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Screamin' Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

Low-bounce, blazing bright balls energize catching, throwing, and dodging.

Soft, low-density foam provides consistent performance and allows kids to have fun while developing skills. Premium-coated foam with a sure-grip textured surface retains its shape. Won't peel or crack. ...

$64.95 Set of 6

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Screamin' Plastic Cones

Keep activities organized and energized!

Our polyethylene cones in vibrant colors will keep your class Screamin’! Lighter than vinyl cones, yet stable and tough enough for institutional use. 12"H (30 cm). ...

$19.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Utility Balls

Nylon/polyester windings give this rugged ball a kick...and you should too!

We're sorry, Screamin' Orange® 10" dia Utility Balls are temporarily unavailable.  Tough enough to kick, the nylon/polyester windings fortify an equally strong, three-ply rubber cover. ...

$59.95 Set of 6

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Screamin' Orange® Speed Ropes

Made for experienced speed jumpers, but brightly colored for beginners too!

Smooth-turning, solid ¼" dia (1 cm) PVC rope in a Screamin' bright color! Strong 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles are clearly labeled to designate rope length and won't break if stepped on. Available in five different lengths: 6'L ...

$14.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Synthetic Footballs

Don't pass on a ball that's this easy to catch!

High-quality, stitched-synthetic cover with deep pebbling offers a soft, tacky feel and a better grip. Sewn-in laces for throwing control. Butyl bladder. ...

$89.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Rubber Basketballs

Make a fast break for skill-building with these bright, durable balls!

Nylon windings provide durability in an introductory ball. Deep pebbling and medium-width channels. ...

$86.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Coated-Foam Bowling Sets

The colors may be Screamin', but the solid foam keeps the noise to a minimum!

Soft, safe, and quiet foam has a tough coating for long-lasting durability. Ideal for all ages. 10 pins (15"H / 38 cm) and 1 ball (16 oz / 454 g) in your choice of eye-popping colors. ...

$29.95 Ea

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Screamin' Orange® Agility Ladders

Vibrant color gives you the visibility you need indoors and out!

Dramatically improve speed, coordination, balance, and conditioning. Heavy-duty ladders feature tough polyethylene webbing and either traditional flat plastic rungs or nearly indestructible new round PVC rungs for cleat-resistant outdoor use. Connect ...

$54.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Rubber Soccer Balls

Molded-rubber introductory ball for when durability is your goal.

Extra-durable rubber delivers long-lasting performance. Nylon-wound; butyl bladder. ...

$69.95 Set of 6

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Screamin' Playground Packs

A full assortment of attention-grabbing balls for endless sports and activities!

Outfit an entire class with these tacky, durable premium balls. Includes: Set of 12 Basketballs, Size 6 Set of 12 Utility Balls, 8.5" dia (22 cm) Set of 12 Footballs, Size 4 Set of 12 Soccer Balls, Size 5 4 ea VersaBag&trade ...

$599.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Tetherballs

All-natural rubber cover provides premium durability and shape-retention.

Top-quality construction for institutional play. Includes recessed rope mount and 8'L (2.45 m) rope. ...

$17.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Vinyl Spots

Stomp, run, and jump on the spots that jump off the floor!

The toughest spots on the market with the brightest colors. Guaranteed not to tear and heavy enough to hold their ground. Great for beanbag targets, stepping stones, or bases! 9" dia (23 cm). ...

$27.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' VersaBag Mesh Bags

Our most popular storage bags are Screamin' for your attention!

Available in all three Screamin' colors! Top-quality polyester mesh bags have cord closure with slide lock. Large, 36"L x 24"W (91 cm x 61 cm). ...

$79.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Resonator Pealess Whistles

Produces a consistent sound that resounds above other noise!

Loud, reliable pealess performance, every time. Durable, high-impact ABS-plastic case features a unique, sleek design. Rainbow® Sets of 6 and 8 available with or without nylon lanyards in matching colors. ...

$2.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' SoftScore Plus Coated-Foam Soccer and Footballs

Our SoftScore™ Plus balls use higher-density foam for faster, more lively play!

The heavier SoftScore™ Plus high-density foam soccer or footballs provide truer throwing and catching. Coated-foam cover won't peel, or crack. ...

$135.00 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Screamin' Rainbow® FitPro® Champion Vests

The coolest vests in the hottest colors!

Never lose sight of your teammates with these bright Champion vests that scream for attention. Made of the heaviest, most durable polyester fabric with the largest open weave for maximum comfort. Features ⅜" black trim on neck and arm ope ...

$47.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher Black Diamond Leather/Synthetic Gloves

Quality glove is exceedingly flexible and easy to break-in!

Genuine leather palm and lightweight nylon back provide exceptional flexibility and durability with quick break-in. Features premium palm padding for comfort, deep well pocket for easy fielding. Screamin' Orange® color option provides a visual ta ...

$35.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Colors Composite Basketballs

Make a fast break for skill building with these bright, durable balls!

High-performing synthetic material offers better handling with windings for enhanced durability. Indoor/outdoor use. ...

$135.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' SoftiBall Coated-Foam Balls

Radiantly colored low-density foam for enhanced tracking and a lower bounce for slower play.

Low-bounce, coated-foam balls provide an ultra-soft feel, low rebound, and easy grip for a wide range of activities. Great for developing throwing, catching, and kicking skills. Premium, pick-proof coating. ...

$79.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

UltraFit CircuitPro Speed and Agility Circuit Pack

Ignite the explosive power and speed of your class with this high-octane circuit pack featuring premium equipment and expert instruction.

