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DOM® JuniorSwing® Golf Clubs

Teaches junior golfers to swing correctly and safely.

Hard striking surface allows for realistic play, while the cushioned polyurethane foam back promotes safety on the back swing. Flexible steel shafts ensure superior feel; putter shaft is lightweight fiberglass. Color varies. Use with any golf ball, ...

$16.95 Ea

Golf Clubs

Choose from a class pack, convenient set, or individual clubs á la carte!

Standard clubs with quality stainless-steel shafts and rubber grips. Beginner-friendly oversized metal woods and lofted drivers. Forged irons feature cavity-backed design to maximize the sweet spot and forgiveness. Available in 18-Club Class Packs, c ...

$22.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus ClubKing Golf Pack

Includes everything you need to implement a golf program in your school!

Set of 40 clubs plus everything else you need to teach basic golf skills. Truck delivery on pack. Includes: 1 ea          ClubKing™ Golf Cart (31"L x 30"W x 42"H; 70 lb / 79 cm x 7 ...

$1,935.00 Pack

Golf Balls & Tees

For the range or the green, Gopher's got the golf balls you need.

Choose from the following four types of balls: Assorted Rewashed Balls (retrieved, cleaned, and clear-coated; no cuts), Red-Stripe Range Balls (great for practice; no cuts), Lightweight Practice Balls (use indoors or out; hollow plastic with limited ...

$3.95 Doz

New Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Putting Packs and Sets

Color-coordinated packs and sets with enough equipment for a whole class or group.

Easily set up an 18-hole putting course with these complete packs. Each pack includes: Rainbow® Putting Sets (Set of 24 ea) Putt your way to perfection! Tough urethane coating makes these more durable than conventional rubber putters. Color-coordinat ...

$125.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Toss-N-Chip Target Nets

Two sizes and Rainbow® colors open up a full spectrum of options for tossing games, station activities, and more!

Choose 26" dia or 17" dia targets. Both have big, tough nylon adjustment screws that are easy to turn and won't get tangled in the net. Rubber feet won't damage floors. Powder-coated steel with nylon net. Easy assembly.  ...

$20.95 Ea

Giant Jr. Net

Woods, irons, or wedges...this net is large enough to practice any shot!

Premium mesh netting is strong enough to support even your hardest hit. Folds into compact size for easy transport in nylon storage bag. 9'W x 7'H; 15 lb. ...

$139.00 Ea

All-Turf Golf Driving Mat

The thickest base we offer, with a premium simulated-grass surface for a realistic feel.

Durable indoor/outdoor mat with knitted nylon surface has a rigid ¾" thick foam-rubber base. Use from the right or the left side. Includes 1 rubber tee. 30"L x 15"W. ...

$59.95 Ea

Turf Tee Golf Driving Mat

Sturdy, resilient chipping and driving mat.

Simulated turf with ¼" thick foam-rubber backing. Rolls up for storage. Includes adjustable-height tee holder for wooden tees and a rubber driver-height tee. 24"L x 12"W. ...

$24.95 Ea

Premium Driving Mat

The tough turf on this mat lasts 20x longer than standard mats.

Durable 4'L x 3'W mat features 4 holes for rubber driver-height tees (included) – 3 in a row on one end for uninterrupted repetitions. Rolls up for storage. ...

$74.95 Ea

Dual Turf Golf Mat

Simulates hitting off a tee, out of the rough or in the fairway.

Practice woods, irons, and wedges from various lies. Simulated turf with ½" thick rubber nonslip backing. Use from the right or left side. Includes 1 rubber tee. 23"L x 10"W. ...

$39.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

5-Station Putting Green Pack

A complete pack of 5 putting stations.

Includes: 2 ea     Putt'n Hazard™ w/ Electric Ball Return (8'L x 16"W) 3 ea     Automatic Putting System™ w/ Gravitational Ball Return (7'L x 12"W) 5 ea     ...

$21.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

9-Hole Putting Green Pack

Complete 9-hole, 9-player set for go-anywhere putting practice.

Includes: 3 ea      Par 3™ Felt Golf Course (3 holes each) 9 ea      Two-Way Putters (31"L) 2 doz    White Rewashed Golf Balls 1 ea      XL Durabag™ Duffel ...

$64.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® EnormaSport GIGANTIGolf Set

Oversized golf set is double the size for double the fun!

With twice the hitting surface, these colorful, oversized putters and balls are a fun alternative to a standard golf set, making them perfect for beginners or younger students. PVC and steel construction create durability in a lightweight set that ca ...

$175.00 Set

BirdieBall® Set

Set up, teach, and play a 9-hole course in a confined space!

BirdieBall® practice balls feel and play like a real ball, but fly no more than 40 yards. Hit them from any surface using the StrikePads (24"L x 12"W), which show proper swing path. Collapsible targets and flags. Set includes 144 Birdie ...

$905.00 Set

Tri-Golf Set

Oversized and safe plastic equipment makes it easy for beginners to learn the great game of golf.

Includes 10 putters (9 right/1 left), 10 irons (9 right/1 left), 40 practice balls, 10 feet-placement markers, 50 cones, 20 rubber tees, 10 putting rings, 10 flags, 2 hoops, instruction cards, and a wheeled duffel. ...

$425.00 Set

Stand-Up Golf Bags

Durable full-length or junior-size golf bags with built-in stand.

Full-Size Stand-Up Bag. Lightweight polyester bag for full-size clubs. Features graphite-friendly 8" (20 CM) collar with four full-length dividers, dual sling, protective cover, mesh pockets, tee holders, and zipper pulls. 9" dia x ...

$59.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Soft-Stix Golf Clubs

Oversize soft foam heads make learning golf easier and safer!

Unique head shape makes it easier for beginning golfers to make contact with the ball while learning the proper form. Steel-shaft clubs are 33"L with soft, extremely durable polyurethane-foam head for safety. Choose from Putters or #7 Irons in S ...

$315.00 Set of 12

Par'Putt Miniature Golf

Includes 9 obstacle sets that attach with Velcro® for course customization.

Set up a 9-hole mini-golf course tailored to class ability in minutes on any flat surface. Interlocking 10’L x 40”W units can be used indoors or out and stack for storage. Mobile PVC cart with locking swivel casters stores entire set; ass ...

$2,095.00 Set of 9

Pykamo Golf Set

The one-stop solution that makes teaching golf fun and easy at any age, anywhere!

This complete golf set, made of durable ABS plastic and nylon lets you teach and play on both outdoor and indoor surfaces without damaging the floor! Clubs include a unique triangle handle design that assists in proper form. Oversized foam ball ensur ...

$879.00 Set

Mobile Mini Golf Course

The only mini golf course you can throw in a bag and take with you anywhere!

Design your own 9-hole mini golf course. Game can be played on any level surface. Pack includes 13 mini-golf pieces (9 holes, 4 obstacles), 12 Rainbow® putters (27"L or 32"L), 2 instructor putters, 12 Rainbow® golf balls, 2 practice ...

$489.00 Set

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