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Gopher Victory 1000 Soccer Balls

The perfect choice for practice, recreation, and skill-building, now in Screamin' Colors for better tracking!

Glossy, hand-sewn polyurethane cover is durable yet soft, with cushioned backing for excellent overall performance. Natural rubber bladder gives a softer fee. ...

$14.95 Ea


Nike® Soccer Balls

Our selection of Nike® balls have you covered - from practice to competition!

Nike Strike. Nike's introductory polyurethane ball is machine-stitched for consistent play. Reinforced rubber bladder for strong rebound qualities and shape-retention. Color and graphics vary. Hi Vis colors and graphics are great for tracking. N ...

$32.95 Ea

Performer Rubber Soccer Balls

Durable molded-rubber cover stands up to play on any surface, even blacktop!

Our tough, institutional-quality construction is great for any surface. Butyl bladder for great air retention. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$9.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher Indoor Striker Soccer Balls

A great indoor soccer ball, in soft microfiber suede!

Hand-sewn 32-panel microfiber cover provides a great soft feel with rugged durability and the added plus of color-coded organization. Quality butyl bladder ensures optimal shape/air-retention. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. Also sold ...

$27.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Deluscious Foam Balls

Squishably soft soccer balls and footballs are great for beginners!

Lusciously soft outer core with a medium-density foam center offers non-intimidating play for beginners. Durable protective outer skin resists wear-and-tear and is easy to clean. Color makes them easier to track and organize drills, teams, and games. ...

$12.95 Ea

Rainbow® Victory 1000 Soccer Balls

Extremely durable hand-sewn polyurethane cover makes these a great value—in six colors!

Great for recreation and skill-building. Tough yet soft, with a glossy polyurethane cover and multilayer synthetic backing for precise balance and true flight. Soft, natural rubber bladder. Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rai ...

$84.95 Set of 6

Mikasa® Super-Soft Soccer Balls

Super-soft polyurethane offers excellent durability and exceptional player-friendly performance.

Extremely soft, this hand-stitched synthetic-leather soccer ball is a favorite among players. Butyl bladder ensures maximum air-retention for long-lasting use. ...

$15.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraPlay Rubber Soccer Balls

Our best molded-rubber soccer ball has a soft, tacky feel.

Our exclusive soft-touch rubber is specially formulated to feel softer and friendlier than other molded-rubber balls. The premium nylon windings help retain their shape better and last longer. Butyl bladder and no-leak inflation valve for superi ...

$13.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher Indoor Striker Plus Lite Soccer Ball

The only indoor lightweight soccer ball!

Foam-backed, soft microfiber suede cover and 25% lighter weight makes this ball perfect for beginners. Low-bounce technology allows for easier handling indoors. Butyl bladder. ...

$30.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Rubber Soccer Balls

Molded-rubber introductory ball for when durability is your goal.

Extra-durable rubber delivers long-lasting performance. Nylon-wound; butyl bladder. ...

$69.95 Set of 6

Brine® Soccer Balls

Quality hand-sewn balls are great for all ages!

Brine® Attack™. A durable, entry-level ball for long-lasting, heavy-duty play. Excellent for vigorous training and youth league. Hand-sewn synthetic cover and butyl bladder. Brine® Evolution™. Great rebounding and performance for ...

$17.95 Ea

Wilson® Soccer Balls

Premium match and training balls are designed to last season after season.

Tradtional™. Durable PVC cover with multi-ply polyester and cotton lining for excellent strength, shape-retention, and playability. Butyl bladder. Copia Due. NCAA replica of the Forte Fybrid with composite leather cover. Thirty-two foam-lined p ...

$20.95 Ea


Defender Rubber Soccer Ball

The most durable rubber ball you can buy with a cover that’s 2x thicker than a standard ball!

Two layers of superior rubber paired with premium nylon windings for double the durability and longevity, no matter the surface or intensity of use. Butyl bladder for great air retention. ...

$13.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Rubber Soccer Balls

Durable molded-rubber balls get an extra kick from CharacterEd® values!

Tough enough for play on any surface. Premium nylon windings and butyl bladder ensure optimal shape/air-retention. Keywords on the front with definitions on the back. Official size and weight. ...

Was $69.95 - Now $35.98

Only From Gopher

Gopher Indoor Striker Plus Soccer Balls

The best indoor ball with a softer touch and lower bounce!

The same long-lasting microfiber suede cover, now foam-backed for softness. Low-bounce technology for optimal indoor action. New butyl bladder provides more controlled indoor play . Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® ...

$30.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher SoftPlay Soccer Balls

Our only fabric-covered ball is also our softest and safest!

Ball features a polyester knit cover with a layer of cushioned foam and weighs 30% less than a regulation ball, taking the intimidation out of the game for beginners. Butyl bladder. Indoor use only. ...

$16.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® EZ Shot Soccer Balls

Soft, velvety trainers make every shot feel easy!

Ball is 25% lighter than a regulation ball, making it safe, more user-friendly, and easier to kick. Friendly velvety cover. Great for beginners and skill development. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$109.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Intro-Sport Soccer Balls

A durable trainer and a beginner ball all in one!

Cushy, foam-backed panels make this a non-intimidating ball for any age. Equipped with a quality butyl bladder for great air retention. Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each fun Rainbow® color. ...

$79.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Gopher SoftScore Coated-Foam Balls

Soft sport balls feature unmatched quality and durability.

Low-density soccer balls and footballs have a softer, lower bounce for non-intimidating play. Pick-proof coating is moisture resistant and won't peel, crack, or fade outdoors. Sets of 6 in a variety of color choices. Soccer balls available in Siz ...

$125.00 Set of 6

Tachikara® Fuzzie SS-5YS Soccer Balls

An excellent hand-sewn ball for indoor use.

