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ClassPlus Skate Pass Land Paddle Packs

Make waves ashore with paddleboarding brought to land!

Land Paddling is a unique activity that gets the whole body involved and develops balance, coordination, and confidence. 43-3/4" Longboard with nonslip surface and adjustable (42"-72"L) Kahuna Land Paddle used for momentum, direction, ...

$4,629.00 Set of 12

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ClassPlus Skate Pass® Packs

Complete pack makes it easy to introduce skateboarding in a fun and safe way!

Specially-designed skateboards feature the only gym-floor-specifc wheel in the world, optimized for proper friction indoors and out. Packs include enough equipment for up to 24 students and feature skateboards, helmets, protective gear, and a Magnus& ...

$3,799.00 Pack

ClassPlus Inline Skating Packs

Roll out the fun with the cardio workout that gets your entire class on their feet!

Teach your class the basics of inline skating and they'll be skating circles around you in no time! Custom-designed packs include enough equipment for up to 24 students and feature high quality skates, protective gear, and mobile storage for a to ...

$8,399.00 Pack

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