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Worth® Storm Fast Pitch Bat

Designed for players seeking an ultra-light bat.

-13 oz weight-to-length ratio, 2¼" dia barrel, 31/32" dia handle, Lithium™ aluminum alloy frame for lasting performance, and comfort grip with maximum tack. Meets all major association bat standards. ...

$69.95 Ea

Easton® FS200 Fast Pitch Bat

All-purpose introductory bat is the perfect lead off for beginners.

-10 oz weight-to-length ratio 2 ¼" dia barrel 7046 aluminum-alloy; ...

$39.95 Ea

Easton® FS400 Fast Pitch Bat

Responsive bat delivers exceptional power.

-12 oz weight-to-length ratio 2¼" barrel 7050 aircraft alloy ...

Was $74.95 - Now $37.98

Easton® S50 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

An impressive, all-around performer.

2¼" dia barrel, thin 31/32" handle with cushioned grip, and full rolled-over end. Meets all major association bat standards. ...

$26.95 Ea

Easton® S300 Slow Pitch Bat

Delivers outstanding power and exceptional durability for a great value.

2½" barrel dia, thin 31/32" handle, cushioned grip, and 7046 Alloy with preloaded end cap for extra pop. ...

$44.95 Ea

DeMarini® Uprising Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Delivers perfect balance of KSI strength and fracture toughness for long-lasting performance.

2¼" barrel dia, variegated comfort grip, and N2M end cap specifically tuned to absorb vibration while maximizing power. ...

$79.95 Ea

Easton® S500 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Premium bat with loaded end cap delivers explosive power.

2¼" barrel dia, ultra-thin 29/32" tapered handle with a cushioned grip, and 7050 aluminum construction with preloaded end cap for maximum power. ...

$89.95 Ea

Gopher Designator Slow Pitch Bat

Designed for solid performance and durability for institutional use.

2¼" dia barrel, thin 31⁄32" dia handle, comfort grip, and one-piece 7046 alloy construction. ...

Was $22.04 - Now $11.98

Gopher Designator Pro Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Higher-grade aluminum adds extra strength and responsiveness for improved performance.

2 ¼" dia barrel, thin 31/32" dia handle, comfort grip, and one-piece SC900 alloy construction. ...

$39.95 Ea

Rainbow® UltraGrip Foam Baseball Bats

A safer solution for early batting practice!

High-density foam bats are safer than wood or aluminum and more durable than other foam bats. Weighted for maximum performance, yet easy to swing. Slip-resistant grip and foam barrels. Set includes 6 bats and 6 balls in Rainbow® colors. Individua ...

$16.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Phenom Bats

The bats that are so phenomenal they knock other plastic bats out of the park!

Twice as strong as other plastic bats for long-lasting durability. Taped handles offer an excellent grip. Phenom™ Skinny Bats. Smaller 1¼" diameter barrel for advanced users. 32"L. Phenom™ Jr. Bats. 2¼" diam ...

$9.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Soft-Stix Bats

Absolutely the toughest, strongest, longest-lasting foam bat you'll find!

Cushioned 2 ⅜" dia barrel has a rigid fiberglass core for strength, soft polyurethane foam for safety, and a tough outer coating for maximum durability. Added texture on handle improves grip. 29"L. ...

$23.95 Ea

Bat Tape

Cushioned backing absorbs shock and tacky surface improves control.

Helps prevent blisters and absorbs sweat. For all wood and aluminum baseball and softball bats. Black. 44"L x 1"W. One roll recommended per bat. ...

$4.95 Roll

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