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Gopher TumblePro® Varia 2" Triple-Layer Foam Mats

Uniquely created to provide the highest impact-absorption AND a soft feel—the best of both worlds!

Two layers of our firmest foam envelop a soft urethane core to give this mat a variable feel. This triple-layer construction gives this mat the more rigid surface characteristics of our cross-link polyethylene mats, but with more forgiveness. Great f ...

Starting at $249.00 Ea


Gopher TumblePro® 1⅜" or 2⅜" Thick Instructor Mats

Gopher's thickest, most durable textured-vinyl cover and premium foam combine to provide outstanding support and traction for high-impact activities.

Versatile mats feature a heavy-duty 18 oz textured vinyl cover that resists abrasions and is flame-retardant, washable, and mildew-proof; together with double-reinforced nylon-stitched seams, this superior durability adds years to mat life. ...

Starting at $219.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher TumblePro® 2" Polyethylene-Foam Reduced Injury Factor Mats

These 2" thick cross-link polyethylene mats absorb twice as much energy as conventional mats!

Traditionally designed for gymnasts, these thicker mats have an additional ⅝" of foam that doubles the cushioning, reducing the incidence of bottoming out during high-impact use. These mats also provide better energy return ("rebound") ...

Starting at $239.00 Ea

Gopher TumblePro® 2" Bonded-Foam Mats

A great mat for exercise and general play, with a heavy bonded foam that is still feels soft.

These mats offer more stability and firmness than urethane-foam mats, making them perfect for elementary and junior high students and for simple, medium-impact gymnastics. The 6 lb bonded-foam in these mats is denser than the 4.5 lb or 5 lb bonded-fo ...

Starting at $199.00 Ea

Gopher TumblePro® 1 ⅜" Polyethylene-Foam Mats

One of the firmest mats you can get for high-impact, advanced gymnastics movements.

The firmness of this mat makes it great for high-impact activities by older (heavier-weight) users. The 1⅜" thick closed-cell, cross-link polyethylene foam provides the recoil and energy-return needed for advanced gymnastics. This very stable su ...

Starting at $189.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher TumblePro® FlipSide 2" Layered-Foam Mats

Our most versatile mat provides softness for beginners or firm support for advanced tumbling!

Composed of a 1½” layer of urethane foam fused to a ½” layer of premium closed-cell foam, this mat covers a wide spectrum of users. FlipSide™ Soft is recommended for basic exercise and gym skills with elementary studen ...

Starting at $319.00 Ea

Foam Cylinders

Versatile tumbling aid helps beginning tumblers develop balance and coordination skills.

Lay cylinders on their sides or stand them on end for jumping activities, too. Polyurethane foam with 13 oz vinyl cover. ...

Starting at $135.00 Ea

Soft Fat Landing Mats

Very soft urethane foam in 8" or 12" thickness for safe landings in nonstanding positions.

Perfect under ropes or cargo nets or as a landing pit. Nylon-reinforced 18 oz vinyl cover has sturdy triple-stitched handles and a zipper for foam removal and replacement if needed. Mesh side panels release air for safe compression. Choose 8" or ...

Starting at $719.00 Ea

Gopher TumblePro® 2" Urethane-Foam Mats

Our softest mat, best for younger users.

Perfect for teaching beginning exercise and basic elementary gym skills. Due to their extreme softness, these mats are generally recommended for use with students in grades K- 4. All mats have smooth, nylon-reinforced 14 oz vinyl covers and are flame ...

Starting at $229.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Custom Color Gopher TumblePro® FlipSide 2" Layered-Foam Mats

Our most versatile mat provides softness for beginners or firm support for advanced tumbling!

Composed of a 1½” layer of urethane foam fused to a ½” layer of premium closed-cell foam, this mat covers a wide spectrum of users. FlipSide™ Soft is recommended for basic exercise and gym skills with elementary studen ...

Starting at $299.00 Ea

Semi-Firm Dismount Mats

Extra-safe 4", 8", or 12" thickness with two types of foam for soft landings and no bottoming.

