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Gopher AllStar All-Synthetic Gloves

Every player can feel like an All Star with this introductory synthetic glove!

Leather-like synthetic material reduces break-in time, while padded palm cushions hand upon impact. Features a fully laced bridge for strength and woven web for secure catches. Set of 6 includes 1 right-throw glove of each Rainbow® color. Individ ...

Starting at $22.95 Ea

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Gopher Impact Zone All-Synthetic Baseball Gloves

The lightest-weight glove you can find!

Ready-to-use glove is very light and flexible, with a unique palm padding that resists moisture and absorbs shock for added comfort. Glove resists fading, bacteria, and moisture for long-lasting performance. Open X-web pocket for added durability. ...

Starting at $25.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher Black Diamond Leather/Synthetic Gloves

Quality glove is exceedingly flexible and easy to break-in!

Genuine leather palm and lightweight nylon back provide exceptional flexibility and durability with quick break-in. Features premium palm padding for comfort, deep well pocket for easy fielding. Screamin' Orange® color option provides a visual ta ...

Starting at $35.95 Ea

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ClassPlus Glove Packs

Complete packs with your choice of six different gloves to best suit your class needs!

Packs include 30 gloves (12 Right Throw, 3 Left Throw of each size), 24 Gopher VersaBall™ softballs, 2 XL DuraBag™ duffels for glove storage, and nylon-coated vinyl ball bag with zippered top. Choose from introductory all-synthetic AllSta ...

Starting at $1,019.00 Pack

Rawlings® All-Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic-leather construction is easy to break in, durable over time.

Arched basket-web design offers strength and durability. Flex Lock™ design for easy closure; adjustable Velcro® strap for a good fit and easy on/off. ...

Starting at $26.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Indoor/Outdoor XtraBases

Give younger players and beginners 40% extra space with XtraBases™!

Oversize bases provide plenty of room for fielders and base runners. Bases are 18" sq and home plate is 21", making them highly visible. Molded in texture and slip-resistant vinyl for added safety indoors and out. ...

Starting at $49.95 Set of 4

Rawlings® Leather/Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic-leather back with leather palm for superior durability and responsive touch.

Deep pocket and extended 3-finger palm padding. Overlapping closed back with adjustable Velcro® strap for a tailored fit and easy on/off. Basket-web design delivers increased strength, durability, and flexibility on 12" and 12-1/2" mode ...

Starting at $41.95 Ea

Rawlings® All-Leather Gloves

Genuine full-grain leather provides an outstanding feel and longevity.

Features overlapping closed back with an adjustable Velcro® strap for a custom fit and easy on/off. Basket-web design improves support and control on 12" and 14" models; H-web design on 13".  ...

Starting at $59.95 Ea

Rawlings® Catcher's Mitts

Premium leather mitts for baseball or fast-pitch softball.

All-leather shell delivers exceptional performance and protection. Baseball mitt has deep pocket with two-piece web and finger hood on Youth and two-piece closed web on Adult. Softball mitt has pro H-web design and conventional back. Both have adju ...

Starting at $59.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

SportSkillz Baseball/Softball Training Station Packs

Save time with one-of-a-kind packs that are designed to introduce students to the key skills of baseball and softball!

Quickly set up 12 stations with all the equipment and easy-to-follow instruction needed to successfully teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball. Self-directed packs> accommodate all ages and require little guidance from the teacher; 18&quo ...

Starting at $899.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Phenom Bats

The bats that are so phenomenal they knock other plastic bats out of the park!

Twice as strong as other plastic bats for long-lasting durability. Taped handles offer an excellent grip. Phenom™ Skinny Bats. Smaller 1¼" diameter barrel for advanced users. 32"L. Phenom™ Jr. Bats. 2¼" diam ...

Starting at $9.95 Ea

Rainbow® UltraGrip Foam Baseball Bats

A safer solution for early batting practice!

High-density foam bats are safer than wood or aluminum and more durable than other foam bats. Weighted for maximum performance, yet easy to swing. Slip-resistant grip and foam barrels. Set includes 6 bats and 6 balls in Rainbow® colors. Individua ...