Soft suede cover and butyl bladder or optimal shape and air-retention. Official size and weight. Optic Yellow.   ...

$34.95 Ea

Mikasa® Futsal® Soccer Ball

Stays in play longer and promotes ball control.

Popular, smaller-sized version helps develop foot skills, reflexes, and agility. Cushioned, stitched polyurethane cover with butyl bladder for excellent air retention. ...

$26.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Gopher Cyclone Soccer Balls

Unique design allows players to quickly and easily identify ball rotation.

Innovative 10-panel design features durable polyurethane cover and foam backing for ultimate softness. Butyl bladder for great air retention. Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Was $119.00 - Now $69.95


Brine® Voracity Soccer Ball

Optimal ball for indoor matches and gym floors.

Durable felt cover and butyl bladder. Optic orange. ...

$29.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher Biggie! Soccer Ball

Twice the size of a regulation ball, soft and lightweight for all fun and no fear!

Larger 16" dia increases kicking and receiving success for beginners and younger students. Composite, foam-backed cover is 20% lighter for friendly play. Features latex rubber bladder with butyl valve for superior air retention. ...

$54.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Metallix Soccer Balls

Unique, durable covers are made to stand out!

Foam-backed panels provide enhanced softness. Colors are highly visible and create instant organization. Butyl bladder. Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$94.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® SofTex Soccer Balls

Textured cover improves ball handling skills and slows play for beginners!

Made of soft, durable PVC with a rubber/butyl bladder. Balls offer a safe beginner option for indoor and outdoor play. ...

$84.95 Set of 6

FreeStylin' and Guatemalan Footbags

Durable footbags for all skill levels.

FreeStylin'™ is synthetic suede. Guatemalan is traditional hand-crocheted nylon. Both are easy to break in. Designs/colors vary on Guatemalan. 2" dia. ...

$5.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® UltraPlush Soccer Balls

Our softest soccer ball.

Ultra-plush polyurethane panels with cushioned back provide an extra-soft, nonintimidating feel with outstanding durability. Butyl bladder. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$109.00 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

Custom Logo Rubber Soccer Balls

Durable cover stands up to play on any surface, even blacktop!

Tough, institutional-quality construction. Butyl bladder for superior air retention. DOWNLOAD the ORDER FORM Customization requires a minimum order of 8 Sets or 48 Individual Balls. ...

$12.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Intro-Sport Balls

Take the sting out of any sport with our soft, safe sport balls!

Impact-cushioning balls feature a foam-backed synthetic cover, perfect for recreational use or skill building. Hand-stitched with a butyl bladder for reliable air retention and long-lasting durability. Available in Intro-Sport™ Footballs, Socc ...

$79.95 Set of 6

Mikasa® La Estrella Plus Soccer Balls

Thick casing gives extra cushion.

Soft, hand-stitched synthetic-leather balls for practice, camp, or club. Slighty textured surface. Butyl bladder. NFHS Authenticating Mark on Size 5. ...

$24.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Supra Soccer Balls

Weighing 30% less than regulation balls, these trainers are ideal for learning fundamentals.

Each has a soft, durable vinyl cover with nylon backing for strength and a butyl bladder for optimal air-retention. Sets of 6 include 1 of each Rainbow® color. Also available individually (colors may vary).   ...

$94.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Performer Plus Hand-Sewn Rubber Soccer Balls

Combines durability of rubber with the softness of a more expensive game-quality ball.

Hand-sewn cover adds flexibility and a player-friendly feel, while the tough rubber delivers long-lasting performance on both pavement and grass. Butyl bladder. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color.  ...

$21.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher So-Low Soccer Balls

Balls designed to bounce So-Low, with the durability to last So-Long!

Great for indoor soccer, beginners, or anytime less bounce is preferred. Foam-backed paneling for a softer touch. Withstands routine use indoors or out. Official size and weight. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$24.95 Ea


Mikasa® Flight Soccer Ball

High-tech, thermally fused construction for game-day performance every day.

Heat-sealed paneling for superior shape and weight retention. Stitch-free design means no water absorption. Butyl bladder for maximum air retention. ...

$29.95 Ea

Gopher Comp 1000 Soccer Ball

Cushioned panels and quality construction make this game ball a great value!

Hand-sewn 32-panel game ball is softer than ever, with a polyurethane cover with multilayer EVA-foam backing. Butyl bladder for great air-retention. Official size and weight. NFHS Authenticating Mark. ...

$24.95 Ea


Wilson® Stivale II Optic Green Soccer Ball

Replica NCAA® game ball is NFHS approved, and now available in Optic Green for enhanced tracking!

New 20-panel fused TPU cover withstands the most intense institutional abuse, and is backed by EVA foam for high energy return and precise control. Optic Green color and accent-colored graphics enhance visual tracking. Performance butyl bladder provi ...

$31.95 Ea

Rainbow® Rubber Soccer Balls

Durable molded-rubber cover stands up to play on any surface.

Nylon-wound construction keeps the ball round; butyl bladder keeps the air in. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color; size 3 only.  ...

Was $49.95 - Now $24.98


Ball Inflation Needles

2" ball inflation needles.

For use with any standard valve inflator. Choose a Basic Set of 25 ball inflation needles or an Instructor Set of 300 needles with a plastic storage container. ...

$8.95 Set of 25


Standard Inflator

Plenty of power in a handy size.

Plastic body with built-in storage for nylon-covered hose, 2 plastic adaptors and ball inflation needle (included). 10¼"L power cord. Fills Size 7 basketball in 23 seconds. 10¾"L x 6½"W x 6"H; 5 lb 6 oz. ...

$89.95 Ea

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