Thick 1½" polyethylene foam is layered over urethane foam, helping gymnasts "stick" their landings while providing plenty of shock absorption. Excellent for physical education activities or competitive gymnastics use. Mesh side ...

Starting at $559.00 Ea

AAI® Junior Swing Bar

Adjustable training aid for beginners.

The 1" dia x 36"L metal swing bar with laminate coating adjusts from 34" to 52"H. Weight limit 75 lb. Assembly required. CLM Landing Mat has 18 oz vinyl over 4" thick foam; sold separately. Truck delivery on mat. ...

Starting at $465.00 Ea

AAI® Foam Balance Beam

Portable, lightweight 2"H beam for learning the basics.

Comfortable 4"W surface with suede-like material over a firm polyethylene foam core. Tapered to the floor for added stability. 85 lb weight limit. Fully assembled. 8'10"L x 4"W; 8 lb. ...

Starting at $195.00 Ea

12'L Balance Bench

Use as a balance beam trainer, then flip it over to use as a bench!

Versatile unit features a 10'L x 3¼"W x 1½" thick laminated-hardwood balance beam on one side and a 12'L x 12"W bench on the other. Aluminum support legs with protective base pads. 200 lb weight capacity. 14"H; 80 lb ...

Starting at $525.00 Ea

UCS® 2 3/8" Leather-Grain Mats

The best vinyl mats available for high-impact activities!

The 2⅜" thick mat is fabricated out of 1⅜" thick polyethylene foam with an extra-soft 1" thick urethane foam. These mats provide the traction, stability, and firm support necessary for use in physical education, gymnastics classes ...

Starting at $279.00 Ea


Extra-large inclines for teaching rolls and walkovers, landing, stretching, and spotting.

Angled shape gives students the extra momentum they need to be successful. Rolls are learned much faster with the assistance of an incline mat. Firm, dense urethane foam with heavy-duty 21 oz vinyl-coated nylon cover. Truck delivery on the 72"L ...

Starting at $205.00 Ea


A must for jumping and skill building.

Large unit (48"L x 36"W x 48"H) has 4 sections in yellow, red, blue, and green. Small unit (36"L x 30"W x 36"H) has 3 sections in yellow, red, and blue. Soft polyurethane foam with a top layer of 1" extra-firm polye ...

Starting at $739.00 Set

Elite Kids Circuit Pack

Teach students the basics of gymnastics with this complete set of equipment.

Designed for beginners, this complete line of skill development apparatus introduces the fundamentals of gymnastics. All pieces are made of the same high-quality material as AAI competitive equipment. Both packs include parallel bars, rings, steel hi ...

Starting at $7,149.00 Pack

E-Z Fold 1 3/8" Thick Padding

Durable textured "carpet" bonded to a polyethylene foam mat offers a lightweight, easy-to-store alternative.

A carpet top on the firm polyethylene base provides exceptional durability, traction, and rebound and won't bottom out when used for high-impact activities. Mat is available in E-Z Roll™, Standard Roll, or E-Z Fold™ Roll options which ...

Starting at $169.00 Ea


Johnson & Johnson® Coach® Athletic Tape

High-quality tape from a company you trust.

The best easy-tear, multipurpose tape lives up to its name. Treated for strength, uniform unwinding tension. 1 ½"W x 45'L rolls. ...

Starting at $89.95 32 Rolls


Pretaping Underwrap

Thin polyurethane foam underwrap for painless tape removal.

Helps eliminate skin irritation caused by repeated taping. Use to secure cold packs and bandages too. Apply before taping. 2 ¾"W x 90'L rolls. Available in tan and black. ...

Starting at $59.95 48 Rolls

AAI® Junior Low Balance Beam

Low-to-the-ground 5½"H balance beam for beginners.

Beam features wood-core construction with suede-like material over ¼" thick foam; rests on wooden feet. 85 lb weight limit. Assembly required. 8'L x 4"W; 47 lb. ...

Starting at $365.00 Ea

AAI® Junior Vaulting Board

For lightweight or beginning vaulters.