Starting at $16.95 Ea


Stickball Bat

An essential for a lively neighborhood street game!

Stickball -- a baseball spin-off -- requires no gloves and incorporates this longer, thinner bat to make it more challenging to make ball contact. Use bouncy Stickball Balls for faster gameplay, or foam baseballs for slower gameplay and beginners. Pl ...

Was $11.95 - Now $2.98

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Soft-Stix Bats

Absolutely the toughest, strongest, longest-lasting foam bat you'll find!

Cushioned 2 ⅜" dia barrel has a rigid fiberglass core for strength, soft polyurethane foam for safety, and a tough outer coating for maximum durability. Added texture on handle improves grip. 29"L. ...

Starting at $23.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ResisDent Balls

Maximum resistance to dents, cracks, and breaks, even in the most demanding settings!

Lightweight yet super-tough, rigid polyethylene offers extreme durability. Choose from Rainbow® colors and in easy-to-track Screamin' Yellow® and traditional White. ...

Starting at $9.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Flex-A-Ball Balls

Safety and durability combine in soft, flexible plastic that springs back to shape!

Plays like a hard-plastic ball, but it's softer and safer for beginners and indoor use. ...

Starting at $10.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Soft-Fly Baseballs and Softballs

Maximum toughness and durability, with the friendly feel of lively, semi-soft foam.

Tough outer skin protects these polyurethane-foam balls from wear-and-tear for long-lasting performance indoors and out. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Starting at $39.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Foam Balls

Colorful, durable foam baseballs are firm enough for lively play, soft enough for safety.

Ideal for use with any type of bat. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color. ...

Starting at $3.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Team Home Run Derby Set

Up to 36 players can play this action-packed baseball game and no one rides the bench!

Includes all the equipment to set up 6 baseball "fields" in which teams of 3 (or more) players face an equal opposing team. Runs are scored when batters hit the ball and run to the 2 "bases" (cones) and return to home plate withou ...

Starting at $419.00 Set

Deluxe Adjustable Tee

Solid rubber tee and base with steel support tube for added stability.

It's easy to adjust batting height from 24" to 47"H. Bat and ball not included. 12 lb. ...

Starting at $30.95 Ea

Self-Righting Adjustable Safe Tee

Round weighted bottom pops tee up if knocked down.

Extremely tough and durable ABS polyethylene. Adjusts from 16"-26"H. 6 lb. Optional 24" extension sets ball as high as 32" for older players; sold separately. ...

Starting at $11.95 Ea

Quickswing PX4

The hitting trainer used by the pros!

Invented by Joe Mauer's father, the Quickswing PX4 uses a gravity-drop design to develop quick, compact swings, while increasing hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Adjust difficulty and height to suit any skill level. Feed manually with a partne ...

Was $99.95 - Now $49.98


HitZone Batting Tee

Revolutionary air suspension tee brings a unique, effective, and fun tool to hitting practice!

Motorzied, steel tee creates a column of air that suspends the ball, eliminating the fear of hitting a tee and creating a moving target that mimics a real pitch. Includes an attached plastic home plate and fabric nozzle that quickly collapses if hit. ...

Was $199.00 - Now $99.98

Numbered Big Bases

Oversized for younger players.

Big 16" square throw-down bases (21" home plate) provide plenty of room for runner and fielder. Numbers are molded into the vinyl surface. ...

Starting at $54.95 Set of 4

Only From Gopher

Stay-n-Play Indoor/Outdoor Bases

Ultra-tacky, official-size bases safely "stay in play" and won't move or slide with player impact.

Specially formulated material has a tacky, nonslip bottom that grips the floor and stays safely in place and in play, even as players round the bases or slide into home plate. Tough, tear-proof construction offers maximum durability. Official size gi ...

Starting at $59.95 Set of 4

Indoor/Outdoor Rubber Bases

All-purpose set of bases!

Set of 3 flexible orange rubber bases plus home plate. Also available with Pitcher's Mound (not shown).  ...

