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Rainbow® X-Force Bowling Balls

Low-bounce balls are ideal for elementary and special needs students.

Top-quality, long-lasting rubberized plastic balls are guaranteed not to split and are safe on all floors. Two sets of 3-finger hole patterns fit different finger and hand sizes. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

$44.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraPin Bowling Sets

Get in the fast lane to realistic, gym-friendly bowling!

Durable 15"H polyethylene pins stand up to routine use. Sets include 10 pins, a pin setup template, and score pad. Deluxe Sets also include a floor-friendly X-Force™ bowling ball. Choose from two types of pins: UltraPin™ Nonweighted or Weighted Sets. ...

$64.95 Set

Rubber Bowling Balls

Durable, hollow rubber balls.

High-quality balls have multiple hole patterns to accommodate different size fingers and hands. Safe on all floors. The 2-1/2 lb ball has two sets of 3-finger hole patterns; the 5 lb ball has three sets of 3-finger hole patterns to fit a variety of d ...

$39.95 Ea

Solid-Foam Bowling Set

Incredibly soft all-foam pins and ball are ideal for learning the fundamentals of bowling.

Regulation-size set gives students a game-like experience. Soft 8 oz pins can be set up anywhere without worry about noise, injury, or damage to walls or floors. Set includes 10 solid-foam 15"H pins, a 10 oz coated-foam 8" dia bowling ball ...

$84.95 Set

New Only From Gopher

QuickFrame Premium Bowling Pack

Quickly set up a premium bowling lanes almost anywhere!

Choose from 1- or 4-Lane packs that include Premium Bowling Carpet, set of weighted pins, rubber ball (5 lb), pin setup template, pin corral, and score pad. 4-Lane pack includes enough equipment for 4 lanes plus a bowling cart and baskets to sto ...

$619.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Screamin' Coated-Foam Bowling Sets

The colors may be Screamin', but the solid foam keeps the noise to a minimum!

Soft, safe, and quiet foam has a tough coating for long-lasting durability. Ideal for all ages. 10 pins (15"H / 38 cm) and 1 ball (16 oz / 454 g) in your choice of eye-popping colors. ...

$29.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® UltraStrike Coated-Foam Bowling Balls

Our softest premium coated-foam balls are gentle for users and floors!

Balls are handcrafted from premium, European-quality coated foam and are safe on all floors. Smooth surface coating consistently delivers an even roll and at 14 oz, they're heavy enough to topple most weighted pins. Two options of 3-finger hole p ...

$39.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Premium Bowling Carpet

At last! A realistic, heavy-weight carpet that simulates an actual bowling lane.

White locator dots and arrows are easy to see and assist with instruction. Lies flat for a consistent rotation; conveniently rolls up for easy storage. For indoor/outdoor use. 27'9"L x 39"W x 3/10" thick; 25 lb.   ...

$375.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® UltraPin Weighted Bowling Pins

Brightly-colored pins are weighted without sand for less mess!

Weighted so they stay put and react realistically when hit. Made of durable polyethylene plastic for a long-lasting pin. Easy to set up and great for station and lane differentiation. Rainbow® Set includes 6 sets of 10 pins (15"H), each with ...

$84.95 Set

Only From Gopher

Tuff Stryke Bowling Sets

This semi-firm foam set is our toughest yet!

Semi-firm foam shell and polyurethane-foam core make these our most durable foam pins. Surfaces won't peel or wear away. Set of 10 pins (15"H) with storage bag is available with or without a ball. ...

$25.95 Ea

Rainbow® ThinPins Bowling Pins

Thinner than traditional bowling pins for use in a variety of activities.

Durable 17"H polyethylene pins can be set up close together, far apart for more of a challenge, or in a variety of other configurations; perfect for Candlepin bowling. Organize and store easily in color-coded bags. Weighted bottom for extra stab ...

$34.95 Set of 10

Only From Gopher

EnormaSport JUMBowl Pack

Ball and pins are 33% larger for enormous fun!

