. Includes 22-page instruction booklet and chart. 0.5 mm graduations. 5 oz. ...

$24.95 Ea


Health o Meter® Digital Scale

High-tech functions and heavy-duty components at a very affordable price.

Features eye-level 1"H LCD display with full complement of features: hold/release, lb/kg, auto-zero, BMI function, and EMR connectivity via USB. Large low-profile platform with nonskid mat and wheels for easy mobility. 500 lb/220 kg capacity. He ...

$499.00 Ea

Health o Meter® Remote Display Scale

Versatile tabletop or wall-mount digital display.

Two-piece scale features a display unit with ½" LCD digits, 30-second auto-off, and 9'L cord. Steel platform with nonslip surface. 400 lb/180 kg capacity in .5 lb/.2 kg increments. Includes AC power adapter and 9V battery. 12"L x ...

$239.00 Ea

Baseline® Skinfold Caliper

Combines extreme accuracy and durability with ease of use and readability.

Aluminum caliper with large, 60 mm scale and needle indicator. Measurement arms with floating tips ensure accurate, replicable results. Includes case, instructions, and charts. 0.5 mm graduations. 18 oz. Allow for 2mm variance. Use/discard floating t ...

$195.00 Ea

Omron® 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

The best and most versatile testing technology proven clinically accurate!

Self-auditing software performs callibration, triple testing, and irregular heartbeat detection. AM/PM Averaging shows up to 8 weeks of test history. ComFit™ cuff and IntelliSense™ inflation for premium comfort. Includes case, AC adapter, ...

$119.00 Ea


InBody Body Composition Analyzers

Quickly and easily get a medical-grade analysis with true health and fitness readings!

See what your students are made of, limb by limb, and then pin-point areas for improvement. Go beyond the general estimates of basic BMI with analyzers that compartmentalize the body into 5 distinct sections for greater insight. Advanced bi ...

$4,599.00 Ea

Tanita® TBF-522-W Body Fat Monitor/Scale

Advanced measurement for more accurate results, with a separate display and monitor for versatility.

Measures weight, body fat, and body water within 0.5% using bioelectrical impedance analysis. Separate display and programming monitor can be mounted on the wall or set on a countertop. Footpad uses a safe, low electrical current to measure body's co ...

$569.00 Ea

Omron® 3 Series Compact Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

One-touch operation with large, easy-to-read display.

Simple, lightweight monitor provides clinically-accurate readings on the move. One-touch display features irregular heartbeat detection and saves up to 60 test results. Cuff fits 5.25" wrists. Includes case, AAA batteries, and manual. ...

$79.95 Ea

Tanita® TBF-300A Body Composition Analyzer/Scale with Printout

Provides highly accurate measurements, making it a NTEP Class III certifiable scale.

Provides body fat and weight readings using foot-to-foot bioelectrical impedance analysis for wrestling weigh-ins. Prints out weight to 0.2 lb, body fat to 0.1%, fat mass/fat-free mass to 0.2 lb, total body water to 0.2 lb, and basal metabolic rate. ...

$2,899.00 Ea

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