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Dunlop® Biotech Ti Squash Racquet

A great racquet for introducing the sport of squash!

Midsize head Titanium-alloy frame  Split-beam shaft  Synthetic grip Nylon strings  27"L 5.5 oz/155g   ...

Starting at $34.95 Ea


Dunlop® Squash Balls

Official squash ball for tournament play!

Can of 3.  ...

Starting at $11.95 Can of 3

Wilson® Splat Stick Aluminum Alloy Racquet

Longer nylon strings for increased power.

Oversize head aluminum alloy frame I-beam construction Synthetic grip Nylon filament string 22"L 7.7 oz (220 g) ...

Starting at $24.95 Ea

Penn® Racquetball Variety Can

The most popular Penn® racquetballs in one convenient can.

Includes the classic Ultra-Blue, high-speed Ballistic 2.0, easy-tracking Pro Penn® HD, and tournament-quality Pro Penn®. Ultra-Blue also sold separately. ...

Starting at $26.95 Can of 12

Gopher Aluminum Racquetball Racquets

Nylon bumper protects frame and strings.

Midsize head Aluminum alloy frame O-beam construction Synthetic grip Choose nylon or coated-steel strings 21-1/2"L ...

Starting at $19.95 Ea

Gopher Oversize Aluminum/Titanium Racquetball Racquets

Large, wide-body head with a huge sweet spot.

Oversize, wide body head Aluminum-titanium frame O-beam construction Synthetic grip Choose nylon or coated-steel strings 22"L ...

Starting at $20.95 Ea

Penn® Racquetballs

Classic balls that deliver consistent bounce, game after game.

Each can contains 3 top-quality balls. ...

Starting at $6.95 Can of 3

Magnus Racquet Caddy

Redesigned cart holds over 70 racquets and paddles!

Strong, durable ABS-plastic won't rust, corrode, chip, or peel. Big 10" dia all-terrain wheels and 6" dia swivel casters provide smooth movement and lock with the push of a lever. Removable basket measures 19-1/4"L x 13-1/4"W x 10 ...

Starting at $289.00 Ea

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