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Performer Rubber Basketballs

Long-lasting introductory rubber ball with grippy cover for enhanced control.

Pebbled surface and medium-width channels make these balls excellent performers on the court or playground. Indoor/outdoor use. Available in Individual Tan, Individual Rainbow® Colors, or Rainbow® Sets of 6. Or, show your school spirit with o ...

$9.50 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraPlay Rubber Basketballs

Our best rubber ball is softer and easier to control!

Engineered for performance with an exclusive soft-touch cover and deep pebbled channels that create a tacky grip like no other! It's as close as a rubber ball can get to the feel and handling of a composite ball. Indoor/outdoor use. Set of 6 ...

$15.95 Ea

Mikasa® BX1000 Series Basketballs

Quality rubber cover and long-lasting construction.

Nylon winding ensures long wear and consistent bounce. Butyl bladder for excellent air-retention. Deep pebbling for improved control and handling. Indoor/outdoor use.  ...

$10.50 Ea

Only From Gopher

Performer Plus Rubber Basketballs

The quality and durability of the Performer™, Plus a softer touch!

A quality rubber basketball that performs so well, we're convinced you'll feel the difference immediately! Cushioned rubber with wide pebbled channels provides a soft, tacky feel for improved handling and shooting. Indoor/outdoor use. ...

$14.50 Ea

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Instrux Basketball

Instructs proper shooting positions with graphics printed right on the ball!

Learning proper shooting technique just got easier! Students visually learn the correct right- and left-handed shooting positions with color-coded, printed hands. InstruxPlus™ balls are made with premium soft-touch rubber for better grip and co ...

$15.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Cyclone Basketball

See your students improve as they watch the alternating panels during drills.

Alternating color panels help students identify ball rotation and improve technique. Deep channels and enhanced pebbling provide exceptional grip, control, and shot accuracy. Nylon-wound, rubber cover, and cushioned panels. Indoor/outdoor use. ...

$13.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

CharacterEd® Rubber Basketballs

Makes teaching character values a slam dunk!

Ideal for educational variations on any basketball activity. High-quality rubber cover with deep pebbling, nylon windings, and medium-width channels.Features our original 6 CharacterEd®  values in Rainbow® colors. CharacterEd® Keywo ...

Was $49.95 - Now $24.98

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Screamin' Rubber Basketballs

Make a fast break for skill-building with these bright, durable balls!

Nylon windings provide durability in an introductory ball. Deep pebbling and medium-width channels. ...

$86.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Defender Basketball

The toughest, most durable rubber basketball you can buy!

Built for extreme use, with an outer layer of top-grade rubber for strength and durability over a second layer of rubber for cushion and feel. Indoor/outdoor use. ...

$12.50 Ea

Only From Gopher

Supra Basketballs

At 25% lighter, these easy-to-handle trainers help kids learn proper form and achieve success!

No more struggling to get the ball to the hoop! Weighing 25% less than standard balls of the same sizes, these trainers are perfect for young students learning the skills of basketball. Less intimidating, too, for early beginner success. High-grade r ...

$11.95 Ea

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