Plastic ball and pins are 33% larger than the standard plastic sets but light enough so anyone can use them! Two sets of 3-finger hole patterns fit a variety of finger and hand sizes. Individual Sets include an 11" dia, 1 ½ lb (28 cm, 680 ...

$109.00 Set

QuickBowl 2-Lane Bowling Pack

Set up 2 lanes... with time to "spare!"

This simple pack includes high-quality basics. Included pin placement mats ensure correct pin setup every time. Pack includes: 2 sets of 10 UltraPin™ Traditional Weighted Pins (15"H) 2 ea X-Force™ Rubber Balls (4 lb, Blue) 2 ea PinD ...

$299.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

UltraPin Multicolored Bowling Sets

Multiple colors are great to incorporate in other activities!

Polyethylene pins are weighted without the use of sand so there's no mess if a pin cracks open. Each set includes pins, setup template, and score pad (with or without a ball). ...

$69.95 Set

Only From Gopher

ACTION! FlingBowl Set

Flying disc bowling delivers striking fun for the entire class!

Teams quickly set up 6 lanes, using the template to place 6 pins in each lane. Pairs of teammates take turns throwing soft, coated-foam discs at their pins, which topple easily when hit. Includes 36 durable, high-impact plastic Rainbow® pins (17- ...

$319.00 Set

Plastic Bowling Ball

4 lb solid molded-plastic ball feels and plays like a real ball!

Durable hard-plastic ball has a straight and true roll. Safe on most floors; for institutional use. Two sets of 3-finger hole patterns. ...

$64.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

QuickAlley Bowling Packs

A complete 4-, 6-, or 8-lane bowling alley with storage cart!

Packs include UltraPin™ Weighted Bowling Pins, X-Force™ Bowling Balls, PinStop™ Corrals, PinDeck™ Placement Mats, and score pads. The 6-Lane Rainbow® pack brightens up and organizes your class with Rainbow® versio ...

$1,259.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Team Bowling Set

Color-coordinated pins and balls for a variety of fun activities!

Teams of students compete in bowling activities that establish and reinforce addition, point value concepts, and more. Team lanes are set up, and colored pins with point values are used for each activity of skill and strategy. Includes 60 weighted 15 ...

$725.00 Set

Only From Gopher

ACTION! Team Dodgebowl Set

Knock down all the opposing team's pins to win!

Players roll the balls at the opposing team's pins to knock them down. All players are involved at all times for nonstop action and loads of fun. Set includes 6 coated-foam 8" dia (30 cm) Dodgebowl™ bowling balls, 20 UltraPin™ weight ...

$299.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Team PinBlitz Set

Pins and balls in 3 Screamin' colors ensure knock-down fun for the entire class!

In a variety of action-packed games, 3 teams of 10 or more players either attempt to knock down their own pins or knock down their opponents' pins while protecting their own. Teaches teamwork, agility, accuracy, and dodging skills. Set includes 18 so ...

$499.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® PinDeck Placement Mats

For perfect pin placement, every time!

Mats make it easy to set up a game of bowling on almost any flat surface and for students to reset their own pins in seconds. Rainbow® colors allow easy lane and team organization. Feature heavy-gauge vinyl with permanently screened-on pin placem ...

$39.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® PinStop Bowling Pin Corrals

Colorfully confines your bowling pins to one area.

Set up lanes anywhere and eliminate the problem of runaway balls and pins. Great for designating lanes or organizing groups, games, and more by Rainbow® colors. Movable arms extend 36" on each side to accommodate any pin set. Durable vi ...

$99.95 Ea

Magnus Bowling Cart

Stores 60 plastic bowling pins, 12 bowling balls, and accessories!

Cart with 4 removable baskets for neat storage and easy equipment access. Tough ABS construction. Heavy-duty locking ball-bearing swivel casters; 3" dia no-mar rubber wheels. Assembly required. 41"L x 24"W x 64"H; 55 lb.  ...

$315.00 Ea

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