Designed to look and perform like an official vaulting board, but made with 3 springs especially for younger vaulters. Once beginners master this vaulting board, the transition to more advanced vaulting is easy. Four carrying handles for convenient t ...

Starting at $395.00 Ea

AAI® Junior Balance Beam

Height-adjustable beam for elementary-level gymnastics.

Wide 4" surface with steel core and suede-like material over padding for safety. Easy 4-height adjustment from 30⅝" to 42⅝". Powder-coat finish on base and uprights. For training only. Weight limit 85 lb. 12'L x 4"W; ...

Starting at $1,469.00 Ea

AAI® Junior Competition Vaulting Board

Meets the needs of the intermediate gymnast.

Approved for use in level 4 and 5 gymnastic competitions. Board length designed to accommodate the shorter hurdle of smaller gymnasts. Carpeted surface over ½" polyethylene foam. 150 lb weight limit. 36"L x 23¾"W x 8&frac ...

Starting at $699.00 Ea

Gopher TumblePro® 2 3/8" Layered-Foam Mats

These soft yet resilient mats are ideal for medium-impact activities.

The 1" thick urethane foam layer provides softness for younger (lighter-weight) users, while the 1⅜" thick polyethylene layer prevents the mat from bottoming out during heavier use and provides a more stable mat surface. Foam layers are per ...

Starting at $259.00 Ea

Blockbuster Foam Cube

Multipurpose cube for developing jumping, crawling, and other motor skills.

Folds into a 24" cube with Velcro® fasteners; unfolds to 8'L x 4" thick mat with four soft stepping blocks. Firm polyurethane foam with 13 oz vinyl cover. 25 lb. ...

Starting at $259.00 Ea

EcoMat Tumbling Mats

Go green without sacrificing quality with these eco-friendly foam mats.

This hypoallergenic, latex-free foam is made from 60% recycled and 40% virgin polyester fiber–with no leaching chemicals and zero toxins, flame-retardant, and 100% recyclable. Phthalate-free 18 oz vinyl covers are washable and mold/mildew-proof ...

Starting at $229.00 Ea

AAI® Graphite Parallel Bars

Quick and easy adjustments using spin-lock mechanism.

Round graphite bars adjust in width from 14"W to 18"W and in height from 45"H to 77"H. Powder-coated steel frame. Rubber floor contacts increase stability and prevent floor damage. 85 lb weight capacity. Assembly required. 130 lb. ...

Starting at $1,999.00 Ea

AAI® Pommel/Vaulting Horse

Converts to long horse by removing pommels.

Adjusts from 34½" to 48½"H. Powder-coated steel base with leather cover and rubber floor contacts. 16" space between pommels. For recreational use by elementary ages. 119 lb. Truck delivery. ...

Starting at $1,349.00 Ea

UCS® 1 3/8" Embassy Mats

This textured surface and thick foam mat is a perfect choice for gymnastics!

This high-quality mat offers superior toughness and durabilty to stand up to even the most rigorous excercise. UCS's exclusive 21 oz textured vinyl over a 1⅜" thick polyethylene foam filling makes these mats perfect for high-impact activitie ...

Starting at $259.00 Ea

UCS® 2 3/8" Embassy Mats

This textured surface and thick foam mat is a perfect choice for gymnastics!

The 2⅜" embassy vinyl cover mats are great for high-impact activities. Filled with a 1⅜" polyethylene foam filling underneath an extra-soft layer of 1" thick urethane foam, these thick mats are perfect for tumbling, running, and other ...

Starting at $319.00 Ea

UCS® 1 3/8" Leather-Grain Mats

Choose this knife-coated, leather-like surface for activities that require a smoother texture, such as tumbling and rolling!

Filled with a 1⅜" thick polyethelene foam filling, UCS's leather-grain vinyl covered mats are perfect for activites that require little traction (such as yoga or gymnastics). Includes 2' folding panels with 1' color blocks. A permane ...

Starting at $249.00 Ea

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