Pair our one-of-a-kind CircuitPro™ Station Boards with corresponding equipment for eight fast-paced speed and agility exercise stations. Our premium 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards feature easy-to-follow ins ...

$1,499.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Orange® FITstep Pedometer

Easy-to-use, three-function pedometers count MVPA time (moderate to vigorous physical activity), steps, and total activity time!

NASPE, the American Heart Association, and other experts agree that getting at least 30 minutes of MVPA (60 minutes for children) in bouts of 10 or more minutes is one of the cornerstones of a healthy life. The FITstep™ Pro lets users accuratel ...

$23.95 Ea

RallyNet Screamin' Orange® School/Recreation

Introductory full-size net for indoor play; use with portable standards

32' x 36" Poly rope top, 2" Screamin' Orange® vinyl headband, 1½" vinyl bottom/sides 2.5 mm knotless nylon net with 4" black mesh and riveted corners ...

$49.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' SuperSofti Coated-Foam Balls

The softest and lightest coated-foam balls, with the highest visibility!

These incredibility soft, low-density balls can't be matched! Now available in our Screamin' Rainbow® or 3 Screamin' Colors for added fun! Won't peel, crack, or absorb moisture. ...

$64.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' PlayBall Coated-Foam Balls

Ultra-rugged, medium-density ball provides a higher bounce for faster play.

These medium-density balls are softer than high-density foam balls and have more bounce than low-density balls for faster-paced games. Sizzling hot colors are easy to see and catch. ...

$99.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Playground Balls

Classic recess, 4-square, or low-impact activity ball.

We're sorry, Screamin' Orange® 10" dia Playground Balls are temporarily unavailable.  Stippled two-ply rubber cover and valve for more "give" than Utility Balls. Not recommended for kicking. ...

$49.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Team PinGuard Set

Students run, jump, and throw in this heart-pumping, action-packed team game.

Teach teamwork, agility, targeting, and dodging skills as teams of 15 or more compete to knock down their opponents' pins while protecting their own. Includes 12 soft foam 6.3" dia (16 cm) dodgeballs (6 ea Screamin' Orange® and Screamin' Gre ...

$369.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Active & Healthy Schools Playground Packs

All the equipment you need to set up each of the 16 different playground Activity Zones as outlined in the AHS™ Program Manual.

Having a wide variety of activities available and enough equipment to perform them is critical to creating an active, safe, and friendly playground. By dividing your playground into designated Activity Zones, you can actively involve up to 150 studen ...

$3,999.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin Colors Synthetic Footballs

The ball that's easy to see and control!

High-quality stitched-synthetic cover offers a tacky, composite-like grip for outstanding control. Real sewn-in laces improve throwing accuracy. Butyl bladder. ...

$15.95 Ea

Screamin' Orange® G1000

Our durable introductory racquet, in easy-to-see Screamin' Orange®!

26"L Tempered Steel Braided-Nylon or Coated-Steel Strings 4.2 oz or 4.8 oz ...

$10.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Training Hurdles

Lightweight training hurdles are perfect for developing power, quickness, and coordination.

Durable PVC hurdles quickly set up for teaching countless drills, recovery mechanics, and force application. Use shorter hurdles for lateral and change-of-direction speed, taller hurdles for linear running mechanics. Choose from from four heights in ...

$49.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Glove Packs

Complete packs with your choice of six different gloves to best suit your class needs!

Packs include 30 gloves (12 Right Throw, 3 Left Throw of each size), 24 Gopher VersaBall™ softballs, 2 XL DuraBag™ duffels for glove storage, and nylon-coated vinyl ball bag with zippered top. Choose from introductory all-synthetic AllSta ...

$1,019.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Orange Warrior Elite Ropes

Sheathed in seatbelt-grade nylon, these are the toughest, longest-lasting conditioning ropes on the market!

Ropes won't damage or fray. Screamin' Orange® sheathing provides more distinct visual feedback. Available in 2" thickness and include wall anchor and hanger for storage. ...

Was $409.00 - Now $199.98

Only From Gopher

Screamin' SST Scooters

Safer, Speedier, Tougher (SST) in exciting colors!

Indoor/Outdoor features 3" dia (8 cm) inline skate wheels that glide smoothly over any indoor or outdoor surface. Precision-sealed bearings never need lubrication. Indoor has 2 ½" dia (6 cm) thermoplastic-rubber wheels for indoor sur ...

$229.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Orange® AirRanger Plastic Discs

Classic flying-disc design meets our easy-tracking, can't-be-missed Screamin' Orange® color.

These brightly colored discs stand out from any background, making them easier to catch. Classic dome profile encourages correct grip for accurate throwing. Discs are 9" dia, 109 g. ...

$15.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack

Turn up the fun with these eye-catching colors!

Students will love the Screamin' Colors in a variety of sizes for a variety of games. Includes 6 each Softiball™ (6.3"/16 cm dia), Dodgeballs (7"/18 cm dia), PlayBall™ (8.25"/21 cm dia), SoftScore™ footballs (Sz 3), S ...

$579.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Team PinBlitz Set

Pins and balls in 3 Screamin' colors ensure knock-down fun for the entire class!

In a variety of action-packed games, 3 teams of 10 or more players either attempt to knock down their own pins or knock down their opponents' pins while protecting their own. Teaches teamwork, agility, accuracy, and dodging skills. Set includes 18 so ...

$499.00 Set

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