Starting at $20.95 Set of 4

Rainbow® Deluxe Polyvinyl Bases

Guaranteed not to rip!

Premium polyvinyl indoor/outdoor bases are thick, durable, and won't get hard and brittle if left outside. Complete Rainbow® Set gives you six color-coded fields, great for field identification at your complex! Also available in Set of 3 base ...

Starting at $44.95 Set of 4

Double Safety First Base

Positions players to avoid collisions.

Two bases are fused side by side; the orange half positioned outside the foul line for the runner to step on, the white half for the first baseman. Includes ground anchors and plugs. 30"L x 15"W x 3"H. ...

Starting at $139.00 Set

Hollywood® Pro-Style Baseball Bases

Heavy-duty bases absorb the shock of a slide!

High-density foam filler in these official-size nonbreakaway bases helps to absorb the shock when sliding. Heavy-duty rubber covers are weather-resistant and easily wiped clean; bases stay white, won't yellow. Recommended for baseball use with Ju ...

Starting at $185.00 Set of 3

Safety Plates

Sturdy and portable for easy setup anywhere!

Home Plate has five removable spikes; Pitcher's Rubber has three removable spikes. Official sizes. ...

Starting at $14.95 Ea

Throw-Down Bases

Indoor/outdoor rubber bases are highly visible, stay in place.

Full-size 2" thick bases help players get the feel of official bases. Heavy-duty, molded rubber with beveled edges for safer slides.  ...

Starting at $155.00 Set of 3

Grid-Bottom Base Sets

All-rubber bases with special grid-design bottom stay in place on any surface.

Official 14" base size with beveled edges for player safety. Set of 3 bases plus home plate. ...

Starting at $59.95 Set of 4


Choose from our wide selection of NFHS-approved gameballs or soft practice balls.

9" White Leather, Synthetic, or Nylon Cover Cork, Sponge Rubber, or Foam Core NFHS Game Baseballs (A) Rawlings® R100NF (B) Wilson® A1010 HS1 SST (C) Diamond® DOL-1 (D) Diamond® D-1 Soft Practice Basebal ...

Starting at $4.25 Ea

Full-Hardness Practice Baseballs

Practice baseballs in large, economical quantities.

9" White Leather Cover Cork Center ...

Starting at $125.00 Bckt of 30

Rawlings® Big Stick Wood Baseball Bat

Perfect introductory bat for youth, high school, and adult leagues.

-5 oz weight-to-length ratio (youth) -3 oz weight-to-length ratio (adult) 2½" barrel dia Ash wood ...

Was $49.95 - Now $24.98

Easton® S200 Little League Baseball Bat

Cushioned grip reduces shock and sting.

-10 oz weight-to-length ratio, 2¼" barrel dia, thin 31/32" handle with cushioned grip, and 7046 aluminum construction. ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea

Easton® S400 Baseball Bat

Introductory bat is BBCOR-certified for high school play.

-3 oz weight-to-length ratio 2⅝" barrel 7046 aircraft alloy ...

Was $84.95 - Now $42.98

Easton® S500 Baseball Bat

BBCOR-certified bat is crafted of higher-grade aircraft alloy for peak performance.

-3 oz weight-to-length ratio 2⅝" barrel 7050 aircraft alloy ...

Was $119.00 - Now $59.98

Catcher's Gear Set

Top-caliber protective gear for the more demanding players.

Includes NOCSAE®-approved helmet with lightweight, impact-resistant shell, multilayer mesh-covered comfort foam interior, and durable wire-frame face mask. Ergonomically designed chest protectors feature lightweight, high-density padding and a fu ...

Starting at $149.00 Set

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Intermediate Batting and Catching Pack

All the equipment needed by upper-elementary to middle-school students to practice basic skills.

Contains: 8 ea    Gopher 12"L AllStar™ All-Synthetic Glove (6 Right, 2 Left) 4 ea    Easton® S50 Slow-Pitch Softball Bats (32"L/25 oz) 4 ea    Deluxe Adjustable Tee 24 ea  Go ...

Starting at $639.00 Pack

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